Kakashi x Mina Story (Anime Ver.) Special 3: Testing

Corrected English translation by steviekins96


Mina: Are those the bells you used to test Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura-chan?

Kakashi: Yeah…


Mina: Can I try?

Kakashi: Why do you want to try the bell test? You don’t even know how to use ninjutsu yet.


Kakashi: Sounds fun. If you can do it, I’ll be your slave for a day.

Mina: Ahh! Mark your word.


Kakashi: The rules are simple. Do whatever you can to take these bells from me. However, I’m gonna make an exception for you. If you can land one kick then I’ll count it as your victory.


Mina: Don’t be so overconfident. Why are you putting the bells there? Are you afraid I’m gonna grab something I’m not supposed to touch?

Kakashi: What are you talking about?! You pervert! Let’s get started.


Mina: Alright! One day slave … One day slave…





Kakashi: Hey, maybe you should use your weapons so you won’t be at a disadvantage.


Mina: Eh… No. I don’t want to hurt you.

Kakashi: Do you seriously think that you can hurt me?


Mina: You have such a foolish mouth!



Kakashi: Hmm, she’s getting better.






Mina: He’s so fast… He’s playing in a different league. It’s almost impossible for me to get the bells.


Kakashi: Are you already getting tired?

Mina: No way!!




Kakashi: Hey, are you okay?


Mina: Waaaa!! That hurts…


Mina: Waaaa…

Kakashi: Are you hurt somewhere?


Kakashi: Let me see.



Kakashi: Hey, wait! That’s cheating! I’m not yet…

Mina: You told me to do whatever I can to get the bells.


Mina: Yay! Kakashi‘s gonna be my love slave for a whole day! What’s the first thing I’m gonna do with you? I got a lot of ideas.

Kakashi: Love slave? Are you serious?…


Kakashi: Let’s talk about that later. Let me take a look at your wound. You’re still bleeding.


Mina: Eh! Ah! Blood!! Blooooood!!!

Kakashi: Can you sit still for a moment?



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Nia Kitsune

JAJAJAJAJA awww xd this is perfect


se pudese da uma nota eu daria 1000

Tss super

Continua fazendo a série tá boa




well he did say do anything you can to get the bells




Haha kakashi got trikt by mina it’s Kinda stupit tho hehe 😂