Hatake Ken Special 1: Mission rank S Protecting 6th Hokage.

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Corrected English translation by steviekins96
Refer from Boruto Naruto next generations ep. 106-111


Ken: Excuse me.


Ken: Naruto sensei!!

Naruto: Ken, what’s wrong?


Ken: It’s an emergency!

[Hatake Ken (18) Former team 7, he is Naruto’s student and he is the son of Sixth Hokage.]


Ken: Please let me do a mission with the Sixth Hokage.


What do you mean?

[Uzumaki Naruto The Seventh Hokage]


Ken: I mean add me in the team to be more effective in protecting the Sixth Hokage.

Naruto: No, you can’t. Mirai has already been assigned to the mission. Putting two great ninjas on the same mission is unnecessary.

Ken: What…


Naruto: They’re not going to just travel around, idiot. This mission takes a couple of weeks. I can’t let you go but I’ve already got a new mission for you. I wrote down all the information you need.


Ken: This is a joke, right? Naruto-sensei…


Shikamaru: It’s okay, Naruto. It’s been a while since he did a mission with his father. You can assign another Jōnin to do this mission.

Ken: Shikamaru-san…


Naruto: Sigh, alright. Just this time, okay?


Ken: Yatta! Thank you, sensei and Shikamaru-san! I’ll head out now!

Naruto: Hey! You don’t know the details for this mission yet.


Naruto: He’s… like a child.

Shikamaru: Haha! He is so happy to join his father.


[This background taken from Boruto anime.]


Ken: Yo! I did it, dad!

Kakashi: You’re finally here.


Gai: You did it! Haha!

Kakashi: Such a stubborn child.

[Hatake Kakashi, The Sixth Hokage and Might Guy, Kakashi’s best friend.]


Ken: Your name wasn’t on the mission‘s list either, Gai-san. It looks like we’re both pretty stubborn!

Gai: I’m free! I didn’t run away from other missions like you did.


Ken: I’ll stop arguing with you. It’s a waste of energy.

Kakashi: When Ken found out that you’re coming with me on this mission, he complained that we were traveling in secret. That’s why Ken wanted to follow us.


Ken: Noo… Please let me go with you! Naruto-sensei always gives me weird missions like catching some strengthened guys. I’m going crazy. Please let me travel with you, daadd.

Kakashi: I am not going to travel for fun. Hey, stop pulling me.. The pants are falling down! Try to negotiate with Naruto yourself!


Ken: Stop talking, dad!

Kakashi: Hey, I can’t breathe.

Gai: Haha! You’re a real stubborn boy.


Gai: Ah! Mirai is coming!


Mirai: Eh, you’re going with us, Ken-senpai?

[Sarutobi Mirai, Kurenai’s daughter, her mother is Kakashi and Gai’s friend.]


Ken: What’s up, Mirai-chan! I haven’t seen you in a while. Did you miss me?

Mirai: What Are you talking about? We always see each other when I’m on my way back home.


Kakashi: Whatever. Mirai, our mission requires us to pretend like we’re villagers.Don’t let others know that we are Shinobis. You should change your outfit.

Mirai: Eh? I am sorry.


Mirai: (I’m so excited! It must be a very dangerous mission if they assigned two shinobis to protect the Sixth Hokage.)





Ken: Calm down. It’s nothing…


Mirai: I…I knew that!

Gai: Haha! Your ears are getting red.


Ken: Ah! That’s right. So cute.


Ken: Woah, now your face is red too.

Gai: You are such a straightforward idiot.




Ken: Hey, I’m kinda hungry. Why don’t you guys just go ahead and I’ll take a quick bite at this shop.

Kakashi: No way.


Gai: Kakashi! Let’s play darts.

Kakashi: Sure!

Ken: As I thought! They secretly came here to play around!


Mirai: Why are they so relaxed? Isn’t this mission S-rank?




Ken: Oh dear! These two old men’s skills are way too rusty.

Gai: What did you just say? This is not the same as normal Kunai. If you don’t believe me, come try it out!!


Ken: Of course, keep your eyes on my skill.

Mirai: Seems like you just want to play for fun, don’t you? Ken-Senpai!!



Gai: Ahahaha! Yours is even worse than mine.

Ken: ……


There must be something weird about this Kunai’s internal mechanics for sure. I shall cut it open for checking!!


Kakashi: Stop destroying other’s stuff!


Kakashi: Allow me to say sorry for this on behalf of my moron son.


Kakashi: Finally, we are here.

Gai: It’s the place where you always wished to come, Kakashi.


Kakashi: The hallowed ground.


Mirai: What is the hallowed ground? It seems very important, isn’t it?

Ken: Umm… It is just a movie location from his favorite book; Icha Icha Paradise. Just ignore it, Mirai-chan.


Mirai: ”Icha Icha Paradise”? What is the book about? I want to read it too.

Gai: I can’t tell you yet, It’s too soon for you…


Ken: Trust me that the book isn’t that interesting. Just about some man and woman that..

Mirai: Eh?


Gai: Shut up, baka! Kakashi, your son doesn’t know that girls are kinda sensitive huh?

Mirai: ?


Ken: I can finally relax! Traveling all day has been so tiring.

Kakashi: It’s because you were going back and forth, stop complaining.



Ken: Hey, dad…

Kakashi: Humh?


Ken: Mirai-chan is still guarding you… She’s going to catch a cold. You told her yesterday that this S mission isn’t that real but she’s guarding though. She’s so headstrong.

Kakashi: Umm.. She is a pro-worker. Not like you.

Gai: I think it’s because Mirai doesn’t trust you. Haha!

Ken: Gai-san! I’m not going to sneak out today!



Mirai: Eh!? Ken-senpai!


Mirai: Why is he blocking them? Did he see me?



Kakashi: Hey! Gai!


Mirai: Damn it! He saw me and teased me again…


Ken: Where did she go? I haven’t taken off my pants yet.

Gai: Stop that!!

Kakashi: Ken, why did you tease her like that?

Ken: Who told her to watch men like this, dad? She should realize that.


Mirai: Ken-senpai. Are you making fun of me?

Ken: Oh! You showered? Yesterday, you didn’t shower because you were watching my dad ‘till the bathroom was closed. Haha.


Mirai: Shh!

Ken: Ah!

Mirai: (Quick responsiveness. Idiot!)


Ken: Do you think your genjutsu will work on me? Give it a try, kid.


Mirai: Get your hands off your eyes!

Ken: No way.


Ken: Alright. Okay.


Let’s see that Genjutsu of yours now.


Eh! Let go of me, Ken-senpai!


Ken: See? Even though I look into your eyes you can’t perform your Genjutsu since you can’t do your hand seals. You should try other things.

Mirai: Heh!!


Mirai: You are too close, senpai!



Ken: You are so mean Mirai-chan…



Ken: Please stop laughing at me, Gai-san! You understand the pain of men too, don’t you? Hah! Wait… Dad, you too?!

Gai: I’m sorryyy. HAHAHA!!


Ken: Why did dad and Gai-san have to see that! It’s embarrassing.

Gai: What are you talking about! If I missed this scene, it would have been bad. You always make a good day for me! Haha!


Ken: I just taught her to be more careful when using her Genjutsu. Why did she do this to me?

Gai: You deserved it. Why do you tease her all the time anyway?


Ken: That’s because she’s cute. She’s tempting me to tease her.

Gai: Hey, hey. Your straightforward way of talking will cause misunderstanding.


Kakashi: Are you hitting on her?

Ken: No, dad. Who wants to hit on her. She isn’t like a girl at all.


Gai: Mirai, where have you been?


Mirai: I went to get some dessert for you.


Ken: Hey, dad, do you think that she heard me?

Kakashi: Probably. Especially that last sentence.


Mirai: I bought buns for you too, Ken-senpai.

Ken: Okay!! She definitely poisoned them. She’ll kill me!

Gai: You should stop getting on her nerves, baka!

Mirai: (Did he say I was cute?)




Ken: Mirai-chan, why aren’t you sleeping yet?

Mirai: Ken-senpai.

Ken: Are you shocked that the mission isn’t real? Don’t worry. It was just an excuse for those old men to travel. You can take a rest.


Mirai: And you are about to go out because the mission isn’t real?

Ken: W..what are you talking about..?


Ken: So do you.. You can’t sleep?

Mirai: I was just thinking aimlessly, not about the mission. Seeing you with your father kinda makes me jealous.


Ken: Me and my dad? Haha, normal thing.

Mirai: If my father were alive, would I be close to him like you?


Ken: Asuma-san? I see…


Ken: Of course! You would have been close to him just like me!


Mirai: You really think that? I want to be with him like this.


Ken: Here! Just think about my dad as your dad! I’ll be your brother, too. Doesn’t that sound good?


Ken: I always wanted to have a sister! If it is you, it would be perfect!

Mirai: Really?

Ken: Yes!


Ken: Then, please take care of dad, okay? There’s something interesting that I want to check out. By the way, you can continue traveling tomorrow. You don’t need to wait for me. See you! Okay?



Mirai: Brother? BAKA!!


Mirai: Ken-senpai! Even though the mission isn’t real, he should have protected Kakashi-san, shouldn’t he?

Kakashi: Haha. That’s him.

Gai: Haha! Such a playful kid.


Mirai: Last night I felt better because of him, baka! He is joking around.


Ken: Sup! You’re late.

Mirai: …………

Gai: Speak of the devil, here’s he.


Ken: Mirai-chan, water?


Mirai: N..not thirsty.

Ken: Are you sure? Your face looks red, don’t you want to take a sip?

Gai: Hey, I’m thirsty too. Ask me.

Ken: There’s a store in the front, Gai-san.

Gai: What..


Ken: What’s wrong with her..?


Kakashi: Any update?

[Ken’s notebook which he uses to write mission’s information. He normally doesn’t write the data, he only memorizes it.]


Kakashi: Got it. It seems that we are going in the right direction in searching for the missing girls mission.



104 Page
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Hello, can I ask a question?How do you draw these paintings well?Do you use special software for this?


Hi, I use only program “Procreate” on iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to draw all my art. ^^


Make it into manga version

Captain Flowers

This is seriously good, I'm gonna read more as it's more interesting then the damn Naruto fillers in the anime lamo


ya hundred percent you should make a manga series


This is amazing, absolutely amazing