Ken Gaiden EP. 3.8: Gai’s Special Training

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Corrected English translation by steviekins96



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Gai: Oh, you want to train taijutsu with me?

Ken: Yes, I’m a close combat fighter. Therefore, Taijutsu is important to me and Gai-san is the number one in Taijutsu. That’s why I want to learn with you.


Gai: Sure! Even though you are the son of my eternal rival, I’ll gladly accept you as my student.

Ken: Thank you very much!


Gai: Well, since you became my student, I’ll give you this bodysuit as a present. It will help you fight fluently!


Ken: Eh.. Would it be alright to give it to me after I’ve completed the training? I don’t know if I deserve it…

Gai: Don’t worry. You deserve it for sure!

Ken: No!


Kakashi: What do you think about Ken?

Gai: I have to admit that he’s pretty fast and has good reflexes. He is truly your son.


Gai: That’s why I won’t hold back today. I’m gonna fight him seriously.

Kakashi: Oi!


Today, they will test the eyeless fighting that Ken specially asked Gai to teach him to use in difficult situations.


Kakashi: Yes, Ken has good skills but I’m not sure if he can fight if he doesn’t see his surroundings. Also, the opponent is Gai, it will definitely be difficult for him. I hope Gai will not be as serious as he said.

Gai: Are you ready, Ken?

Ken: I’m ready.


Gai: Let’s start!!


Ken: (Gai-san can only use both arms and left leg. However, he’s still too fast!)





Kakashi: Ken!!


Ken: Ugh!

Kakashi: Ken, are you alright!!?


Kakashi: Gai, what the hell are you doing!? Hold your punches back on him!!

Ken: No! I’m fine, go on!

Gai: This is our training. It’s none of your business!


Gai: You know your son. Don’t look down on him.

Kakashi: …….


Ken: (Even though I can still sense the direction of his attack, he’s still too fast. It was much easier to dodge weapon attacks than his punches. He is fighting seriously. If I get hit again, I will not be able to stand for sure.)


(Gai: Non-sight fighting. You have to know where the enemy is coming from. You must use all of your senses, either smell or noises. Your ears have to listen to their bodies colliding with the air for a split second.)



Kakashi: Hi, are you awake?

Ken: Eh, dad? What happened? Did I pass out?!

Kakashi: Yeah.


Ken: Ah, didn’t I pass the test….

Kakashi: No, you passed his test perfectly.


Ken: Eh, why did I pass?

Kakashi: You have good skill and wit even if you can’t win against Gai. But your fight against him was amazing. If Gai hadn’t been your opponent, you would have won.

Ken: Really!?


Kakashi: But, your face is very swollen. When you get home, your mom is going to lecture you. She doesn’t like seeing you get hurt.

Ken: I know….


Gai: Since you passed my test, here’s the body suit I promised you!

Ken: Uh… Thank you very much…




?? Page
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