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Hi, I’m Pung! (Lone wolf) contact me : [email protected]

I am a freelancer, I am a webmaster. I only draw as a hobby and I love Metal Rock music! All my manga I’m not translated by myself. My English is not good. I just use easy words. Sorry if I do not answer. If my manga translated wrong please let me know, so I can fix it. I’ve been drawing since childhood. And stopped drawing for more than ten years. I came back to draw again on digital the first time in 2017 until now.

I use the iPad Pro and program Procreate to draw all my art. I draw all the characters myself, references backgrounds are from anime.


My favorite manga/anime. But I don’t have OC fandom in these.

  • Attack on titan. (I ship Mikasa and Jean XD)
  • One-Punch Man (I like Genos the most)
  • Rokudenashi Blues


About Mina and Ken

  • I only have two OCs on the fandom: Naruto, which is Mina and Ken, the only reason I’m here because I really like Hatake Kakashi. (While my favorite anime is Attack on titan. XD)
  • Habits of Mina and Ken Will be similar to me in many ways. Both advantages and disadvantages.
  • As for Ken, at first I intended to make Ken single forever because he is a very independent person and he is a person who likes to do whatever he wants. Unlike Mina, I create her for Kakashi 100% And yes, I create Ken for Kakashi too XD. But it would be a pity if his cute side wasn’t shown to anyone, because I feel that he acts very cute if he has a girlfriend.


❤ Q&A ❤

Question 1: Can I ship Ken with my character?

= Ken is a one-woman man (monogamy). It will be possible If you are in a different universe. While he is single. And yes, you can ship him with your oc if you want. I think it is the same case that Kakashi has a girlfriend in a different universe. ^^

Question 2:  How can Ken bend his wrist? When he has the Forehead Protector on his wrist.

= It can do. When the wrist is bent the Forehead Protector plate will be pushed. Click to see an example

Click to show

Question 3: Can you coloring of your manga?

= I have plans to do all of my manga to color version on YouTube video. But after I finished clearing the backlog.

Question 4:  Who is Ken’s girlfriend?

= In my main universe Ken’s girlfriend is only Sarutobi Mirai. 🥰

However, I gave my friends the freedom to pair up their OC with Ken as well. I’m really honored that someone would want to pair up with him. I personally don’t feel weird if Isee him with different girls because they are in different universes and are not involved in my main storyline of Ken. Ken is the type of monogamy. If he’s paired with anyone, that means he has only her in that universe.


You can share my art to your other websites no need to asking me for permission. But do not edit my character (For example, change my characters to other characters, because my work is not a base for any edit)


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Twitter Kakashi_Mina



If you have any questions, just leave your comments.

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