Hatake Ken (Facts): Difference between them.

Corrected English translation by steviekins96


Differences between Kakashi and Ken (Father and Son)


Kakashi📗: Blood type O
Ken📘: Blood type O

Kakashi📗: He is right handed.
Ken📘: He is right handed.

Kakashi📗: Cooking skills are very delicious.
Ken📘: Cooking skills are very delicious.

Kakashi📗: He doesn’t like sweets.
Ken📘: He likes sweets and ice cream.

Kakashi📗: He doesn’t mind wearing traditional clothes or other special clothes.
Ken📘: He doesn’t like to wear traditional clothes, but if his mother demands, he would wear it. He also doesn’t like to wear a suit.

Kakashi📗: He is not enthusiastic but is always responsible for the duties assigned by others. He rarely refuses when others ask for help.
Ken📘: He’s really lazy and often tries to escape assignments, but when someone asks for help, he doesn’t usually refuse.

Kakashi📗: He rarely speaks and has a calm personality.
Ken📘: He has a calm personality but he is open, straightforward, playful and friendly.

Kakashi📗: He is a genius and has high level fighting skills.
Ken📘: He is a genius and has high level fighting skills.

Kakashi📗: He has a summoning animal; 8 Ninken and their names are Pakkun, Bull, Urushi, Shiba, Bisuke, Akino, Ūhei and Guruko.
Ken📘: He has a summoning animal; 2 Ninken and their names are Genki and Den.

Kakashi📗: He has a high leadership instinct. He can also protect others well.
Ken📘: He has a high protector instinct but he’s not very good as a leader because he will always do everything by himself.

Kakashi📗: He had experienced the loss of many loved ones during the war and had pains from the past.
Ken📘: He never lost a loved one but always learned the pain and mistakes from others. This experience made him so afraid of it happening to himself that made him overprotect his loved ones.

Kakashi📗: He will kill someone when it is necessary to kill and for his duty.
Ken📘: He will kill someone to protect his loved ones, even in situations where killing is not necessary.



Differences between Mina and Ken (Mother and Son)


Mina📕: She is left handed.
Ken📘: He is right handed.

Mina📕: Blood type B
Ken📘: Blood type O

Mina📕: Fears = Worms.
Ken📘: Fears = Ghosts.

Mina📕: Cooking skills are at a bad level.
Ken📘: Cooking skills are very delicious.

Mina📕: She never lies and hates lying.
Ken📘: He never lies and hates lying, except when he’s doing missions.

Mina📕: She has no fighting talent but she’s smart and hardworking.
Ken📘: He has a high fighting talent, has a high IQ and can learn quickly but he’s really lazy. He’s always trying to avoid tasks and missions he’s given.

Mina📕: She loves horror movies but hates sad things. She is not a romantic person.
Ken📘: He loves horror movies but hates romantic drama movie. He hates sad things. Deep down, he’s very romantic.

Mina📕: She’s not very attached to anyone and doesn’t care about others, which is why she doesn’t have many friends. Most people will think that she is not friendly but she’s actually playful and funny.
Ken📘: His outwards appearance is calm but playful, he easily smiles and is very friendly but he rarely approaches others first

Mina📕: She is an animal lover. She hates humans but she never killed people and did not dare to, although she wanted to kill.
Ken📘: He is an animal lover and has never really hurt animals. He’s not hated by humans but he can kill the bad people without hesitation and never feels guilty.

Mina📕: She wants to be alone because she doesn’t want to be bound by loves (but now she’s surrendered by Kakashi).
Ken📘: He has high leadership skills but he tends to protect others too much, causing frequent missions errors. Therefore, he always does the mission alone.



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