Hatake Ken (Special shot): The cut scene moment with Mirai (from Unknown world part 4)

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The cut scene moment with Mirai (from Unknown world part 4)

Thanks for the translation help from my friend steviekins96



Mirai: Excuse me. Nanadaime ordered me to bring these documents to you.

Ken: Eh, Mirai-chan?


Ken: What other documents!? That damn Hokage! He knows that I can finish them quickly, so he added more work for me? He intends to take advantage of me as much as possible while I’m here!


Mirai: Uh.. Do you want me to help you with something?

Ken: Eh!?


Uh.. yeah sure…


Ken: So, please check those documents that I just finished.

Mirai: Okay.



(Wow, he works very detailed. He analyzed the data and made a schematic diagram carefully and it was very easy to understand.)


You seem very smart. I am not surprised that Nanadaime keeps sending you more work.





Mirai: (Did I just say that out loud?… Is he secretly looking at me?)


(…I really miss her so much)


Ken: Finally finished. Thank you Mirai-chan.

Mirai: It’s okay, I’ll help you carry this to the Hokage’s room.

Ken: It’s okay, I can do it myself.


Mirai: Okay. Then I’ll go.



Hey! W-What are you going to do again!?



Ken: You know.. no matter how hard I try to stay away from you, you always manage to make me want to get closer to you.


Ken: And I don’t want to walk away from you anymore…






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1 year ago

Hi just a question why does Mirai(of Minas world) always call Ken senpai why doesn’t she just call him Ken?

Last edited 1 year ago by Somebody
Reply to  Kakashi Mina
1 year ago

Thank you for the Information so in English she calls him Senior Ken but here next question because they are in a relationship why doesn’t she switch to something less formal or is that just Japanese culture (I mean no offens I have no Idea about Japanese Culture)

1 year ago

Aww 💖
thank you very much for doing this

1 year ago

This is so beautiful!! Thank you for posting the cut scene! 💖💖

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