The Thief Girl Naruto AU Special.

What if Mina didn’t meet Kakashi that day?

    • She will have short hair and she tries to act like a man.
    • She hides her face all the time because she has a beautiful face and is easily noticeable.
    • She will have a career as a thief, a scammer and does anything to earn money for herself.
    • Mina can’t use ninjutsu, but she can use weapons and can use taijutsu as well.
    • She tries to avoid situations that she can’t handle. She has a high ability to assess situations. Plus, Mina is smart and cunning. Surviving is not difficult for her.
    • Mina has no friends or acquaintances. She also doesn’t have any relatives anymore.
    • She loves traveling very much. She likes to see the world in many different ways.



The Thief Girl Naruto AU Special.

Mina is a thief and swindler who lives alone. She travels without a purpose, the only dream she has is to just travel around the world.

She tries to hide her appearance so that none knows that she is a woman. She steals from rich people’s houses to earn money for herself. Mina has amazing burglary skills. She can’t use Ninjutsu, but can use Taijutsu very well.

When Mina traveled to the village of Konoha, she was trying to sell a pearl necklace that she stole from a rich man’s house from another region, to a woman who looks rich. But Kakashi came in and captured her because her appearance matched the declaration of arrest. When Kakashi knew that this thief was a girl, he was greatly surprised.

Mina tried to trick him, making him feel pity so he would let go of her. She told him that she would rather die than go to prison. Kakashi was reluctant to hand her over to the authorities, so he brought her to his place so she could stay with him. He only let her stay at his place because he didn’t want her to cause more trouble for others. He warned her not to flee unless she wanted to be taken to prison.

She didn’t trust Kakashi at all, but she decided to stay with him temporarily before they both would decide what to do next.



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Meh self

wahhhh i like it so muchhh wahhhh i like it so muchhh ❤



I love it😁

izumi senju

she should’ve got captured on a team 7 mission.. so when they fall in love, naruto sasuke and sakura can be like: …… what just happened


i would like that do izumi senju