Kakashi x Mina Story (Anime Ver.) EP. 10 : Never killed.

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Corrected English translation by steviekins96


Video version.



Mina: Damn! My electric bracelets seem to be broken…. I tried to fix it but the mechanism is complex even though it is a small piece.

Kakashi: Hm? Then you shouldn’t walk so far away from the village when you’re alone. It’s far too dangerous if you don’t have your bracelets, you know?


Kakashi: At least if you are going out far, you should only go with me.

Mina: Yes, yes, I know you’re worried about me, my obedient concern future husband.


Kakashi: You’re all talk, do you know that?

Mina: What are you talking about!?


After that, Naruto went to train with Jiraiya-sama and Kakashi got overloaded with missions. He was barely in the village and me … I had too much free time and nothing else to do.


Kakashi has forbidden me to leave the village. What should I do? I can’t really use Konoha’s training ground since I’m an outsider…


So, let’s find some place to train alone. I hope I won’t bother anyone.



Gosh! I wandered around too much and now it’s getting late. Why does it get so dark this early? If Kakashi was here, he would probably yell at me…




– Here you are! I knew you’d walk over here. Woah! Damn pretty!

– We’re damn lucky. I’m sure we will get a high price for her at the black market.

Mina: What! Who are you?


– Hey, Come with us, little girl.

Mina: Don’t come close to me!!



– Damn girl… You’re great. Your price just got higher. I thought she was a typical villager.

– It seems like you’ve never killed anyone. That’s why you’re only using the hilt to hit us like that? But if you keep doing that, you will be exhausting yourself…

Mina: ……….


How can you escape us if you don’t want to kill us!?



Yeah, you’re right… if it’s really necessary, we have to kill.


– Hell!! That’s the Copy Ninja, Kakashi! Run!!

– Unless we die!

Mina: …K..Kakashi.


Again… Just like when we were younger… He’s been saving my life ever since…


Mina: Ah! This time it’s Pakkun? I thought Bull-kun followed me.

Pakkun: That ninken is slow and clumsy. I’m the fastest one, you know?

Mina: Yes, yes!



I had a bad feeling, so I came back earlier. …I told you not to leave the village alone. Why didn’t you listen to me?





25 Page

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OMG yes they are so cute 😍