Hatake Ken (Special shot): Hatake naughty boy.

Corrected English translation by steviekins96



Ken: What are you doing, mom!!

Mina: *****


Ken: Are you making a list of incomes and expenses? Eh, do I get more pocket money this month? That’s Awesome!


Mina: This boy! You’re getting on my nerves when you’re acting like this! You shouldn’t be getting more money!

Ken: Wait, mom!

Kakashi: What are you two doing?


Ken: Dad, mom just said something inappropriate.

Mina: I didn’t mean to!!




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Amazing!! 😍

Azumy hatake

Haz mas momentos asi por favor que ken pase momentos con sus padres y recuerden muchos recuerdos por favor puedes hacer un capitulo asi te lo pido🥺😊

nazifa tasnim



Por favor haz mas momentos tiernos de la familia hatake 🥺te lo pido desde hace 7 meses