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Made me ship kakashi to a random girl lol nice work


omg i love this


Master piece bro..keep it up


저는 한국사람입니다 카카시를좋아해 이렇게오게돼었는데 번역을하며 봐야하기때문에 힘듭니다


WOW kakashi nice kick


I love it!/ Me encanta!

Tss super

Sou muito fã do Kakashi bom saber que ele tem uma menina que ama ele


wish this was real, nice work


It’s not real sorry






Like it


I’m speechless for the 10.00000000 times :,) just look at it, it really looks like the original manga one. You’re amazing 🤩


pretty great i’m speechless


Is there a book or a manga?


Actually, it’s OK for the writers imagination nice. But…..it’s not the reality! The reality is only what’s in the series, movies and Manga. But ok 👍 since it’s his imagination but he shouldn’t have kept it as Kishimoto Masashi – writer. Who are true Naruto fans they agree to me.

Kakashi baca😂
Neko Hime

I like the scenes where Kakashi teases her. I really love it when he pins her down when she tries to sleep next to him in bed, and says men and women shouldn’t sleep in the same bed. Basically I’m a romantic. I love the scenes where Kakashi saves Mina. And I love it anytime he holds her.
I’ve been putting together a personal portfolio, nothing anyone will ever see, but I’ve used many of your wonderful scenes to draw from.
It would be cool if there was a scene before Kakashi and Mina hook up, where Kakashi leaves Mina at home while he goes on a two day mission. She falls asleep reading and wakes up to Kakashi, but it’s not really Kakashi. It’s Karahara. He performed the transformation jutsu to look like Kakashi and try to trick Mina into being with him. He takes down his mask to try to steal a kiss, but he doesn’t have a little freckle by his mouth. So Mina realizes it’s not Kakashi. She flips out on him revealing she knows it’s not Kakashi. He reveals himself then tries to force himself on her, and tells her he’s going to take her, and she will be his. As she’s desperately fighting back, Kakashi shows up. He had a bad feeling so left a shadow clone is his place on the mission so he could check on Mina. When he shows up and surprises Karahara, he fights him. And Kakashi wins, of course. But spares Karahara’s life because he doesn’t want to start any kind of war. After Karahara runs off, Mina is shaken scared. So Kakashi stays for a bit to cuddle with her and comfort her as a close friend. They don’t hook up yet, because this would be before that.
Anyway something I thought would be a great comic. I’d love to see something like that.
I am so happy I found these comics. They’re the best comics I’ve ever read.

Prosím přidat

Proč se mi ani toto nepřekládá. Bylo by fajn kdyby to bylo pod tím napsané. Díky tomu se mi to přeloží. Takto to je na nic. Jsem člověk, který se teprve učí anglicky a ráda bych si i tohle přečetla