Kakashi x Mina Story (Anime Ver.) EP. 12 : Hatake Ken.

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Corrected English translation by steviekins96


Video version.



Guys: Hey! Hokage’s son! Do you have so much free time that you can relax here?

Ken: ?


Ken: It’s you again? I told you to call me “The Hokage’s handsome son”, remember?

Guys: Stop pissing us off! Idiot!


– You’re a show off! Just because you are the hokage’s son, you always get the cooler missions. And you have Uzumaki Naruto as your sensei.

– Yeah and your skills suck! I know that his exam scores were in the middle range. He only passed because his dad is the Hokage.


Ken: Wow! I upgrade you to my no.1 fan. You know everything! Come here. Where do you want me to sign?

Guys: Arghh! Stupid! Do you want to die?!?


Boy1: Hey, let’s go. If we stay here longer, we may not be able to control ourselves and may end up beating him up.

Boy2: You just wait!

Ken: What, you just show up in places unannounced…


Naruto: You’re a troublemaker!


Ken: Naruto-Nii… Sensei!


Ken: I can’t help it. They were jealous because I’m the Hokage’s son and that I’m in the same team as Naruto-sensei. So, I’m irritated. Everyone wants to be on your team. Uzumaki Naruto, the guy who ended the fourth Shinobi World War and who brought true peace to the world. Isn’t he cool!?

Naruto: Bahaha! Well said, Ken! You are getting cuter.


Ken: What’s up dad? Did you call me?

Kakashi: Oh, you’re here, Ken?


I want you to inspect this building structure. I’ve to approve this activation. Apart from that….


…..I see.


Kakashi: Stop! You think you can run away from me?


Ken: Are you kidding me? These aren’t tasks for some Genin who got normal scores like me! That’s your job!

Kakashi: Don’t be sneaky! You didn’t realize that I knew you got a lower score on purpose just so you don’t have to take more work. Lazy boy! It’s pretty obvious that you have a high IQ.

Ken: …But this kind of work is better for other positions to do it. I’m just a Genin.


I only trust you. You’re not only smart but also neat and fast. (If only you weren’t this lazy…)



Kakashi: I’m back.

Ken: I’m back.

Mina: Welcome back. Eh? Why are you two back home at the same time?


Ken: Because dad called me to his office. Even though it’s my day off, dad still gave me other jobs to do just because I finished all my other missions.

Mina: Oh… He needs your help because you’re so smart and wise.


Mina: Ah! Besides, you are also handsome and very popular. On top of that, you can cook very delicious food and sing very well. My son is the best in everything.

Kakashi: Yeah, If he was a little more diligent, it would be nice.


Mina: Well, today I wish to try your cooking again!

Ken: Alright! It can’t be helped, I will do it, haha!


Mina: Haha, he’s so cute! Very naive.

Kakashi: You do the same to me…


This boy even though he’s lazy, he always does what other people ask for. Maybe it’s because he is actually a very generous person.


Kakashi: And because of this I’m so proud of him.

Mina: Ah, Me too!




24 Page

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I love this

Meh self

I love it yasss


It’s so Good 🤗


That was an awesome read! Ya got me wishing this was waaaay more popular lol!