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Corrected English translation by steviekins96



[After returning from the beach with friends, Ken has 5 days off left while his friends have all returned back to their duties.]



Ken: Dad, Mom, good morning.

Mina: Ken-chan, good morning. Why did you wake up so early today?

Kakashi: Hey, good morning.


Mina: Ken-chan, what’s wrong? Why do you look absent- minded?

Kakashi: I guess he hasn’t woken up yet.


Ken: I had a strange dream.

Mina: Eh, what did you dream about?


Ken: I don’t know. I feel so depressed.

Mina: Eh?


Mina: A nightmare? My son, it was just a dream. Don’t think too much.

Kakashi: You really are like a child.


Kakashi: Are you going anywhere today?

Ken: No, my friends don’t have any more days off left. Mirai-chan is also busy. I decided to just play video games the next few days. I just got a new game that I want to play.

Kakashi: I see. That’s why you brought the game console back with you.


Mina: Yay! Please play a ghost game with me. You haven’t played in a long time.

Ken: Oh, Mom~ You know I don’t like those kinds of games but you’ll always want me to play it. You’re the one who bought it but you don’t play it yourself.

Mina: Well, I can’t pass this opportunity.

Ken: You’re just afraid of it so you don’t play it yourself!



Kakashi: Oh, you’re good at it. I noticed you’re pretty fast at figuring out those puzzle games.

Ken: Of course. This type of game is easy for me. Even with my eyes closed, I pass easily.


Kakashi: Really? Let’s try it.

Ken: Ah, Dad!


Kakashi: Oh, game over.


Mina: These two act like children.


[Before going to bed, he played a ghost game for Mina to watch]

Ken: Ah!! I’m shocked!





Ken: What kind of note did you leave in my room? Is it a secret code?

Mina: Eh, I didn’t leave anything?


Ken: Well, it’s clearly your handwriting, so what are you planning? Do you want to scare me off?

Mina: It’s not mine at all. Who could write such messy characters?

Kakashi: What is it?


Ken: Look, Dad, do you think it’s her handwriting?

Kakashi: Well, I don’t know what it says but it is rough and chubby. This is definitely her handwriting.

Mina: Does my handwriting look like that!?


Mina: Don’t you think your dad would tease you? Why do you always think it’s me?

Kakashi: Well, I never teased him.

Ken: No, he’s always the culprit… But this couldn’t be his handwriting.


Mina: Maybe this is your friend’s plan?

Ken: They probably won’t come this late at night. And most importantly, I locked the window as well.


Kakashi: Where did you find it?

Ken: On my pillow. It wasn’t there when I left to take a shower.

Mina: Eh, but Mom and Dad are downstairs all the time.


Ken: That’s really strange. Maybe someone actually snuck into my room to tease me. How could they do that to me?



Tsukune: What? I don’t know anything about that note.

Taishiro: Who would dare sneak into the Hokage’s home in the late night?

Rika: That’s true.


Ken: Eh, it’s really not you guys, is it? So who did this?

Taishiro: Anyway, what does the note say?

Tsukune: Secret code?

Mibuna: It’s like some kind of language.

Ken: I don’t know either.


Mibuna: Ah, I remember that. I’ve seen characters similar to this. When we went on a mission together in a certain region.

Ken: Oh, really, Mibuna? Where is it?

Mibuna: Let me think about it.


Mibuna: Here, it’s in this area. It seems to be the original language here.

Ken: Eh, here it is? This is the place where we used to go on Team 7 missions together.

Tsukune: Oh, right! I almost forgot.

Mibuna: That’s right.


Ken: Thank you, Mibuna. I’ll try to translate the meaning. I want to know who did this.

Mibuna: No problem. Well, if you’re going to go there, let me come with you. I might be able to help with something.

Ken: Can you not talk like you’re that free? Didn’t you just use up all your vacation? It’s okay, I’ll take care of it myself.


Tsukune: Don’t say that, man! This sounds like a lot of fun. If you’re going anywhere, let us go with you, please!

Sansho: Yes! Since you told us about that time you were stuck with Hiroto, we decided that we don’t want to miss out on any fun like that again!

Mibuna: What do you mean “us”!? Just me and Ken-kun is enough!

Ken: Come on, these troublemakers…


Ken: (…Hiroto?)



Ken: Wait… What does this mean?



Ken: I have to send my clone to find information in this region. I might find some more clues.


Ken: Well, luckily tomorrow is another off day for me. Otherwise, I definitely wouldn’t be able to use this jutsu.


[Human Cloning Technique]


Ken: Oh, I’ll leave the rest to you…

Ken(Cloning): Ah, you should rest. I will let you know if I find anything.


Ken: Hey, don’t forget that you shouldn’t use your chakra. You can’t recover your chakra, you know?

Ken(Cloning): Yeah, I’ll be careful.


[Ken clone]

Ken: It’s as bustling as ever in this region. It’s grown a lot. Moreover, this place is not a small region. I don’t know where to start.


Girl 1: Oh, handsome young man. Did you come alone?

Girl 2: Do you want to hang out with us?

Ken: Uh..I have something to do.

Girl 2: Oh, what a pity. Finish your business and come find us again, okay~



Ken: I don’t see any sign of anything. If I have to search every district It will definitely take a month. Where should I start first?


Woman: Hey, you.


Ken: You called me?

Woman: Yes, are you interested in fortune telling?


Ken: Uh, I’ll have to pass. I have some things to do. (I’m not interested in these things.)

Woman: You’re searching for something, aren’t you? I can give you some advice.


Ken: (Am I that easy to read? Or is she just guessing?)

Woman: Just sit for a moment. There’s nothing bad.


Ken: All right. (Try and see. Is she using psychology?)


Ken: Can you tell me what I’m looking for?

Woman: Not here. What you’re looking for isn’t here.

Ken: Hey, you’re the one who wanted me to come. At least give me something more clear.


Woman: It’s complicated. But you’ll find the light that can get you there.

Ken: Light? Where is it?

Woman: You can’t see and you can’t go there by yourself. One man can help you take you there. You have to depend on him and just tell him to follow the light.


Ken: (Does she mean Hiroto?)

Woman: But you might not be able to come back here. You must prepare yourself because this isn’t your real one.


Ken: …How much do you know? Who exactly are you!?

Woman: Don’t worry. I’m only a fortune teller. I’m not a ninja. I have a sense that tells me.


Woman: And..this trip might make you lose your memory. So be careful about this.

Ken: Hey, are you saying that this whole thing…


Woman: Do you want to ask me more questions?

Ken: There are so many, but I don’t know where to start.


Ken: …….(That letter and that dream)


Ken: ….I can go there, right?

Woman: You can go, but I can’t figure out what happens next because everything is no longer connected to each other.


Ken: Ah..this is more than looking for a needle in a haystack… What should I do if I lose my memory?


Woman: If you find what you’re looking for, you will know it immediately from the feeling in your heart.

Ken: Feelings?

Woman: Just trust your instincts. Collect all the signals you receive. You will know which way you need to go.


Ken: I get it. Thank you very much.

Woman: You’re welcome. If you’d like to ask about anything else, please come and see me anytime.


Ken: I need to send this information to the original. Hm…I may lose memory? I went with Hiroto and I never encountered this problem. How are the conditions different?


Ken: I really hope Hiroto comes back here soon.


[Two weeks later. When Hiroto comes to send information about the detailed information report sent by the Ken clone. (Content details are in Chapter 14.2)]


Hiroto: Hello.


Ken: Hey Hiroto, you’re finally back!! I really missed you, man!

Hiroto: Eh?


Ken: Wow, this is cool. Isn’t my clone jutsu flawless? If he didn’t use chakra at all. He is still there as a normal human.

Hiroto: Ah, I have to admit that it’s very useful. The 7th Hokage in that world seems to really like your jutsu.

Ken: He’s probably going to give me a lot of work, that Hokage…


Ken: You also seem to be doing well in that world, right?

Hiroto: Well …It’s good.

Ken: I’m really happy to you~


Hiroto: But why did you create a new clone? You said that if it’s not necessary, you won’t use it again.

Ken: I was waiting for you to ask!


Hiroto: What? You want to go to another universe? Plus you don’t know which universe you want to go. Are you crazy!?

Ken: Man, please help me. At least just try.

Hiroto: There’s no way! I’m just here to deliver news. I won’t carry you anywhere again. Every time I get involved with you, I always get into trouble!


Ken: Please! Isn’t carrying just my clone safe for you?

Hiroto: You don’t even have a clear goal of where you’re going. It’s dangerous if the world we go to has war or an epidemic or the air is toxic. I will have a problem. I’m not a clone like you!


Ken(Clone): T-Then you can just throw me into the gate of that world. It would be alright? I can handle the rest myself. I won’t cause you any trouble.


Ken: More importantly, I’ll pay you double!

Hiroto: Huh!?


Hiroto: Is it really that important to you? What do you want to find in that universe?

Ken: Look at this letter. It’s strange, isn’t it?


Hiroto: What? Are you sure there’s no one messing you?

Ken(Clone): I’ve checked it carefully. No one is messing around with me. Besides, I…uh …a fortune teller gave me detailed advice. She said a man could take me. Which means you.


Hiroto: Incredible. Do you believe this kind of thing too?

Ken (Clone): Shut up. If it were before, I wouldn’t have paid any attention to it. But after I know that there are people with powers like yours, it makes me want to check everything I get, you know?


Ken: Please, just look at this message. You know this is important to me, right?

Hiroto: …..


Hiroto: Sigh, okay, I’ll just throw you into the gate.

Ken: Awesome! Thank you very much Hiroto. I really appreciate it!


Hiroto: So how can I find that universe? You can’t talk to me while traveling.

Ken(Clone): The fortune teller said there would be a light to guide the way.

Hiroto: Light?


Hiroto: Then I’ll try it out.

Ken: Thank you very much, my friend!

Hiroto: I don’t want to be your friend.

Ken: Come on~


Ken (Clone): Oh, right. The fortune teller warned me that I might also lose my memory. Do you think that could happen?

Hiroto: Huh? I don’t know. It could happen if I didn’t carry you there. I will just throw you in that universe.

Ken: That’s it.


Hiroto: If you really get amnesia how do you know what you need to do?

Ken: Don’t worry, I’ve written it all down in this notebook and this.

Ken (Clone): I really don’t like tattoos but this one was necessary to do.

Hiroto: That’s clever.


[Kakashi is also present to help protect Hiroto because he still has a case in this world.]




Hiroto: That light!



Kakashi: Hey, what happened? Only Ken just disappeared?

Ken: I let him throw me into that world because it was a world he had never been to. It was too risky for him to carry me there.

Kakashi: That’s it.


Ken: How are you? You see the light?

Hiroto: Well, there really is a guiding light. Seeing the entrance that the light led to, I threw your clone in.

Ken: Cool!


Ken: Are you okay? Did you lose a lot of chakra?

Hiroto: Not as much as when I carried your clone back to my world.

Ken: Okay.


Hiroto: The rest is up to your clone. We can’t contact him anymore.

Ken: Well, I know. Thank you very much.









Ken: Damn it.


Ken: What is this place? It’s beautiful.



Ken: Eh, what is this tattoo? Why did I get this tattoo? I think I don’t like tattoos.




Ken: What is this book? The pages got so wet that I can’t read anything.


Ken: Damn it, I don’t remember anything. I feel like I can figure it out, but I can’t. What happened?



Ken: Eh, what is that? Cool, I’ve never seen it before!


Ken: I feel dizzy and really hungry. I should get something to eat.


Ken: Huh, 780 yen? How much is that? The money I have is not in this currency.


Ken: Uh, excuse me.

Employee: (Ouch, he’s so handsome!) Yes! Is there anything I can help you with?

Ken: Can I exchange money here? I want to know what this is equal to.


Employee: (Eh, what is this? Isn’t this fake money? Is he making content to prank people or something? He looks like he’s only 17-18, or was he being teased by his friends?)


Employee: (But he’s very handsome! Probably half-breed. How should I answer him?)


Employee: Um, excuse me. Is this supposed to be fake money?

Ken: Eh!? Is it true!?


Ken: That’s so! I’m really sorry. So, let me excuse myself. (Embarrassing!)

Employee: Oh, wait a minute!


Employee: Oh, he’s already gone. Even though he was just fooling me. However, I want his Line ID first!


Ken: Fake money? Why do I carry something like this!?


Ken: Damn it, what should I do? I’m really hungry.


Girls: Excuse me.

Ken: Y-Yes!?


Girl: Would you mind if we ask to take a selfie with you?

Ken: Eh, With me? Sure.



Girl 1: What’s your name?

Ken: Eh, my name?


Ken: Name… (That’s it, what’s my name??)


Girl 1: Hey, are you a tourist?

Girl 2: You cosplay too, right? Dye your hair silver and wear red contact lenses. So cool! Are you a model too?

Ken: N-No.

Girl 1: Really? You’re very handsome. You can be famous!

Girl 3: Do you have social media?


Ken: Eh, uh… (They asked a lot of questions. I don’t even know anything about myself yet. I didn’t expect that someone would walk up to me and talk. Now I’m really hungry!)


Girl 3: Eh, or maybe he doesn’t really understand Japanese.

Girl 2: I think so, it looks like he’s half-breed.

Ken: Y-Yes! I don’t understand some words.

Girl 1: Oh, I see!


Ken: Well, I have to go. Please excuse me. I’m really sorry!

Girl 2: Eh, are you going now?

Girl 1: Wait!


Ken: (Narrowly escaped. I also need to find answers about myself. Plus I still have to find something to eat. What should I do first!? I noticed that people were interested in me. I don’t know why!?)


Ken: Right!


[Men’s public restroom]


Ken: This tattoo actually has something written on it. What is it?


Ken: “I am Ken Hatake, I’m searching[…] my feelings will lead the way”?


Ken: Hatake Ken, is that my name? If I’m the one who wrote this down, does it mean that I knew I would lose my memory? I guess this notebook should have any information I need to know. It’s a bummer that the ink is all messed up. There are only a couple of words I can read.


Ken: My feelings will lead the way? I don’t understand it at all.


[Sound of stomach growling]

Ken: Ahh, I’m so hungry that I can’t think of anything else!



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23 days ago

WOW so cool you finished the chapter it is so cool and cute when are you going to start Ken’s childhood story and the hatake family vacation I hope you start on Ken’s childhood story and the hatake family vacation I Love your artwork and your style of art are you a boy or a girl and what is your name??????

24 days ago

very cool i love it, i hope you can finish it,i know it isn’t easy doing this and having a job takes a lot of time

29 days ago

So cool I hope you finish the whole story of 15.1 I think you have 30 more pages to finish I love you’re art and work It is so cool and beautiful.😍😍😍😍😍😍

1 month ago


1 month ago

Are you going to this?????? I think you have to finish 73 pages??? Well I hope you do finish up the whole thing about ken 15.1 searching and his childhood I am really curious about the hatake family vacation

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I love these series omggg..

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ok no problem take your time

Lucifer king of light
Lucifer king of light
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Will you continue with this or with ken’s childhood?

Sarah Ahmed
1 month ago


Sarah Ahmed
1 month ago


Sarah Ahmed
1 month ago

WOW I Love your art so much it is so cool and cute when are you going to finish the WHOLE thing l Love your art and style so much please finish it up

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Hi guy, it takes time to finish a work, and a good work is even more so. Just be patient.

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Sarah Ahmed
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Sarah Ahmed
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WOW that is so cool and cute when are you going to finish the WHOLE thing l Love your art soo much

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