Hatake Ken (Special shot): First day of moving out (Ken and the gang)

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[Ken’s First day of moving out ]






Sansho: Do you think the girls in our gang will have boyfriends?
Mibuna: You guys don’t have girlfriends either!

Ken: Mibuna and Tomoka are possible. But Rika doesn’t have boobs, right?

Ken: Ahh, I’m sorry!


Ken: And because of this I’m sure Rika won’t get a boyfriend.
Shut up! Idiot!


Ken always likes to tease his friends. But also defeated by them.

There are 3 girls in the Ken gang; Mibuna, Tomoka and Rika. 4 boys; Ken, Tsukune, Sansho and Taishiro. They have all been friends since childhood.
But we rarely see Tomoka and Rika on screen. Because Rika is on Team 3 (same team as Sansho and Taishiro), Tomoka is on Team 5 (unknown teammates). But they hang out often if they don’t have missions.



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