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Mina ミナ 

Mina (ミナ, Mina) is a girl with no known family members and has a mysterious past. She is currently living in Konohagakure with her husband Kakashi Hatake and their son Ken Hatake.


Name: Hatake Mina ( はたけ ミナ)
Birthdate: March 14
Gender: Female
Blood Type: B
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 45.5 kg
Collection: Rare weapons, Kakashi’s photos.
Favourite color: Light blue.
Hobbies: travel, reading, sing a song, artificial.
Favorite food: Dessert, spicy food.



She is not a member of the Konoha people, her village is far away from Konohagakure. Her family are not ninja, but they were amazing inventors in the ninja world.
When Mina was a young child, her family got targeted by bandits on account of her clan’s great fortune. On the night of the attack, the thieves slaughtered everyone in their home. It was only because of the quick thinking of the maid that Mina survived. Before they could be found by the bandits, the maid took her to the secret room that was connected to the outside of the village, to let her escape.
This terrible event was so traumatic for Mina that she lost a part of her memory. She felt a strong sense of hatred towards humanity but she could never figure out why, that’s why she doesn’t get close to any other human.
She got a bracelet and valuables from her maid. It is a electric bracelets that was made by her clan. It is a self defense device that is connected to the user’s body. The generated electricity covers up the body of the user and her enemies immediately get a shock when they touch the user. (The bracelet also has an on / off switch and it can adjust the strength level too.) She spent her childhood alone in the forest but she always had the electric bracelets on to protect herself. She built a small home in higher areas so she could take refuge and not end up being homeless. (From manga ch. 1)



After she revived and lost her memory, she traveled alone with baggage with a letter from her home that’s only in a few pieces, which read says “Mina-Sama, go from here and do not come back.” (Which is derived from her maid) and lots of valuables, making her stay without being dependent on anyone. She tried not to meet strangers and always avoided them.
When she was 6 years old, she met a girl named Hikari. Hikari is a very nice girl, who taught her about people, Mina therefore tried to understand more about people. Until Hikari was bullied by bad ninjas, she saw that none wanted to help Hikari. That makes her feel more hateful to peoples. While she tried to help Hikari, a boy appeared to help her. He is a ninja boy, with silver hair wearing a mask, she immediately fell in love with him.
She later learned that Hikari was being bullied by the ninjas because her family owes them money. Mina decided to give the valuables that she had to Hikari, so that her family didn’t have to get bullied anymore.
At the same time, she doesn’t have much money left for herself but she wanted to help Hikari out because she is a very good girl. (from manga ch. 2)
Later on, she went looking for the ninja that saved her in an attempt to get close to him. She only knows that he is a ninja from Konohagakure. When she came to Konoha (Which takes about 2 years), she met a couple of boys training their Ninjutsu. She decided she wanted to be a ninja like them, so she tried to follow them but no matter what she did, she couldn’t use her chakra at all.
She hangs around Konoha so she would be able to meet the silver-haired boy again while she tries to train to be a Ninja properly. Unfortunately, there were only boys in the village noticing her because she was an outcast. They bullied her because she was homeless with no friends or acquaintances, so she got into a heated quarrel with them. That’s when the silver-haired boy came to help her, his name was Kakashi Hatake. She then followed him to confess her love to him but Kakashi reacted very shocked. He denied her, thinking that she was a boy. She was a little angry at him for thinking that she was a boy.
After that day, Mina didn’t see Kakashi for two years because she was changing her looks to make her more feminine. During this time she was trying to get get knowledge. Which shows that she’s a very smart girl. It is not difficult for her to learn by herself. She also worked part time as a waitress because she didn’t have enough money to live in Konoha.
Two years later, after Kakashi lost Obito and Rin, he became a young boy without vitality. Mina came back to see him again and tried to find out what happened to him. She used a trick on Guy to get more information about Kakashi’s current situation. Then she came back to Kakashi and tried to do everything to make him feel better.
She begged to live with him because she wanted to take care of him. He refused to let the girl live with him but later when he admitted that she was a friend, he realized that he couldn’t let a girl like Mina live all by herself in the middle of a forest. The little home she had built was far away from the village and she also didn’t have any fighting skills. After the incident with the nine tails, Kakashi saw that her current home wasn’t safe for her, that’s why he finally allowed Mina to move in with him. (from manga ch. 3)
Although Kakashi knew that she loved him so much, he never responded to her feelings but he felt comfortable with her. He often told people that she was like a sister for him but Mina didn’t care what Kakashi thought. She just wanted to take care of him closely. Oftenly, he gets headaches because of her stubbornness. (from manga ch. 4)



She has long straight blue hair with a side ponytail, red eyes, white smooth skin, breasts and big hips. She is a pretty girl, with a slender build and perfect personality.
She usually wears a black hoodie outfit because it doesn’t look too prominent. Since she has a beautiful face, it will always be the main focus.
Mina also likes to wear the clothes that she uses for her part-time job. It’s her favorite style. This dress has a Gothic style. She works part-time as a waitress in a restaurant. With her beautiful appearance, she has brought a lot of customers but she never really was interested in any of them since she wanted to focus on her work and money. (She opened the system the electric bracelet as always, so that no one would touch her.) Some people think of her as an unfriendly and arrogant person but even so, some people still approach her.
Later, she realized that her fighting skills had not improved because she doesn’t have time to fully train her abilities. That’s why she quit her part-time job so she could focus more on becoming a shinobi. Her skills began to improve and she also convinced Kakashi to help her with her training.
Her appearance is not friendly, she rarely smiles and looks like an arrogant person, so no one dares to approach her too much. She doesn’t like to be featured and tried not to bind with anyone but she likes to investigate other people’s stories. Deep down she is very gentle.
For the people she’s close with, Mina is like a kid. She’s fun-loving, playful, curious for everything and she’s also not very serious about anything. She has a low tolerance and does not like anything complicated. She also always does things straightforward and she doesn’t like having rules for herself.


Mina’s timeline

Mina – Naruto part I

Mina – Naruto Shippuden



Chakra and Physical Prowess
She can’t use Chakra, her ability to fight is negative and everything sucks for her, but she never gave up and kept trying to practice until she became good at using ninja weapons and fight better. (from Manga ch. 6)

She is very intelligent, but she doesn’t like to do anything complicated. Everything she decides to do is always simple.
She is good at inventing some things. If she would have gotten a better education from her clan, she would have been a lot smarter because Mina actually has a high IQ.

[spoiler title=’Mina’s Story‘]

Naruto part I

She has lived with Kakashi since she was a child. The only reason why Kakashi had let her live in her house is because he didn’t want her to live outside the village all by herself. Mina also does not want to live with anyone other than Kakashi. She lives in Konoha quietly, not really bothering to get to know other people besides Kakashi. Almost none of the people in the village knows her, but she knows the story inside of Konoha. (from Manga ch. 3)

She found the little jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails by accident. She also was aware how bad the people of the village treated him. Mina felt bad about the kid since he was treated like an outcast as if he wasn’t a part of the village. This caused her to remain her hate for human selfishness.

One day she saw a kid being pushed down and being treated with violent abuses. She could not bear to see him get hurt and hearing the people call him the “village’s nemesis”. Mina was very angry and defended the little kid in front of a large crowd, explaining that she never saw a kid being a nemesis of a whole village and that she only saw selfish adults trying to push everything out of their way just to make themselves feel more comfortable. She took the child out of there and felt a little guilty for interfering with other people.

That kid Mina defended was no other than Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto was very happy to have someone protecting him. (from Manga ch. 8)

When Kakashi was assigned as the leader of Team 7, his new teammates, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, found out that he was living with Mina. Most Genin misunderstood that they are in a relationship.

Mina has a habit like a child, but she can understand other people’s feelings, which is good for the team since it made them feel close to her.

Naruto part II (Naruto shippuden)

After Naruto and Jiraiya went to train together, Kakashi had so many missions that he rarely was in the village.

Mina on the other hand tried to stay positive. Therefore, she intended to go out and train alone in the forest but then she got attacked by some kidnappers. She fought with them but she hesitated because she had never killed anyone before. Because of that issue she almost got defeated but Kakashi came in on time and saved her. (from manga ch. 9)

He realized that he cared a lot about Mina. After Kakashi let out all his anger about her not keeping her promise to stay in the village, the two of them finally got together. After three months of dating, Mina found out that she was pregnant with his child. At first she was not very pleased because of her hate and fear for this world. She was scared that this curled world would affect her child in a negative way.

Kakashi on the other hand, was very happy to know that she was pregnant and he promised her to protect her and their child with his life. Then they got married in secret.

After that, she gave birth to her son Ken. One year later, Naruto returned to the village and was more than surprised when he found out that Kakashi had a son. Kakashi told everyone that he wanted Ken to become Naruto’s student when he grew up.

Blank Period

She married Kakashi in private after knowing that she was pregnant because she didn’t want to be the center of attention. They got a son and named him Ken. He’s the only child the two of them will get. Ken is a genius ninja like his father but he’s playful and not serious about anything, just like his mother.

After Kakashi took the position of Hokage, they moved to a new home in Konoha. They live in the same neighborhood as Kurenai.

Mina is a housewife who cares for her family and has a normal life with Kakashi. She always brings the lunchbox to Kakashi when he works in the Hokage’s office.

Kakashi is very proud of his son. He always called Ken to help him out with his jobs because he believes in the abilities of his son. But his son tends to be lazy and always tries to avoid his work. However, they are very close. (from manga ch. 10)

New Era

When Naruto took over the position of Hokage, Kakashi completely retired from his job as shinobi. He now lives a simple life with Mina and Ken. Mina lives a peaceful life with her family. The new era has no war everyone lives in peace.




  • Mina’s name is derived from the word Meen (In my Country), which means Pisces. Is her zodiac sign.
  • Her motto is “Love is weakness” In times of war, she tried not to associate with anyone, but it was not easy.
  • She likes spicy food and Dessert.
  • She never drank, and after trial to drink so she hated it.
  • She never used public baths, because she is shy to be naked in front of others, despite being a woman in the same room.
  • She is 4 years younger than Kakashi.
  • She can cook much worse than Kakashi.
  • Her favorite color is light blue.
  • She loves animals very much because they are innocent. But she hates humans.
  • She is left-handed


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I've recently started reading your fanmade stories and enjoy them very much. I really like how you give kakashi some hope in love life and change up the story. When will the anime version for mina x kakashi be published? Keep up the good work! <3

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