Kakashi x Mina Story (Anime Ver.) EP. 3 : Friend?

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Corrected English translation by steviekins96


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Kakashi, bento!


Kakashi: Eh.. Um, thanks…

Mina: I haven’t seen you in such a long time. I missed you.

Kakashi: I was on a mission.


Gai: Yo, Kakashi! You’re here! Fight me!


Gai: Ah! You! That little monster who tricked me with questions about you!!

Mina: Tricked?! I-I didn’t do anything bad!


Kakashi: Don’t worry, Gai, she is my ….friend.

Gai: Hah? Is that true?


(At last he accepted me as a friend. I’m so glad! So can I be closer?)


Kakashi: And… Mina. Where do you live?

Mina: Eh? This is the first time you have asked about me. I don’t have a home, I lived in the forest around Konoha.

Kakashi: Are you kidding me? How can a little girl live outside the village all by herself? Do you want me to look for a place in Konoha for you?


Mina: Ehh? Do you want me to live with you? Okay!

Kakashi: I didn’t mean it like that… Are you crazy?

Mina: Well, if I can not live with you then I will just continue living outside like this. At least I have my freedom.

Kakashi: …..


[Screenshot from Naruto: Shippuden ep. 349 – 361]


[Screenshot from Naruto: Shippuden ep. 349 – 361]


[Screenshot from Naruto: Shippuden ep. 349 – 361]


Eh!? What happened!?


That bomb came from Konoha!? Kakashi!!


Ugh!! What was that?!


What is this big dog doing in the forest? He probably wouldn’t eat me, right …?


Damn… I forgot to turn on the electric bracelet…




Eh?! Kakashi?!!


Mina: W..Why are you here!? Are you hurt!?

Kakashi: What’s that thing, Mina? You can use Ninjutsu?

Mina: No, it’s an auto-protecting tool that I carry with me all the time. Just a moment ago I activated the system. You shouldn’t touch me without my realization.

Kakashi: Huh?


Kakashi: Anyway, you were thinking about going to the village just now?

Mina: Yes! I saw a bomb coming from that way. I’m worried about you. What happened ?!

Kakashi: You saw that and still decided to run to it ? You think you can do something against that thing?

Mina: I-I…


Mina: (Awesome, I got blamed… But it’s true…)

Kakashi: Sigh …


Mina: So what happened?

Kakashi: … Let it be, it’s over. I actually came to pick you up. You’re staying in the village with me because the place you’re currently living in is too dangerous. You were almost in the crossfire.


Mina: Ah! You will let me live with you, Really!?

Kakashi: Hmm… just temporary.


Gai: Hey Kakashi, you are here? When the barrier disappeared, you immediately jumped out !? Did you know about Minato-sensei!? Oh, you are also here, uh, what’s your name…?

Kakashi: What’s up, Gai?


Gai: Minato-sensei and Kushina-san sacrificed their lives to seal the nine tails so they could protect the village!


Kakashi: M..Minato-sensei…

Mina: (… It happened again?)


[Screenshot from Naruto: Shippuden ep. 483]


Mina: I-I will cook dinner for you. Just wait till it’s ready… okay?


Hehe, Practice to become Kakashi’s wife.


Mina: Ahh!! What is that?!! (It looked so easy when the aunt of the shop owner at my part-time job did it!!)


Kakashi: What are you doing, Mina? Can’t you cook? So where did you bring me the bento?

Mina: I-I can do it! I can make fried eggs! (That bento was a gift the aunt from the shop owner made for me…)

Kakashi: Was that your dinner? Go sit and wait.


Kakashi: Finished.


Mina: Ahh!! My Kakashi is the best at everything. Genius! Marry me!

Kakashi: Stop joking and eat.

Mina: (I’m not joking…)


Mina: It’s delicious. I’m so happy.

Kakashi: Don’t speak while eating…


(Living with this girl isn’t bad …)



37 Page
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Rosetta Stone

Wow your art are really cool…and thanks for the image without subtitle they are really cool…also do you have the first one too?can we have them too?P.SYour big fan 🙂


Sure! you can dowload it here Download images files


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Tss super

What Day Is this Episode Going Tô bem


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