Hatake Ken (Special shot): Hatake boy, like father like son.

Corrected English translation by steviekins96


– Ahhh! It’s the 6th Hokage.

– Wait a second.

Kakashi: Eh?


– I’m so glad. It’s my first time meeting you. I’m a big fan.

– Do you want to go and get a drink with us?

Kakashi: Oh, um, sorry. I have to go home in a hurry. My wife is waiting for dinner.

– Don’t say that. Just for a moment.


Ken: Yo, what business do you guys have with my dad?

Kakashi: Ken?


Kakashi: Hey, what are you doing ? You’re so heavy…


Kakashi: I told you to stop doing that! You are not a kid anymore! Oh, my back.

Ken: As you can see, my dad is very old. Being around such beautiful women like you guys isn’t good for his health. He could have had a heart attack.

Kakashi: I’m not that old!


– Ahhh!! Is this the 6th hokage’s son? He’s so handsome. I’ve heard that the 6th hokage’s son is really handsome, but I didn’t think he would be this handsome. What’s your name?!

– How old are you? Can you go out with us?

– Let’s go karaoke with us, please.

Ken: E-Eh..?


Ken: I.. I’m sorry. I just came to pick up my dad…

– Ah, they’re both handsome and in good shape. You have such strong muscles!

Ken: Hey wait! Why are you touching me?!

– Hey boy, turn your face this way.

Kakashi: Haha, He really is my son [extremely proud]


Ken: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Multiple Shadow Clone Technique)!


Ken: Guys .. help me out….

Ken’s Clone: Who uses Shadow Clones for things like this?!

Ken’s Clone: Wait! I don’t!!

– Ahh, Even though it’s his clones, I’m okay with it!!


Ken: Dad! Run!!



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LOL I love your art!


HAHAHAHA please more ken and kakashi hatake moments and make some family funny moments. pleaseeeee


HAHAHA to naprawdę śmieszna scena Ojciec i Syn


Mina: So he created shadow clones
Hinata: That sound like what you would do

Tonomi your stupid

Shuch stupid things your saying Tonomi