Ken the Bounty Hunter EP. 2: Konohagakure

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Corrected English translation by steviekins96





Ken: Mom, I’m back.

Mina: Ken-chan, you’ve come back!


Mina: You’ve been gone for so many days. I really missed you, my boy~


Ken: Is anyone messing with you when I’m not at home?

Mina: Who would dare? You threatened them not to mess with me ever since you’ve been a kid.


Mina: If you worry about me that much then don’t go on missions so far away. I can work in the village just like before. I told you we don’t need to rush to make a lot of money.

Ken: I told you I’m not letting you work again. I promise that I won’t go out for many days again, okay?


Mina: So, was this job very difficult? You usually finish your work very quickly, don’t you?

Ken: Uh, yes! I had to go very far too….

Mina: You must be very tired.

Ken: I’m alright, mom.



Ken: Should we move to Konohagakure?

Mina: Eh!?


Mina:The Land of Fire? But that’s very far away. Why are you suddenly…

Ken: Someone recommended it to me. What do you think? That region is also quite prosperous, convenient and pretty safe. It has other good benefits. I think it’s a good place.

Mina: Eh, uh… it probably costs a lot of money. I don’t see the need to move that far.


Ken: Don’t you want to live there?

Mina: …Not really.

Ken: Can you tell me why? If you really don’t want to go, I won’t take you.

Mina: Uh..a reason? I just don’t even know if I want to go.


Ken: I went to Konoha.

Mina: Huh!? Was this the job you just came back from?

Ken: Yes.


Ken: Someone wants us to move there. He told me he will find a place for us and let me be a ninja there too.

Mina: Hee~ Awesome!! It’s because Ken-chan is smart and skilled. Everyone wants you.


Ken: So since we don’t have to worry about money like this, shall we go?

Mina: Uh, that’s it… Do you want to live in Konoha?


Ken: It’s up to you. I can be anywhere.

Mina: But I want you to be the one to choose.


Ken: Don’t worry about me. Just take your time and think about it. I’m in no hurry.



Ken: My dad… is a sucker, right?

Mina: Why are you suddenly asking about him? I told you before that your father is the most talented and coolest person I know. Don’t you remember?


Mina: And one more thing. My Ken-chan is so cute like this. There’s no way your dad could be a sucker, you know?



Mina: Then why are you suddenly asking about your dad? Normally you don’t really want to know anything about him, right?



Ken: You said that the person who gave you this sword is your significant other, right? Is he my dad?


Mina: Uh… Yes, he’s your dad.


Ken: Damn… that’s exactly what I thought.


Mina: Ken-chan, are you angry? I never told you this because you’ve never seemed to want to know about your dad. I was afraid you wouldn’t want this sword.

Ken: I’m not angry…


Ken: Ah, I feel so guilty…

Mina: There’s no need to feel guilty. You just never met your dad. It’s not strange if you don’t like it.

Ken: ……


Ken: I’m going to take a shower. Don’t forget to give me an answer about our move to Konoha.


Mina: Ken-chan must know something. He suddenly asked about his father and the sword after he went to Konoha…


Ken: Until now, I’ve hidden a lot of things from my mom. If I tell the truth, she will probably be angry with me.


Ken: The most important thing is that I have to get her to a good place first. It wouldn’t be too late to tell her about the whole thing.


Hiriko: Mina-san, I baked dessert so I thought I could bring it to you again.

Mina: Hi, Hiriko-chan, thank you very much. You always bring me snacks.

Hiriko: It’s my pleasure. Hasn’t Ken-san come back yet?

Mina: Oh, Ken-chan is taking a shower.

Hiriko: Eh, he’s back!?


Ken: Yo Hiriko-chan, how are you?

Hiriko: Ken-san!


Ken: Did you bring snacks again? You are really kind. Thank you for always stopping by to see my mom while I’m away.

Hiriko: problem. I’m happy to do it!


Mina: You crazy boy! Can you go get dressed before you come out and talk to women!?

Ken: Ugh, Mom?


Hiriko: Eh, are you going to move away from here!?

Ken: Um.


Hiriko: Why? Why so sudden!?

Ken: I’ve been thinking about this for many years. I’d rather take my mom to live in the city than the countryside like this.


Hiriko: What about me?

Ken: Eh, what do you mean?



Mina: Sigh, he never really cared about anyone whenever it’s a female friend or a male friend who tries to approach him. He was only thinking about making money even though he was just a kid.


Ken: When I’m older, I’ll be the one who earns money so I can take care of you. You won’t have to work again, okay?

Mina: You care about me a lot. Why is my son so cute?~


Ken: Haven’t I told you not to come near my mom? You really want me to break your arm, don’t you?

Man: Ah, I’m sorry, I won’t come around here again. Please let me go!!


Mina: Day by day he becomes more and more like me. I want him to live like a normal teenager instead of taking care of me like this. Now he doesn’t even have any friends. If I take him to Konoha is he going to accept to live a normal life?


Mina: If there’s work for him to do in Konoha, he may not have to go anywhere far. But what should I do if I meet Kakashi again? Wait, isn’t he a former Hokage? We probably will not meet each other by accident, right?


[They finally decided to move to Konoha]

Mina: Ken-chan, you didn’t forget anything important, right?

Ken: Um, I don’t have a lot of stuff.


Ken: If we reach Konoha I think I’ll go back to having short hair like before. Can you cut my hair, mom?

Mina: Oh, but you already look so handsome with this long hair.

Ken: No matter what hairstyle I have, I’m handsome in every way.


Mina: This crazy boy is really annoying! (He looks happy.)


Mina: What is the name of the person who will come to pick us up? You haven’t told me yet.

Ken: Even if I tell you, you still don’t know him. Let him introduce himself.



[Arrives in Konoha]



Kakashi: Hey, you guys have arrived. Welcome to Konoha.


Ken: Mom, it’s that old man I was talking about.

Kakashi: Can you just stop calling me old man?


Mina: Ken-chan, what is this?!


Kakashi: After you’ve packed up our things, I’ll take you two to dinner at the same restaurant you like.

Ken: Great! I did plan to take my mom there someday.

Mina: …..(Same restaurant?)


Kakashi: Mother, you don’t have a problem with that, right?

Mina: Eh! Uh, no of course not!

Ken: (This is the first time I’ve ever seen my mother nervous. I can hardly hold back my laughter.)


Ken: Wow, this is awesome. It’s really huge!


Ken: Mom, I reserve this room.

Mina: …….


Mina: How did this happen? Why do you guys seem so close? Have you guys secretly been in contact with each other this whole time? Ken-chan never told me anything.

Kakashi: It looks like we have a lot to talk about.


Kakashi: Should we start with, how have you been before?




(I’m sorry, but I’ve told you many times that I can’t stay here no matter what. I beg you not to look for me. I’m just a thief and a fraud who still has a warrant of arrest. I don’t want a Konoha’s Jonin high-rank like you to become guilty because of me. Thank you for everything. I hope you have a good future.)


Kakashi: Mina… Why don’t you listen to me at all?


Mina: I kept traveling and changing places until I reached the Land of Flower. When I found out that I was pregnant, I had to quickly earn money to care for my child that was about to be born. But I still use the same methods, stealing and swindling money from rich people.


Mina: When Ken-chan started to grow up I had to stop doing that because I didn’t want him to know that besides my general work, I’m still a thief. Luckily, Ken-chan was smart from a young age. He’s a quick learner and very talkative. I don’t even know where he learned all those ninjutsu. When he grew up, it turned out that he’s the only one who took care of me.


Kakashi: …Why didn’t you come back to me after you found out you were pregnant?

Mina: We’ve talked about this many times. I told you I couldn’t really be with you.

Kakashi: But even so…


Mina: I thought you’d be really angry at me. I didn’t even dare to face you. I can’t believe we got to meet each other so soon.

Kakashi: I’ve never been angry at you, Mina. You guys must have been in a lot of trouble. I feel really guilty.

Mina: You don’t have to feel guilty at all. You didn’t even know I was pregnant.


Mina: Also, please don’t tell Ken-chan about this. I don’t want him to know that I’m making money by being a thief so I can support him.


(Remember what Ken said: Can you promise me not to tell my mom that I hunt people to get money?)

Kakashi: Don’t worry, I won’t tell him. (Now I have to keep both of them a secret?)


Ken: Hey, you bought me a game console!?

Kakashi: Um, you said you like playing games but don’t have the time to play them, right? From now on, you will have a lot of time to play.

Ken: Awesome. Thank you!


Mina: Ken-chan looks very happy. He looks like a child, so cute!

Kakashi: Haha, I can’t believe in normal times he can act this cute.


Mina: Thank you very much, but isn’t this too much? I don’t want to disturb you this much. Just let Ken-chan be a ninja here. Having work for him has helped us a lot.

Kakashi: Please take it, I really want to take care of you two.


Kakashi: If you don’t want to see me, that’s fine. I won’t come near you but just let me compensate you both. At least this is for Ken.

Mina: Oh. It’s not that I don’t want to see you.


Ken: Hey, old man…

Kakashi: I told you to stop calling me old man…


Ken: Can you sleep over and play games with me?

Kakashi: Eh!



Kakashi: O-OK, but you have to teach me how to play.

Ken: Sure!


Ken: But now I’m hungry.

Kakashi: Haha, then let’s go to that restaurant.

Ken: Okay, I’ll cook some food for you later in the day. I cook delicious food, you know.

Kakashi: Really? That’s interesting.

Mina: (They get along better than I thought. So cute)






Ken: There are many complicated steps but the good thing is that I don’t have to worry about being cheated out of money by my employer. Do you know that in the past I often had my wages defrauded?

Kakashi: I see.


Ken: And look at this! Does it look good on me?

Kakashi: Oh, that looks very good.

Ken: Haha, it’s cool, right? This can also be used to block the weapons.


Girls: Ah, that’s the boy! They say he’s the son of the 6th Hokage who just moved here.

Girls: He’s so handsome! I really want to get to know him.


Girls: Hello, 6th Hokage. What are you doing here?

Kakashi: I’m just brought this boy here so he can learn the shinobi system of Konoha.


Ken: Hello, I’m Hatake Ken. I’m the son of the 6th Hokage. I’m looking forward to working with you. If there is anything I do wrong, please let me know.

Girls: Aww, you’re very welcome!

Girls: I also can give you a tour around Konoha!

Ken: Thank you very much! That’s really nice of you.


Kakashi: You always hit on the girls around you. From now on you will be called “The cunning ninja of Konoha.”

Ken: It should be said that I am good at creating connections. You’d be better off calling me “The Genius ninja of Konoha”, dad!


Kakashi: (He’s really a talkative boy, just like Mina said.)

[Kakashi, who is still not used to the word dad very much]




85 Page

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