Hatake Ken (Special shot): Safe.

Corrected English translation by steviekins96


Mirai: Ken-senpai, you look a lot like Mina-san. Your eyes are so beautiful, they look like red crystals. You two also have the same fangs.

Ken: Hmm, you mean those?


Ken: Yes, because I’m a predator.


Ken: And you’re my victim, bite!

Mirai: Senpai, that tickles!


Ken: Why are you giggling? I’m going to eat you.

Mirai: Hahaha!

Kurenai: Ahem!


Ken: K-Kurenai-san!! Hello! Y…You’re back!

Mirai: Ah, mom!

Kurenai: Hi, Ken. Do you want to stay for dinner?

Ken: Yes, please!


Kurenai: I heard you guys are going to the beach. Mirai rarely travels, so I‘m really happy that she’s going to take some rest. It will be good for her.

Ken: Yeah, don’t worry, I’ll take care of her.


Well…Actually, that’s not what I’m worried about, but…


Kurenai: You guys are…using protection, right?…

– ?


Kurenai: I’m asking because you guys are still young. If you don’t use protection, you may get pregnant…


Mirai: What are you talking about, Mom!?

Kurenai: I’m not saying that you’re not allowed to do those kinds of things. I used to be young too, so I know how you guys are feeling…


Mirai: S-senpai, water!

Kurenai: It’s okay. I just said it because I was worried. I’m not going to forbid you anything…

Mirai: Stop talking, mom!


Me and Ken-senpai haven’t done that yet!! This trip isn’t just for the two of us! Our friends are coming too and I‘m sharing a room with Mibuna-san!


Kurenai: Eh! ..Is that so? ..T-that’s it…


Kurenai: Ken, would you like more rice? You used to eat a lot ever since you were a child.

Ken: Oh, yes! T..Then one more, please!


Mina: What? You’re asking me for permission to move out?


Mina: In the past, you moved from one village to another before you decided to move back to your parents place. Now you’re telling me that you want to move out and live all by yourself, Ken-chan?


Mina: I really want to cry. Why does my only child not want to live close to his parents?

Ken: Don’t say that momm… I’m still going to live nearby and visit you as often as I can.


Kakashi: Come on, Mina. Ken is a grown up man now who has a girlfriend. It’s not strange for him to want to have his own place so he can be alone.

Mina: So what? Can’t he be a grown up man and still live with his parents?

Ken: (Dad, help me…)


Kakashi: Because…


Mina: Is that so.. alright.. I got it.

Ken: What are you whispering about?


Mina: Don’t forget to use protection.

Ken: It’s not like that, mom!



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Fox Animes

Ah let me dream a little too kkk

Fox Animes

As Sasori says "I think it's good not to take too long, you know very well that I hate to wait" kkk

Fox Animes

What? I want right now so kk


Omg this was sooo good please make a pt 2!


It has part 2, but it’s have adult content. 🤣🤣

Cristina Suarez
It doesn't matter I want to see the second part, is it already published or where can I see it????
Kakashi♡Mina #1fan

Why why why I m unlucky

Fox Animes

It was just me talking about an episode on the beach that already had a preview, coincidence? I think so kk, looking forward to seeing my waifu Mirai in a bikini.


Amazing piece credits to the maker

Meh self

did kakashi and mina ever fight , I’m curious😅


They never really fight. Mina always yield to Kakashi. 😂

Kakashi♡Mina #1fan

So cute


What make ken to decide that he want to live on his own?


Because of Mirai 😂


Will he ever move out though


Yes, He will move out after this. XD

Ok i am boomer

What is protection I don’t know can someone please tell me?

Last edited 2 years ago by Ok i am boomer

How old are you

Ok I am a boomer

I am 15


You shall not know what that is kid

Ok I am boomer

Why not please tell me i am crues


Yeah im agreeing with Kaiistaken

This type of conversation is meant to be talk to with parents NOT WITH STRANGERS ONLINE.

Ok I am boomer

Ok I am asking my parents bye.


No don’t ask them idiot.


Let them be let them be
Beside better the parents than some strangers online explaining what protection is to them


I understand but his parents can punish him very badly.

Last edited 2 years ago by Kaiistaken
Ok I am boomer

No they say when I become 18 they will explain it to me


Ok I think we should this conversation for now . Bye

Ok I am boomer

Ok bye my friend.


Bye to this conversation