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Isn’t shikadai like 12 years old?


Yes, Shikadai is 12 years old, Asuka is 15 years old. XD


I thought she was ken age 😄😄😄

Meh self

wawwww it’s cute


How old is Mirai?


Mirai 15-16 years old.


First of all it’s really good, and second I’ve been imagining it today, so check out the idea and see if you like it. Ken is at his house (since he lives alone now right?), and he called Mirai (his girlfriend) to sleep at his house and they were already sleeping and in the middle of the night, Ken ends up having a nightmare. In the nightmare he was seeing his girlfriend, his parents and his friends hurt, almost dead and he wakes up very scared. He starts having a crisis and starts remembering the dream he had. Mirai ends up waking up because of the noise and when she sees Ken in a state of crisis, she gets up and asks why he’s like that. And Ken ends up not being able to answer her because he is still scared and also because he is shaking a lot, Mirai, not knowing what to do, ends up hugging him and saying that everything was fine. With that Ken wakes up and hugs his girlfriend tightly. He pushes her away to see if everything was okay with her, Mirai realizing he had a nightmare, starts talking to him calmly…


after reading your story, I finally became convinced that Ken is mentally unstable


(╮°-°)╮Mirai is 15-16 yers and Ken 18 yers

( •°□°•)


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