Naruto [Next generations] High school AU part 1: White.

Naruto [Next generations] High school AU part 1: White.

In an alternative universe where ninjas don’t exist, they live a normal high school life.
This content is unrelated to Ken’s main universe. However, every character has the same personality traits as the main universe. (107 pages)


Corrected English translation by steviekins96


Girls: Ken-san, why did you come to school all by yourself today?

[Hatake Ken, 2nd year, Age 17]


Girls: I usually see you around with your friends all the time.

Ken: Haha, I woke up a bit late today.

Girls: Hey, Ken-san don’t you use your social media account? I rarely see you post any pictures.

Ken: Well, I’m not really interested in those things.


Girls: Well, can I have your phone number?

Ken: Okay.

Girls:Eh, really? Me too!




Tatsuya: I told you to buy me that bread before it runs out! What am I supposed to eat now for lunch?!

Yasuhiro: I..I’m sorry but I bought something else instead.

Tatsuya: I don’t want that!!


Ryo: What’s wrong with Tatsuya today? He’s been in a bad mood since this morning.

Shouta: Haha, don’t you know? Yume-chan, the girl Tatsuya is crushing on, was flirting with that 2nd year student this morning. That’s why he is upset and takes it out on others.

Ryo: Oh, I see, is Hatake Ken? You just get over her. Haha.

Tatsuya: Shut up!


Ryo: But by the way, isn’t he in the same class as you?

Yasuhiro: U..Um, ..but I hardly ever talk to him.


Tatsuya: Who cares!?

Yasuhiro: Ah!



Yasuhiro: I-I’m sorry!


Ken: Oh, I’m sorry, here it is.

Yasuhiro: Thank you…



Ken: That guy is in our class right? He’s kind of a nerd type, isn’t he?

Tsukune: Um, probably yes. He seems like a person who doesn’t talk much. Why?

Ken: …Nothing.


Ken: (That wound, it’s like he had been in a fight with someone..?)

Tsukune: Well, let’s go.


Sansho: Hey Ken, do you want to go to the Game Center after school?

Ken: Sure, but let’s go eat something first.

Mibuna: You guys should go back to your class! That’s my seat!


– Ken-kun has so many friends. I barely get a chance to talk to him.

– That’s right, but I’m still lucky to be in the same class as him this year.



Tomoka: Ken-kun, let’s go to the same dessert shop.

Tsukune: Are you joining us? We’re going to the game center, you know?

Rika: That sounds good, I want to try playing the game too.


Tsukune: Shh, women are annoying!

Mibuna: Who are you talking about, Tsukune!?

Ken: Can you stop fighting for a day?



Ken: Hey, you guys can go ahead. I have something to do. I’ll come by later.

Taishiro: Huh, where are you going?

Sansho: What? Just hurry up.



Ken: Eh, why are you buying so many soft drinks? Are you buying them for someone? Is there no one to help you carry them?


Yasuhiro: Eh!! You..Hatake Ken!?

Ken: Oh, you do remember me?


Yasuhiro: I’m really okay. You can give them to me. I’ll carry them myself.

Ken: Don’t worry, I want to help.

Shouta: That bastard has arrived. Why did you come so late!?


Ryo: Eh, you!?

Ken: Hello, sorry to bother you guys. I’m in the same class as Yasuhiro, so I came to help him carry some things. You guys are his friends, right?


Tatsuya: Huh, friend? Can’t you read the room?

Shouta: Oh, that’s right! Our house is in the same neighborhood. You’re Hatake Ken? Would you like to hang out with us?

Ken: Eh, but I made plans with my friends.

Ryo: Come on, let’s go with us for a moment.

Tatsuya: What the hell is wrong with you guys!?


Ryo: Stay still. You know this guy is popular. He has many girlfriends. If we are close to him, he might be able to help you get closer to Yume-chan.

Tatsuya: Eh? That’s right!


Shouta: Do you agree? Yasuhiro wants you to go with us as well, right?

Yasuhiro: Eh..that’s right.

Ken: Well, alright.. So let me call my friends first. They will kill me tomorrow for sure.


Girls: Hello, where are you guys going? Can we go with you?

Shouta: Oh, yes, of course!

Tatsuya: You’re very welcome!

Ryo: (Wow, they’re girls from a private school!)



Ken: I have to go back. If I come home late, my mom will kill me. See you later, guys.

Girls: Oh, come on, you’re already leaving? Can we meet again tomorrow?

Ken: Um, you girls can just talk to them.

Shouta: Oh, See you tomorrow, Ken.


Ryo: Didn’t I tell you? If we stay with him, there will always be girls approaching us.

Tatsuya: Not bad, I need him to help me find a girlfriend haha.

Yasuhiro: (Luckily, these guys are in a much better mood.)



Tsukune: What does this mean? Yesterday you left us because you were hanging out with the girls from another school, Ken?


Ken: Guys.. it’s not like that, I can explain.

Tsukune: Well, you have 5 minutes to explain yourself or I’ll kill you.

Ken: Just calm down…


Yasuhiro: (Hatake-kun is a really nice person. He suddenly came up to me and said I was a friend. Because of him, that group did not dare to hurt me again. Today they told me to invite him to hang out with them again. They probably want Hatake-kun to help them pick up some girls.)


Yasuhiro: Uh, Hatake-kun…

Ken: Yo, Yasuhiro! You didn’t come back home very late yesterday, right?

Tsukune: What? Did you guys hang out together yesterday?

Yasuhiro: Well, do you think we can hang out together again today? Shouta really likes you and wants us to hang out together again.


Ken: I’m really sorry! Today probably won’t work for me. They’re going to kill me if I ditch them again.


Yasuhiro: Eh, is that so… No problem.

Ken: I’m sorry, maybe next time.


[several days later]





Ken: Hey Yasuhiro, what happened to your face?

Yasuhiro: Eh, Hatake-kun? I.. I slipped yesterday. It’s really nothing. I have to go now or the bread will be sold out.


Tsukune: What’s wrong with him? That can’t be a slipped wound.

Ken: Well, just let’s go to Taishiro and Sansho.



Ken: Sansho, Taishiro, let’s go have lunch.

Sansho: Wait a minute. We haven’t finished taking notes that are on the board yet.


Ken: Have you started using your glasses now?

Sansho: I can’t help it. I can’t see the board clearly.


Ken: Let me see. Oh, the board is so blurry. How short-sighted are you?

Sansho: About a hundred or so.


Ken: Damn, I feel dizzy now. What is this? Take it back…

Sansho: Well, our eyesights are not the same, that’s why you feel dizzy, idiot.


Ken: Just hurry up you two. I’m starving. I’m gonna play some games on my phone.

Sansho: Fine, you can do that…



Sansho: The world is really unfair…

Ken: What are you talking about?



Ken: Hey Yasuhiro, what are you doing here? It’s almost time for afternoon class.

Yasuhiro: Hatake-kun, what are you doing here!?

Ken: I asked you first. I went to the bathroom upstairs and saw you standing alone down here? Did you drop something?


Shouta: Oh, Look who’s here, Ken! What are you doing here?

Ken: Eh, Shouta? You guys are here as well? Whoa, the smell really stinks.


Shouta: Do you want one?

Ken: No, I don’t smoke.


Tatsuya: Hey, do you want to hang out with us after school? We haven’t been together for days. The girls we met that day asked for you, you know?

Ken: I’m sorry, I already made plans with my friends. I can’t go with you guys.

Ryo: Come on, don’t say that, man.


Ken: Yasuhiro, you also don’t smoke, right? So let’s go back to the classroom. The lesson is going to start soon.

Yasuhiro: Eh, b..but…

Ken: Let’s go. See you later, guys.





Shouta: You are being too cocky right now. You think I’m kind? You both can’t go nowhere now.

Ken: Hey, come on. You’re not a kid anymore. Don’t use force..

Yasuhiro: S.. Shouta-kun! Please, let him go…


Shouta: So what? I made an effort to be friendly with you but I’ve hated you since the first year, you know?


Tsukune: Hey, stop!


Taishiro: Let go of my friend. Otherwise I will kill you.

Ken: How did you guys get here!?


Ken: Yeah, let me go or my protectors won’t forgive you.


Tsukune: Who’s your protector!!

Ken: Ugh!!


Ken: Aren’t you guys here to help me? Why did you hit me?

Tsukune: Shut up or I’ll punch you again!


Ryo: Hah, idiots.


Taishiro: What did you just say?

Ken: Whoa, calm down! If we fight, we’ll all get sent to the principal’s office. Plus, you guys were smoking just now. You guys have been doing a lot of bad things… So we’ll just part our ways, sound good?


Shouta: Ok, then you guys can go away but Yasuhiro is forbidden to go anywhere.

Tsukune: What right do you guys have to stop him from leaving? If he stays with you guys, he will get bullied.

Ryo: Who’s going to bully him?


Ryo: Alright, then ask him if he wants to stay with us or go with you guys.

Yasuhiro: H..Huh?!

Tsukune: Yasuhiro, come with us. Don’t be afraid of them.



Yasuhiro: S..Sorry, I’ll stay with them.

Tsukune: What?

Ryo: Haha, you heard it clearly.


Ken: Okay, then let’s go.

Tsukune: But..Ken

Ken: Let’s just go.


Tsukune: What the hell are you doing? We can’t just leave him with that group. Even I saw that he was being bullied. You disappeared the other day to help him, right?

Ken: And how do you think you can help him? Do you want to fight them?

Tsukune: Yes, I’m not afraid of them!

Ken: Do you know why Yasuhiro chose not to follow us?


Ken: Because he knows we can’t protect him all the time. If he broke up with that group and was targeted, how would he live? Are you guys going to protect him all the time? No one can do that, right?

Sansho: B.. But shouldn’t we at least do something?


Taishiro: That doesn’t change the fact that I want to beat them anyway. I hate bullies who bully weaker people like him.


[Taishiro used to bully other when he was a child.]


Ken: Don’t worry. Just..let me handle it myself. If we use force to deal with problems, it could make the situation worse. So let me find a way.


[after school]



Ken: (They actually use Yasuhiro as a slave. But it’s good that they didn’t hurt him because of the afternoon incident.)


Ken: (What’s the best way to get them to stop messing with him? Do I really have to find girls for them? No way, these people will show off more power if they have girlfriends.)

Tatsuya: It’s so funny in the afternoon.


Tatsuya: Ken doesn’t dare to do anything to us. He’s just acting cool. How do the girls fall in love with him?

Ryo: Yeah, he was so scared of us that he had to rush over to his friends. It was so funny haha.

Ken: (Huh, Do I look like I’m scared of them…?)


Tatsuya: His friends are cowards. That guy just ordered them to leave and they immediately left. They are truly faithful slaves.

Shouta: They’re just slaves who act cool around other people. They’re big guys but terribly weak, haha.

Ryo: The whole group are cowards.


Ken: Who do you think is.. a coward?

Yasuhiro: Hatake-kun!!

Ryo: Oh!


Shouta: Whoa, the protagonist is here. He looks scary haha!

Tatsuya: Your slaves didn’t come with you? The ones who ordered and ran after you ass, hahahaha!


Ken: … Are you going to take back what you just said?

Tatsuya: Wow, that’s really scary. Do I have to take it back? Haha!

Shouta: Come on, he’ll summon his slaves to deal with us!








Tatsuya: Y..You!?


Tatsuya: What the hell is this..!?


Tatsuya: W..Wait, I..I’m sorry, I…

Ken: You know, the only reason I didn’t fight you in the first place was because I didn’t want to get in trouble.


Or is it because my hoodie is white?


Atsushi: Hatake Ken is in this class right?!

[Atsushi, the final year. Captain of the Karate Club]


Tsukune: Eh, Atsushi-san, why did you come? He’s not here.

Atsushi: Don’t lie! You guys are usually together all the time. He must have been hiding somewhere again, right?

Sansho: Please, stop messing with him.

Atsushi: No way!


Atsushi: Please, can you guys convince him to join my club? He’s the reason why our club got so famous last year. If he joins the club, I can graduate with peace!

Tsukune: I already told you that he’s too lazy to join a sports club!


Tsukune: Damn. Last year, his front-runner got injured, so he asked Ken to enter the competition. Ken actually won and after that, Atsushi-san had been trying to convince Ken to join the club.


Sansho: It doesn’t matter how often Ken declines, the club captains always try to convince him to join the clubs. The first day of semester is Taekwondo Club, right?

Taishiro: It’s because that guy has a talent for martial arts. Therefore, he’s pretty popular by various clubs.


Tsukune: That guy is a low-endurance guy. He can’t be an athlete.




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hello, author I want to ask about Pain's Assault Arc if you make a scene where Kakashi fights with pain but he loses and what will be Mina's reaction to what happened to kakashi ?? I want to know what will be mina's reaction? Will you make a manga or episode? I'm really hope that you can make this scene that kakashi will see his father and they talk about his family? I really hope that you can put this in your future works about this��. I do really love your so much and thank you !!!


Thank you very much! It’s a great idea.
But unfortunately at that time Ken was only 1-2 years old.
So Mina had to protect him all the time. and they have to stay in the shelter hidden. She didn’t know what was happening outside at that time.


Muito ancioso para os episodios dessa serie.


Why don’t you try something about obito also…… Like obito and rin having daughter and she is having crush on ken or something like that….??


Because in the kakashi/mina chapters/episodes that she made before ken was introduced, it pretty much follows the events in the original story of Naruto, but this fan fic has the focus of kakashis life with mina through out those events. So obito/rin/minato/kushina all die like in original naruto.