Hatake Ken Gaiden EP. 1: Hatake Ken, the cunning Ninja.

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Corrected English translation by steviekins96


Man: Finally, you got cornered.


Man: “Hatake Ken, the Cunning Ninja”

[Hatake Ken, 16 years old]


Hah! I got cornered? Didn’t you guys think for a second that I fooled you to be here? You knew my name…


“The Cunning Ninja of Konoha, Hatake Ken”


Who is the idiot that gave me this ridiculous name!? He better watch out!!


Hey, don’t pretend like you’re a tough guy. I can see you shaking from fear. Hand us over the scroll right now then we’ll let you go.


Ken: Ehh! Really? Are you sure? Take it!


Haha! Are you truly the Hokage’s son? I feel bad for your father. He made a name for himself but has such an idiot son. That’s why you got the name “Cunning Ninja”?



Shit! A gas burst. Watch out!!


Ken: Hehe. Dumps! The real one is here! Come take it! Even though I am playful, I still have my pride.

Man:  You! Damn it!!


– That boy killed himself with the scroll! Go down and find his body quickly! He can’t survive a fall from this height.

– Yes, sir!



Trashes… I know the landscape better than you. But I have to sacrifice my clone. Sorry, my shadow clone.


Kakashi: You brought the scroll back without getting a scratch? Well done, son! Your skills never fail me.

Ken: Of course!


Kakashi: The name I gave you suits you really well. Hatake Ken, the Cunning Ninja of Konoha.

Ken: What?! That was you?! You’re the idiot that gave me this ridiculous name!?


Kakashi: Alright, so for your next mission … which one should I give you first?

Ken: Hey, what are you doing!? Your lovely son just came back from a dangerous mission and you’re already giving him another one!? So cruel!


Kakashi: I can’t help it. There are a ton of missions that need to be done. You finishing your missions this fast actually helps me a lot.

Ken: Honestly, I am not free today. I still have some business to finish, okay?


Kakashi: You mean you’re having a date with a girl? Is that the business you want to finish?

Ken: Oh! Y-You know … Actually, it is a mission to tighten our relationship with the villagers.


Kakashi: Sigh… Ken, you know what…

Ken: (Come on… He’ll start complaining again. I better leave)



Kakashi: Not so fast, young man. You may be a playful ninja who’s great at running away but you can’t use the same escaping tricks on me. Do you understand?

Ken:I wasn’t going to!! I just wanted to scratch my nose…


Mina: Honey, May I come in..


Mina: Oh! Ken-chan! You’re back! What are you guys playing?

Ken: Mom! Help me, please!

Kakashi: He’s driving me crazy… I think I should tie him up so we can finally have a normal conversation.


Ken: Dad always gives me so much work. Whenever I come back from a mission he already has another one for me!

Mina: It’s because Ken-chan is smart. Using that ability to help him is alright.


Mina: Your dad spoiled you too much. That’s why you became this lazy person. You only come home once a month so I think it’s fair that your dad gives you so much work… Bento, Kakashi.

Ken: Come on… You’re helping dad with the complaining.

Kakashi: Ken has this habit from you.


Ken: I was not playing around. I am exploring the world. The reason why I finish my missions so fast is because I know the landscapes. Besides, I always strengthen relations with other villages.

Mina: You’re heavy! You’re not a kid anymore.


Kakashi: He’s just too lazy to do a mission, so he’s going out. It has some advantages though. Besides, flirting around doesn’t mean you’re strengthening relationships with other villagers.

Ken: You’re on to me again. Well, do you always spy on me?


Kakashi: When will you grow up? You never change. Look at your mom. She never knocked on doors before but look at her now. She actually managed to learn to knock before she enters a room.

Ken: No, no. Mom only does that when she’s outside. She’s still the same when she’s at home.

Mina: What! Why is it about me now? It’s not okay that you two are talking about me!


Ken, you’re smart. Whenever you get a new mission, you always find the best solution to finish it without any damages. That’s why I want you to help me out. You haven’t been here for over two years now and while you were gone I handled all the work. Do you know that?


Kakashi: However, I don’t want to force you. I’ll hand it over to another Chunin. I just want to clear all the work out, so we can spend some time together when you’re in Konoha. It’s hard to gather everyone together.



A..actually, I was planning to stay a little longer this time … at least till you resign from your position so Naruto-Nii Chan can become the next Hokage. After that we’ll go together.


Mina: Eh? You mean that? You’ll live here from now on?

Ken: Yeah… If it helps dad…


But you first have to give me a promise, dad. If I help you out with the missions then we’ll have time to rest together. I’ll even continue with the mission today.


Sure! I promise!




37 Page
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Beautiful, i love it! I gona say that i always wanted see Naruto team,Kakashi having a son is also great

Sakib Desai

Where was Ken for two years


I will add this story soon