Hatake Ken (collaboration): Taishiro and Hazakura

This is collaboration with my friend’s OC yauchacha



Hazakura: Oh, Ken-san.

Ken: Hi, Hazakura-chan, is your house nearby?


Hazakura: Yes, where are you going?

Ken: We just came from the arcade. We were about to go to Taishiro’s room.


Hazakura: Taishiro?

Ken: Oh, I’ll introduce you to my friends. This is Taishiro, Tsukune, and that’s Sansho. Guys, this is Hazakura-chan. She is our junior and she is a Photographer.

– Nice to meet you!


Hazakura: Nice to meet you too.

– (So ​​cute!)

Ken: Well, I’ll go now, see you around, Hazakura-chan.


Ken: Yo, your face is getting red. She’s so cute and polite, right? Isn’t that your type?

Taishiro: I’m not blushing at all!

Tsukune: Stop that. She’s too cute for him and is also way out of league.

Taishiro: What the hell are you talking about?!



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