Hatake Ken (Special shot): The cut scene moment with Mirai (from Unknown world part 4)

The cut scene moment with Mirai (from Unknown world part 4)
Corrected English translation by steviekins96


Mirai: Excuse me. Nanadaime ordered me to bring these documents to you.

Ken: Eh, Mirai-chan?


Ken: What other documents!? That damn Hokage! He knows that I can finish them quickly, so he added more work for me? He intends to take advantage of me as much as possible while I’m here!


Mirai: Uh.. Do you want me to help you with something?

Ken: Eh!?


Uh.. yeah sure…


Ken: So, please check those documents that I just finished.

Mirai: Okay.



(Wow, he works very detailed. He analyzed the data and made a schematic diagram carefully and it was very easy to understand.)


You seem very smart. I am not surprised that Nanadaime keeps sending you more work.





Mirai: (Did I just say that out loud?… Is he secretly looking at me?)


(…I really miss her so much)


Ken: Finally finished. Thank you Mirai-chan.

Mirai: It’s okay, I’ll help you carry this to the Hokage’s room.

Ken: It’s okay, I can do it myself.


Mirai: Okay. Then I’ll go.



Hey! W-What are you going to do again!?



Ken: You know.. no matter how hard I try to stay away from you, you always manage to make me want to get closer to you.


Ken: And I don’t want to walk away from you anymore…





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This is so beautiful!! Thank you for posting the cut scene! 💖💖


Aww 💖
thank you very much for doing this


Hi just a question why does Mirai(of Minas world) always call Ken senpai why doesn’t she just call him Ken?

Last edited 1 year ago by Somebody

Because Ken is her senior. Senpai means senior. 😆


Thank you for the Information so in English she calls him Senior Ken but here next question because they are in a relationship why doesn’t she switch to something less formal or is that just Japanese culture (I mean no offens I have no Idea about Japanese Culture)


They always respected the elders. Because Ken is older, there’s no cute term that she can be used instead.
And the word is less formal, I saw that there was only “chan”, but they rarely use it for elders. 😂

So until they get married, she can change it to “Anata” meaning darling.