Hatake Ken (collaboration): Ninken and Kittens

This is collaboration with my friend’s OC. Mitsuha
Corrected English translation by Steviekins96


Mitsuha: Huh?..Ken-san?.. I didn’t know he likes cat’s.


Ken: heyy kids, Are you lost? Ahhh, Look at their red noses! So cute! [*CHU]

Genki: Ken chan! They might be Spy kittens!

Ken: What are you talking about, Genki? You’re really jealous. BAKA.

Genki: I am not jealous!!


Ken: Come on, You don’t have to be jealous. I will kiss you too.

Genki: I said I’m not jealous!!

Mitsuha: This is way to cute!


Ken: Hey! you!!? What are you doing here?!

Mitsuha: Shit…


Ken: Mitsuha!? W..why are you here…?

Mitsuha: Umn.. I-..I was only on a walk…

Ken: Y..yeah?


Ken: [*whisper] Shit!! It’s over, My cool image! Genki, Why didn’t you tell me there was a girl around here!?

Mitsuha: Ke..-Ken-san?


Genki: Because she has no killing instinct and most importantly, it’s your fault. You were so focused on those kittens that you didn’t pay any attention to your surroundings.

 Ken: Are you mad at me, Genki?

Mitsuha: …I should probably go.



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