Hatake Ken Gaiden EP. 3: Team 7 The bell test.

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Corrected English translation by steviekins96


Alright let’s continue with the next group. Rika, Sunsho and Taishiro, you guys will be Team Three.


Mibuna: I am so glad that we are in the same team.

Tsukune: By the way, why is the Jōnin from our team the last to come?

[Ken’s Team, 12-year-old Genin]


Tsukune: He should be punished for that.

Mibuna: You’re totally right!

Ken: Hey, hey, leave me out of your punishment.


Ken: When will you stop playing around? You guys are not kids anymore. No Jōnin will fall for your trap.

Tsukune: Quiet. You sound like Iruka-sensei with all that complaining.


[*door’s opening]

Tsukune: There he comes!!


Damn! That’s…!!


Naruto: Haha! Sorry kids! I ran into some trouble while…

[Uzumaki Naruto, 26-year-old]



Ken: Naruto-nii chan!!?

Tsukune: Eh!! Uzumaki Naruto??


Naruto: Who did this?! Ken! You did it!!?

Ken: Wait… Wait!! I’m not… Awww!!


Naruto: Baka! You are not a kid anymore.

Ken: How did I manage to get dragged into this mess…?

Tsukune: Naruto-sensei is our Jōnin team leader? That’s perfect!!


Naruto: Yes, I’m your sensei but I’m not a Jōnin so technically I’m not allowed to lead a team. However, this team is an exception.

Tsukune/Mibuna: Woahh! Fantastic!!

Ken: (I see. It must be my dad’s order.)


Naruto: So, I’ll test you guys to see if you can work as a team.

– Teamwork?


You guys have to take the bells from me.


Ken: Take the bells from Naruto-Nii Chan? You gotta be kidding… I would surrender.

Naruto: I’ve told you to call me sensei. You bastard!


Naruto: If you give up, you have to go back to the Academy. Do you guys want that?

Ken: No! Are you serious right now?!

Tsukune: Stop kidding around. I don’t wanna go back to Academy, Ken! We got lucky that they put us in the same team with Naruto-sensei as our leader.

Mibuna: Yeah. It took us a lot of effort to graduate from the Academy!


Ken: Can’t we do something easier?

Naruto: Nope. This is practice for Team 7, you know!

Tsukune: Well then. I will prove I can be a Shinobi so I can become Hokage in the future. So, I will be doing my best to take the bells from Naruto-sensei!


Naruto: Well said, Tsukune. This means we’re opponents now. Come on guys, let’s get started!

Ken: Hey hey.. you seem to be hyperactive. This bastard…

Tsukune: We don’t have a choice, man. Let’s begin, Naruto-sensei!


Ken: Even if we have a 100 shadow clones we will not be able to beat Naruto-Nii Chan… I mean sensei? What can I do? I don’t want to waste my energy and why are there only 2 bells?


Tsukune: What the heck are you doing there? Don’t you remember? Sensei told us to work as a team.

Ken: Yes… yes…


Ken: Tsukune, your wind release and Mibuna‘s water release work very well together, so you have to stand by her side until I give you a signal.

Tsukune: Eh…Really?

Mibuna: Got that, Ken-kun.


Naruto: Ken is truly the leader of this team. He is clever and strong. Ken truly is Kakashi-sensei‘s son.


Tsukune: Well, Naruto-sensei.

Naruto: This sounds fun. Come on!




Ken: First, we have to cut off Sensei‘s freedom of movement.


Naruto: Your Taijutsu and agility are good enough, Ken!







Tsukune: He did it!

Mibuna: That’s fantastic, Ken kun!


Ken: Mibuna! Tsukune!

– Got it!


[Suiton (Water Release)]


[Fūton (Wind Release)]



[Lightning Barrier]




Naruto: They planned this so well that there is no way for me to escape.



Naruto: They are skilled enough.



Naruto: Above!? When did he come?!


Naruto: I see. He used his shadow clone to distract me so I wouldn’t notice he’s actually above my head.


[Lightning Mesh]





Ken: He could have run away with only a blink of an eye. Naruto-sensei truly is a legend. Who on earth could snatch those bells from him?


Tsukune: Oh, come on! There’s no way we can take the bells from Naruto-sensei!

Ken: I’ve told you that at the beginning.

Tsukune: Why didn’t he consider holding his punch back? Nope nevermind, he might have already held his punch for us.


Mibuna: Ah! There is one bell dropped over there.

Tsukune: No, come on! That is noticeably a trap.


Ken: Another sensei would have used that as a trap but knowing Naruto-sensei he probably dropped it by accident because he’s so clumsy.


Naruto: What did you just say?! You bastard!

Ken: Haha, there he is! He fell into my trap.


Naruto: Aham! Well done, guys. Ninja must see things insightfully and go beyond their strategy.

Tsukune: I think no one will fall for this cheap trick for sure, sensei.


Naruto: Shut up! Come and take the bells from me!!

Tsukune: Why did he get so angry all of a sudden…?

Ken: We can’t fight you anymore, sensei. I have used up all my chakra.

Naruto: You guys are such a….!


Ken: Okay, Fine! I have only one special move left!

Naruto: Good job, Ken. Come on!


Ken: Let’s make a deal for exchange!!

Naruto: Hah?


Ken: I wanna exchange those two bells with…


Ken: 10 bowls of ramen for free!!

Naruto: What…!


Naruto: You are…


Mibuna: Stop kidding around at a time like this, Ken-kun.

Tsukune: If the sensei gets angry, he might fail you. You bastard!

Ken: I am.. not kidding…


Naruto: Can’t you just be serious about becoming a ninja. You jerk!

Tsukune: Hold on, sensei!

Mibuna: He was just kidding!


Naruto: It must be 30 bowls to make a good compromise!! You cheapo!


Ken: Hah… You are too strict, Naruto-Nii Chan! Seriously? 30 bowls? (Noo…my pocket money)

Naruto: I told you to call me sensei! If you don’t want to accept my offer, you guys can come and take the bells. You bastard!


Ken: Okay! Got that… 30 bowls…

Naruto: Good job! HAHAHA.


Naruto: All right… All three of you pass the test!!


Yay!! We passed the test by offering him a treat!


[Epilogue 1]


Naruto: These three have good teamwork. Even though they failed at getting the bells, it was the right choice to let them pass.

Mibuna: Ah! There is still one bell over there.


Naruto: Eh!?


[Epilogue 2]


[Break Time]


Naruto: And then, I jumped to protect Sasuke from the weapons. He was very clumsy and always got us in trouble!

Tsukune: Woww! Awesome! That’s our Naruto-sensei!!


Naruto: Yeah… He was the troublesome one in the team. Haha!

Ken: (That isn’t what I heard. Why is Naruto-nii chan’s version different from the one my dad told me? … Whatever.)


[Epilogue 3]

Guys: Hey, look. It’s Hokage’s Son.


– Is it true that he likes to pull strings from his dad?

– Haha, of course, his exam score is just average, but whatever he does he always passes it.

– Shh, he will hear us.


Ken: What did you say?

Tsukune: Ken, just ignore them.

Mibuna: Ken-kun.


Guy: Oh, he heard it.


Boy1: Hey! Are you gonna hurt me?

Boy2: Let him go! You think just because you are the Hokage’s son, you can do whatever you want?!


Ken: You guys must call me “the handsome son of Hokage!” That’s how you say it right!


Guys: Hah?

Ken: You missing the word “handsome” you know? Now say it again.


– Haha, what the hell is wrong with this guy?

– What handsome? You’re so full of yourself.


Ken: Hah? I’m really handsome, or you guys gonna argue about this? There aren’t so many reasons why you guys hate me even though we are strangers. You are jealous that I’m handsome and also being the son of the Hokage too, just like a prince right?

– You damn bastard!!


Boy1: Get away from me, I hate you so much!

Boy2: Hey, let’s go. This guy is crazy.

Ken: Hey wait, next time don’t forget to call me the handsome son of Hokage, alright? Don’t miss the word handsome! Oi! Did you hear me!!?




84 Page
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