Hatake Ken Special 2: I’m not a playboy!

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Corrected English translation by steviekins96
Still on their S-rank mission.



Ken: Hehe…


Mirai: Ken-senpai…. Where are Kakashi-san and Gai-san?


Ken: T…they are bathing right now. Why are you entering the men room without knocking? You’re just like my mom.

Mirai: Eh? Why did that scare you so much?


Mirai: What are you doing?

Ken: R…reading… to kill time, that’s it.

Mirai: You’re acting weird.


Mirai: I hope you aren’t reading one of “those” books.

Ken: D-Don’t be ridiculous! Who do you think I am?!

Mirai: So why are you hiding it? Can I see it?


Ken: No way!

Mirai: See? It must be a porn book.


Mirai: Give it to me! I’ll hand it to Kakashi-san, telling him that you were reading porn stuff while having a S mission.

Ken: Huh! That would make me look bad! It’s not a porn book!

Mirai: Then, give it to me.


Mirai: Shouldn’t you be with Kakashi-san and Gai-san right now? You’re suppose to protect them!

Ken: Oi! Who wants to bathe with those two old men everyday? As if they are girls…


Mirai: So the rumors really are true! You don’t take your missions seriously! Give me the book!

Ken: Who told you that!?





Mirai: Ah… I’m sorry!


Ken: Clumsy….

Mirai: It’s your fault for not putting the plastic bag away.


Ken: Here…


Ken: See? It’s not porn. Just girls… photo shooting… teens… (murmur)


Mirai: But why didn’t you show it to me in the first place? (what was he reading… this man?)

Ken: Even if it’s not a porn book, it still isn’t an innocent book. I was afraid that you would get mad at me.


Mirai: Where is senpai again? He isn’t taking the mission seriously.


Ken: Mirai-chan!!


Mirai: Ken-senpai… Where have you been? Did you sneak away again?

Ken: Where is my dad?

Mirai: Onsening.


Ken: It’s too late! Please tell my dad that I’ll head to the next village.

Mirai: Eh? Wait… you’re in a hurry. What’s happening?

Ken: Ah…that…


Girl: Ken-san you’re here! Darling.

Mirai: Eh… Darling?

Ken: Shit!!


Hey! Who is that girl? Is she the reason why you’re running away from me?!!


Ken: Eh!?

Mirai: Eh!!? Wait… Why am I getting dragged into this mess?

The girl: I’m not gonna let you go! Both of you!


Ken: Wow! She genuinely knows that you are a girl by only taking one glance at you! But… maybe not. She probably figured it out because of the clothes you’re wearing…

Mirai: What the hell are you talking about!? We’re in a serious situation right now!


Ken: Hey! Wait! What are you doing, Mirai-chan?!

Mirai: I’ll bring you to your girlfriend. You’re going to tell her that we’re not together!!


Ken: Are you kidding me?! She’s not my girlfriend!!

Mirai: Liar!! If she’s not your girlfriend then why would she follow you around? Playboy!!

Ken: I didn’t lie! And who are you calling a playboy!?


Ken: Sigh! I’ll explain it to you later. Run!

Mirai: Just…


Mirai: Why should I run too?

Ken: It can’t be helped. You’re now being watched.

The girl: Stop!


That b*tch! Where are you taking my boyfriend!? Stop!!


Are you blind? Can’t you see that I’m being dragged by him!!?


Where did they go now!? They’re so quick!



Ken: Haha! Safe! Looks like she passed us.


Mirai: Step back! You’re standing way too close to me.

Ken: S…sorry. I was in a hurry. Oh! You didn’t hit me this time.


Damn it! Now Mirai-chan is also stuck in the same boat with me. I can’t run away from that girl all by myself … we have to go together.


Mirai: Why did you run away from your girlfriend?

Ken: I told you she’s not my girlfriend! I never flirted with her.


Mirai: Unbelievable! You probably flirted with her and when she fell for you, you decided to leave her.

Ken: M..Mirai-chan. Am I such a bad person in your eyes …? Trust me. I am not lying.


Kakashi: Trust him, Mirai. He is lazy when he’s doing missions but apart from it, he’s reliable.

Mirai: Kakashi-san!

Ken: How did you get here, dad?!


Kakashi: I heard some woman’s noise. What have you done to her?

Ken: It’s a long story…


Ken: This village has lots of tasty food. I should bring some for the others.


– I won’t let you go! You have to come with me!

– You’re hurting me! Let me go! Don’t mess with me!


Ken: Hey! Calm down. Don’t drag a girl around like this.

Man: Who the heck are you!? Mind your own business!


Man: Ahh, you must be her new boyfriend. You’re a good looking kid. Come join me!

Ken: Wait! What are you talking about!?


Girl: You let him go! Yes, he’s my boyfriend. So please leave us alone!

Ken: WTH?

Man: WHAT!!!?


– Get out of my way! I’ll take care of this!!

– Aww!!


Ken: Don’t be harsh with a lady!


Ken: Shit! My hand moved on his own before I could think about what I was doing. Must be the Gai virus.


Girl: Woow! You’re a real gentleman. You gave him a lesson by beating him up with only one punch! Thanks for your kindness. I am Hana, what’s your name?

Ken: Eh! K..Ken, Hatake Ken.

Girl: Ken-san, please take care of me.


Ken: Haa! Take care? Why should I take care of you?

Girl: Because from now on, we are dating.

Ken: Are you kidding me?!!

Girl: No one wanted to help me when he was rude to me. You’re the first one who defeated my ex in a fight.


Girl: And this is also the first time that a man got angry at him for being rude to me! Besides, you’re so handsome! You’re so generous. Thank you.

Ken: Hey, wait! I didn’t do it to get closer to you! I only wanted to help… leave me alone!



Girl: Eh. Ken-san…? Is he a Shinobi?

Ken: Why are there a lot of weirdos?


Ken: Since that incident I can’t go anywhere. She always catches me. I think she’s some kind of tracking expert. I planned to leave this village but she suddenly came from nowhere and saw me with Mirai-chan.

Mirai: You really mean that, senpai?

Kakashi: Umm, you’re such a heartbreaker as usual.


Ken: Sometimes it makes me worry. This kind of situation always happens to a good looking guy like me. Right, dad?

Kakashi: Ah… And it also makes other men want to punch you in the face. Right, son?


Mirai: She is very into you. Why don’t you just go out with her? Plus, she’s pretty.

Ken: Nonsense. She isn’t my type.


Ken: Ehh… you’re mad? Are you jealous?

Mirai: N..not at all. I’m mad because I got dragged into this mess.


Kakashi: So, what are you going to do? Escape from this town first?

Ken: Don’t worry. I know how to solve this. But I am worried about Mirai-chan.

Gai: Hey! Seems like I missed something fun.


Ken-senpai finally can’t sneak out anymore. At least the whole mess has a good side. However, I‘m glad that we’re going to the next town tomorrow.


Girl: I found you now!


Girl: You’re that girl who wants to get between me and my Ken-san! Tell me where did you hide him?!

Mirai: What!!


Mirai: Excuse me, Ma’am. This is all a misunderstanding.



Mirai: What are you doing!!!?

Girl: Tell me now! Where did you hide him!?


Girl: Ken-san!!

Mirai: Ken-senpai!


Aww! Ken-san?! W…what?


Ken: I’m going to leave this village soon so let’s make some things clear!!

Girl: What?!


Ken: I am not your boyfriend and I never was. So, don’t mess with my people. Do you understand? If you do then say it clearly to me!


Ken: Sh! Speak up!!

Girl: You’re hurting me… Ken-san. You said that you don’t harm ladies, right?

Mirai: S…senpai. Take it easy!


Ken: Yes! But you did harm Mirai! Do you think you’re the type of girl who can do whatever she wants to others?

Girl: I…I… It’s all because of her!

Ken: I told you, I am not yours! Say it! Out loud! Now!!

Girl: Y…yes!


Girl: I…I never was your girlfriend…

Ken: And you won’t mess with me and my people, will you?!

Girl: I..I won’t mess with you and your people…


Ken: Good! Go away!!


Ken: Go!

Mirai: S…senpai. Please stop… (Now I feel bad for her.)


Girl: Ken-san, you’re heartless!!

Ken: Yeah! I’m glad you realized that! Don’t ever come close to me again!

Mirai: (It’s the first time I’ve seen him get this mad)


Ken: Why… why do I have to show this bad side to Mirai-chan… Now my good brother image is ruined.

Mirai: Don’t worry. You never had a good brother image.


Mirai: It’s not that bad…. you did that to her because she slapped me, right?


Ken: Um! If I let you fight back, she wasn’t gonna be alive.

Mirai: Say what! Com’on!




Mirai: K…Ken senpai…!



Ken: Y…you have a scratch on your cheek. Does it hurt?… I’m sorry. It’s my fault. (Damn it… my hand goes faster than my thoughts again)

Mirai: It..it’s okay. It’s no big deal. I am a Kunoichi… (Did he just…)




82 Page
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i totally agree


U should have made kakashi and guy walk in like they did not know what was going on btw ur good at this plz keep it up.

Alfia ♥



J’adore leur altercation.