Hatake Ken Special 15.2: Searching


Corrected English translation by steviekins96



[After returning from the beach with friends, Ken has 5 days off left while his friends have all returned back to their duties.]



Ken: Dad, Mom, good morning.

Mina: Ken-chan, good morning. Why did you wake up so early today?

Kakashi: Hey, good morning.


Mina: Ken-chan, what’s wrong? Why do you look absent- minded?

Kakashi: I guess he hasn’t woken up yet.


Ken: I had a strange dream.

Mina: Eh, what did you dream about?


Ken: I don’t know. I feel so depressed.

Mina: Eh?


Mina: A nightmare? My son, it was just a dream. Don’t think too much.

Kakashi: You really are like a child.


Kakashi: Are you going anywhere today?

Ken: No, my friends don’t have any more days off left. Mirai-chan is also busy. I decided to just play video games the next few days. I just got a new game that I want to play.

Kakashi: I see. That’s why you brought the game console back with you.


Mina: Yay! Please play a ghost game with me. You haven’t played in a long time.

Ken: Oh, Mom~ You know I don’t like those kinds of games but you’ll always want me to play it. You’re the one who bought it but you don’t play it yourself.

Mina: Well, I can’t pass this opportunity.

Ken: You’re just afraid of it so you don’t play it yourself!



Kakashi: Oh, you’re good at it. I noticed you’re pretty fast at figuring out those puzzle games.

Ken: Of course. This type of game is easy for me. Even with my eyes closed, I pass easily.


Kakashi: Really? Let’s try it.

Ken: Ah, Dad!


Kakashi: Oh, game over.


Mina: These two act like children.


[Before going to bed, he played a ghost game for Mina to watch]

Ken: Ah!! I’m shocked!




Ken: What kind of note did you leave in my room? Is it a secret code?

Mina: Eh, I didn’t leave anything?


Ken: Well, it’s clearly your handwriting, so what are you planning? Do you want to scare me off?

Mina: It’s not mine at all. Who could write such messy characters?

Kakashi: What is it?


Ken: Look, Dad, do you think it’s her handwriting?

Kakashi: Well, I don’t know what it says but it is rough and chubby. This is definitely her handwriting.

Mina: Does my handwriting look like that!?


Mina: Don’t you think your dad would tease you? Why do you always think it’s me?

Kakashi: Well, I never teased him.

Ken: No, he’s always the culprit… But this couldn’t be his handwriting.


Mina: Maybe this is your friend’s plan?

Ken: They probably won’t come this late at night. And most importantly, I locked the window as well.


Kakashi: Where did you find it?

Ken: On my pillow. It wasn’t there when I left to take a shower.

Mina: Eh, but Mom and Dad are downstairs all the time.


Ken: That’s really strange. Maybe someone actually snuck into my room to tease me. How could they do that to me?


Tsukune: What? I don’t know anything about that note.

Taishiro: Who would dare sneak into the Hokage’s home in the late night?

Rika: That’s true.


Ken: Eh, it’s really not you guys, is it? So who did this?

Taishiro: Anyway, what does the note say?

Tsukune: Secret code?

Mibuna: It’s like some kind of language.

Ken: I don’t know either.


Mibuna: Ah, I remember that. I’ve seen characters similar to this. When we went on a mission together in a certain region.

Ken: Oh, really, Mibuna? Where is it?

Mibuna: Let me think about it.


Mibuna: Here, it’s in this area. It seems to be the original language here.

Ken: Eh, here it is? This is the place where we used to go on Team 7 missions together.

Tsukune: Oh, right! I almost forgot.

Mibuna: That’s right.


Ken: Thank you, Mibuna. I’ll try to translate the meaning. I want to know who did this.

Mibuna: No problem. Well, if you’re going to go there, let me come with you. I might be able to help with something.

Ken: Can you not talk like you’re that free? Didn’t you just use up all your vacation? It’s okay, I’ll take care of it myself.


Tsukune: Don’t say that, man! This sounds like a lot of fun. If you’re going anywhere, let us go with you, please!

Sansho: Yes! Since you told us about that time you were stuck with Hiroto, we decided that we don’t want to miss out on any fun like that again!

Mibuna: What do you mean “us”!? Just me and Ken-kun is enough!

Ken: Come on, these troublemakers…


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Sarah Ahmed

WOW I Love your art so much it is so cool and cute when are you going to finish the WHOLE thing l Love your art and style so much please finish it up


Hi guy, it takes time to finish a work, and a good work is even more so. Just be patient.

Last edited 5 months ago by Hello
Sarah Ahmed


Sarah Ahmed


Sarah Ahmed


Lucifer king of light

Will you continue with this or with ken’s childhood?


I’ll go back to it after I finish this chapter. ^^


I love these series omggg..


very cool i love it, i hope you can finish it,i know it isn’t easy doing this and having a job takes a lot of time


WOW so cool you finished the chapter it is so cool and cute when are you going to start Ken’s childhood story and the hatake family vacation I hope you start on Ken’s childhood story and the hatake family vacation I Love your artwork and your style of art are you a boy or a girl and what is your name??????