Hatake Ken (Special shot): Hatake family moments.


Part 1: Cute moments the Hatake family.

Mina: Yay! Today, we’ll have food from our beloved son. Ken-chan’s cook is the best.

Ken: Couldn’t help it. It’s my right thing for you.


Kakashi: He can do almost everything. He is probably a genius if he isn’t lazy…

Mina: Well, he’s still hot to girls, right?


Mina: What does Mirai-chan think about it?

Ken: Wha..!


Ken: It isn’t about her at all, mom!

Mina: Umm, you’re flirting with her, are you?

Ken: What are you talking about, mom?

Mina: Don’t deviate it. I knew it all…


Mina: Hey, hey. Please talk about it. Kenn-chann…Heyyy..

[Sizzling!! (frying sound)]


Kakashi: When we were on a mission, he was hitting on her all the way long. When we started going…

Mina: Kawaii!

Ken: (It was dad who told mom, jezz!!)


Kakashi: He always called her cutie, besides he took off his shirt in front of her. After we moved, he…

Mina: Woah… The way he flirts with her was quite extreme.

Kakashi: And lately, he doesn’t play around with other girls like before.


Kakashi: He doesn’t have any words, you see?

Mina: Ken-chan isn’t a liar. Hehe. That’s a relief. He’s a very independent person since I’m afraid that he doesn’t want to have a girlfriend.


Ken: If you guys won’t stop talking…I’ll cook a very special meal for you.

Kakashi: Okay! Zipped!

Mina: Alright! Not to mention it!


Part 2: Ken 5 years-old.




Kakashi: Ah! This kid sneakily reads it again. You knew that he wasn’t able to read. Why is he very curious?

Ken: Dadd, hold on.


Ken: Give me a reason why I shouldn’t read it?

Kakashi: Because it is not a children’s book, it’s adult.

Ken: It’s a valid reason, dad.


Ken: Why would you prevent me from reading?

Kakashi: B…because the stories are for adults.

Ken: Then what is it about that adults story?

Kakashi: It..it isn’t for kids to know..

Ken: Make it clear!


Ken: Why do you have to be circuitous like this, dad? What is the book really about? Why can’t kids read it?


Kakashi: Mina…

Mina: Hey.. I’m out of this. Who else wants to argue with this super curious boy.


Ken: Since you couldn’t explain to me. I won’t give up reading it. Give it to me.

Kakashi: This…naughty kid. Never give up easily.


Part 3: Sarutobi family.


Mina: Kurenai san. Hello!

Kurenai: Mina, Hi!


Ken: Sup! Mirai-chan!

Kurenai: Say “Hello” to Ken.

Mirai: Hello, Ken.


Ken: Mirai-chan want a candy?

Mina: Ken-chan! Don’t give the sucked candy to Mirai-chan!


Ken: But why? There’s still its sweet candy, look mom!

Mina: Listen, Ken-chan. If there’s someone who gives you leftover food from their mouth, don’t take and eat it.


Ken: Ew! Never! It’s disgusting!

Mina: You knew that! But why did you give her that candy?


Ken: Because I’m not scruffy.

Mina: You’re too overconfident! This boy!

Kurenai: You guys… As expected of mother and son.



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perfeito de mais


I adore your artwork <3 And I LOVE Mina! One day I wish to commission you!


This is so cute! I love your art!