Hatake Ken (Special shot): Jealous.

Corrected English translation by steviekins96


I’ll do it in quality later.


Ken: Yawn, I feel so sleepy…
Tsukune: If it isn’t the lazy idiot. You finally came.
Sansho: You’re late. Can you stop complaining that you are sleepy?

Ken: I was up all night playing the game. I’d like to take a nap for half an hour.
Tsukune: You’re so annoying.

[10 minutes have passed.]
Tsukune: Hey Ken, I need to pee.
Ken: Hm?

Ken: Yeah…


Tsukune: What the hell is “yeah”? Get up!
Ken: Oi!

Ken: He’s so cruel. I was enjoying a peaceful sleep.
Sansho: He said he wanted to pee for a while, haha.
Rika: Come here, you can lie on this sis’s lap instead.

Ken: No.. you fidget like a monkey. I definitely can’t sleep on your lap.
Rika: Come on! Don’t you dare to ask me next time you’re tired.


Mibuna: Ken-kun, you can lie on my lap if you want to.
Ken: Eh, really?
Rika: This guy is really annoying!

Ken: Thank you Mibuna. If you feel cramps, just wake me up, okay?
Mibuna: Hehe, yes I will.

Sansho: Don’t let it bring you down. Remember, he picked you no matter what.
Tsukune: Why should I be sad about that?!
Mibuna: Shh, can you not be so loud, please? You two!



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