Hatake Ken Special 14: Unknown world. [Part 4]

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Corrected English translation by steviekins96


Mirai: Excuse me. Nanadaime ordered me to bring these documents to you.

Ken: Eh, Mirai-chan?


Ken: What other documents!? That damn Hokage! He knows that I can finish them quickly, so he added more work for me? He intends to take advantage of me as much as possible while I’m here!


Mirai: Uh.. Do you want me to help you with something?

Ken: Eh!?


Uh.. yeah sure…


Ken: So, please check those documents that I just finished.

Mirai: Okay.



(Wow, he works very detailed. He analyzed the data and made a schematic diagram carefully and it was very easy to understand.)


You seem very smart. I am not surprised that Nanadaime keeps sending you more work.





Mirai: (Did I just say that out loud?… Is he secretly looking at me?)


(…I really miss her so much)


Ken: Naruto-sensei, I have finished these documents.

Naruto: Oh, thank you!


Ken: So why do I have to do these fussy jobs? Is there nothing else for me to do?

Naruto: Well, you’ll have to wait for information from your Ninken. So, you can’t do other missions, right? And besides, you can work on the paperwork quickly and thoroughly.

Ken: Again?


Ken: Also, I have some doubts.

Naruto: Hmm, about what?


Ken: All these criminals in my world are already in jail but in this world they still didn’t get caught. There seems to be a lot of different things between our world.


Naruto: Eh, really? Why is that?

Ken: Most of these criminals are caught by our team 7. During that time, our team was able to perform many hard missions.


Naruto: That’s awesome! I must be the best Jonin in that world right?

Ken: You’re still a Genin… But when my dad was still Hokage, he used his power to make you lead the team because he wanted you to train me. But it’s really cool, I can’t deny it…


Ken: But after all, it was really fun back then. Naruto-sensei and Tsukune are insanely powerful. That’s why we caught so many criminals.

Naruto: Oh, that sounds really fun.


Maybe if I wasn’t Chunin it would have been better.



Naruto: You can tell me everything, you know?

Ken: I know but it’s really not interesting. I’m not the type of guy who likes to talk about myself to others.


Ken: I’m going out to lunch. You shouldn’t just eat ramen cups, sensei. Try eating vegetables once in a while. You might get constipated, you know?


Ken: Oh Boruto?

Boruto: Ah, Ken-san.


Ken: Did you come to see Nanadaime?

Baruto: I’m just here to bring a bento for dad because he did not come home last night. I didn’t have anything to do, so I volunteered for my mom…


Ken: Oh, it has to be like this. It’s kind of like the Boruto that I know.

Boruto: You said something weird again, what do you really mean?





Ken: You’re stalking me. You seem to have some business with me, right?

Guy: !!


Guy: A shadow clone!? Ken Hatake… It’s exactly what Hiroto said. You’re skillful.


Hiroto!? Do you know him?


Ken: Where is that guy? Tell me!?

Guy: Calm down and listen to my proposal.

Ken: What proposal?


Guy: You have to give us the toad gold stamp and I’ll have Hiroto take you back to your world. Follow me.

Ken: You know that I’m from another world too? You must be this guy’s accomplice, right?

Guy: Don’t ask so many questions. Follow me quietly.


Ken: Wait! The stamp is…not with me. The Hokage has that thing. Give me some time and I’ll go get it from him. They trust me.


Guy: Don’t be sly. You will never return to your world again if you get Konoha’s people involved in this, do you know?

Ken: I’m not being sly. I just want to go back to my world. I don’t care about anything else. You can take whatever you want!


Guy: Alright then, when you get the gold stamp you can meet me at this address. I’ll have Hiroto take you back to your world.

Ken: Got it!



Guy: Hey, that guy is here.


Guy: You came alone, right? Wear this and follow me.



Ken: The bodyguards are very crowded. Plus, they even had me cover my appearance before coming here, because they do not want outsiders to know who enters and exits here. They are very careful but I wonder why they let me into here so easily.


Boss: Hello, Hatake Ken-san, did you bring the stamp with you?

Ken: Yes, what about Hiroto?

Boss: He’s in the next room. Give me the stamp.


Wow, it’s really beautiful! A real golden toad stamp that is over a thousand years old. I finally got it!


Ken: What about Hiroto?

Boss: Looks like you really want to go back to the original world haha.


Boss: Alright, Hiroto, go and tell him.

Ken: !


Hiroto: I..can’t take you back…

Ken: Eh?


Ken: What the hell are you talking about?

Hiroto: The boss tricked you into coming here to bring him the stamp. He’ll kill the two of us here.

Ken: Huh!?


Boss: I’m sorry, but Hiroto can’t use his ninjutsu anymore. That’s why you can’t go back to your world, so just die here!

Ken: What!? What do you mean!?


Since the day you came with him, he had used up almost all of his chakra that was on the verge of death. He could no longer use his ninjitsu. The cause is probably because of you and now he’s useless to me. Keeping you guys here may get me in trouble sooner or later. I have to kill both of you now.



Ken: Come on! How can you be so sure that Hiroto won’t be able to use ninjutsu for the rest of his life? If you kill him now, how are you going to make money?

Boss: You think I rely only on him? I have many ninjas who work for me. I’m not only selling the treasures that were stolen from your world.


Boss: The talk is over! You guys, kill the two of them now!

Guys: Understood!


Ken: Shit! Hiroto, you retreat to the entrance. Go!

Hiroto: I… I got it!





Hey, watch out! He pulled the lantern down!!


– Damn! I can hardly see anything!!

– Just be careful!!







What!? Lightning strikes Shurikens? He wasn’t just throwing ordinary shurikens at us!!?



Boss: Ah! Help me!!




Boss: L…Let go of me!!

Ken: You’re a hundred years too early to kill me , you idiot.


Stop it!! You bastard!!




Kakashi: Yo, are you alright?

– Y..You..!!?


Kakashi: It’s unbelievable how you could manage to fight almost all of them on your own.


Ken: You guys are so late.

Kakashi: Sorry, this mansion is complicated. If I didn’t have Genki and Dane with me, it would have been more difficult.


Boss: Y..You’re the 6th Hokage, aren’t you? What are you doing here!!?


Kakashi: I’m here to help my son catch criminals.

Boss: S..Son!?


Boss: What, a criminal? What the hell are you talking about!? Your son is a criminal. He invaded my mansion and also attacked all my people. Did Konoha keep this criminal?


Kakashi: We were told that an intruder had stolen many treasures from the Konohagakure Storage which is why we followed those traces of the treasures to this place.

Boss: If you’re going to accuse me like this, I will sue the Shinobi Union and Konohagakure will have to deal with the consequences!!


– Rokudaime Hokage, we’ve found the lost treasures of our region in the treasures storage here!

Kakashi: Well done. Well, now you can’t deny anything, right?

Boss: E..Eh!!?


Boss: Wait, what the hell are you talking about!? I’ve never stolen anything from you!!? Why…

Ken: The treasures were found in your mansion. Plus the gold stamp is on you. What will you deviate? That’s clear evidence.

Boss: No! This one is from your world and you’re the one who brought it to me!!

Ken: What are you talking about? Who is going to believe you?


Ken: Shh, I’ll tell you a secret. The stamp I gave you is from this world. It was recently stolen from Konoha’s storage… And also there are almost ten free gifts that I brought for you.

Boss: What!?

Ken: As for the gold stamp that came from my world…


Ken: Genki-chan~

Genki: Hey, Ken-chan!



Ken: Keep it with you, buddy. You guys are finished here. You can go back, I’ll call you later.

Genki/Dane: I got it, Ken-chan.

Ken: Well, now there’s only one real seal in this world, right?

Boss: YOU!!?


Ken: This was the only way to catch a criminal like you, do you know that? We can talk about the rest later.


Shikamaru: According to your niken’s informations that they gathered, that guy did a lot of illegal things and no one ever knew about it. He was really good at hiding the fact that he was an actual criminal. If he hadn’t searched his mansion, no one would have known what illegal things he was involved with.


Naruto: To let Kakashi-sensei and Ninken secretly hide our treasures in his mansion to make them look like they’ve just been stolen so we could press charges on him. ..Probably no region has ever done this, haha.

Shikamaru: This guy’s plan is unbelievable.

Kakashi: I can’t help it.


Naruto: Now what are you going to do with Hiroto?



Ken: Yo!


Hiroto: I told you many times that I can’t use Ninjutsu anymore.

Ken: Just…can you try it again?


Hiroto: I said I can’t!

Ken: Please…





Hiroto: Damn it! I really can’t do it!

Naruto: What if I send you chakra? Maybe you can do it again.

Ken: Yes! Naruto-sensei has a lot of chakras. It should help you!



Hiroto: There’s no way that I can use my jutsu again… Just give up already.



Ken: What the hell are you talking about?! I have to go back! Stop talking and keep trying until you can do it!! Otherwise, stay in this room until you die!

Naruto: Hey, calm down.

Hiroto: I already told you that I tried many times! What do you want me to do?!


Hiroto: I really don’t see the problem that you’re stuck here? You obviously have a pretty comfortable life here. Everyone accepts you. It doesn’t matter if it’s this world or your original world. Not like me! If you want to kill me, just do it! I’m worthless!!

Ken: ..What are you talking about? I won’t hurt you.


Ken: Shit… I’m sorry, I’m a little mad… I must have done the same thing your Boss did to you.


Naruto: Don’t worry. From now on, Konoha will be your home. I’ll find a place for you to stay. You just keep trying no matter how many years.

Hiroto: Eh!?


Hiroto: T..Thank you…!




– Eh, what!!?

Ken: Hey! You can do it!!?



Ken: Ugh!!


Ken: That hurt! What are you doing, Dad!!?

Naruto: Kakashi-sensei.


Ken: But.. Hey, you can do it now! What’s going on!?

Hiroto: I..I don’t know!? Why all of a sudden..??


Shikamaru: Hiroto, do it again.

Hiroto: Y.. Yes!


Hiroto: Eh!!? Why can’t I do it again??

Shikamaru: Ken, try touching him.

Ken: Eh?


Eh, he can do it again!!?



Shikamaru: I got it. You can only use your ninjutsu if you have Ken with you. I think the reason why you can’t use Ninjutsu is probably because you brought him here. You kept saying that there can’t be any living things that can get stuck into your black hole. In Ken’s case, there must have been some condition that could allow him to come with you.


Shikamaru: The condition, I think might be because Ken doesn’t exist in this world. So there is no overlapping.

Kakashi: I get it.

Naruto: Ah, can you explain in a more simple way..?


Kakashi: So..it means Ken can travel between our worlds at any time with you, right?

Hiroto: No way!

Naruto: Eh?


Carrying this guy with me almost completely emptied my chakras until I almost died. If I go back to that world, I might die because I won’t have any chakra or I could get captured by a certain region’s ninjas. I will send him back home and I will never return to that world again.


Ken: Ah..it should be like that…


Naruto: Anyway, I think it’s sorted out now. Let’s take a break. Don’t do anything right now. I’ll find a place for you. Follow me.

Hiroto: Y.. Yes, thank you!


Ken: Mirai-chan!?


Mirai: Are you coming back?

Ken: U..Umm… I’m planning to tell you tomorrow…


Ken: Hey, do you miss me?

Mirai: Will you come back here again?


Ken: Eh, uh, I don’t know. It’s not up to me…

Mirai: ……



Ken: Mirai-chan, I’m from a parallel world…

Mirai: Eh!?


Ken: In that world I’m Hatake Kakashi’s child, and you and I are lovers.

Mirai: E..Eh!!?


Ken: I came here because of Hiroto. But he won’t bring me back here again because his chakra couldn’t take it. It would be too risky for him, so…


I’m sorry…



Mirai: ….Can’t you stay a few more days…?

Ken: Eh!?


Ken: Of course!



Kakashi: You decided to go back tonight?

Ken: Yeah, I’ve been stuck here for almost two months. I have never disappeared from the village for more than a month. I don’t know how everyone is doing right now.


Ken: Hey, dad… if I go back, will you be lonely? I know you said you’re used to being alone like this but I’m still worried about you… and I’m also worried about Mirai-chan..

Kakashi: Hmm?


Kakashi: Are you hesitating to go back?

Ken: I never hesitate.


Kakashi: Then don’t ask.

Ken: ……….


Kakashi: You’ve been taught really well. I’m really proud of you and I’m sure that myself in that world would think the same. Even if you are frankly annoying, you always care about other people.



Kakashi: Hey, what are you doing? The fish is gone, this bastard!

Ken: I want to eat sushi. Let’s go eat at the restaurant, dad.



Hiroto: Don’t you want to say goodbye to your friends and family?

Ken: No, I hate seeing other people’s sad faces.

Hiroto: Well..let’s go back.


Ken: Yo! If I have a chance I will come back to play here again.

Hiroto: No way!

Ken: You’re so mean, Hiroto.


[Back to Ken’s original world]

[Mirai House]


Mirai: Senpai…where are you now…?


Ken: [knock knock] Hey Mirai-chan, are you asleep yet?

Mirai: !!


Ken: Whoa! Don’t scare me like that!


Ken: Oh, you aren’t sleeping yet? I wanted to see you first before I went back to my parents place. I’m pretty sure they’re crying right now because they miss me so much…

Mirai: Ken-senpai!!


Mirai: I’m not dreaming, right? Where have you been!!?

Ken: Calm down, Mirai-chan.


Ken: Mirai-chan, why do you look like this? Did you eat anything?!

Mirai: I was really worried about you, you know? We have sent ninjas to find you, but we couldn’t find any trace of you. What happened?!

Ken: It’s about the Hiroto mission. Tomorrow I have to report this to Naruto-sensei. I’ll tell you all about it but now you have to sleep first, alright? Don’t think about it now.


Mirai: I want you to stay with me a little longer. My mom would like to see you too.

Ken: Hmm…


Ken: Alright, can I call my parents first?

Mirai: Yes!


Ken: Don’t worry, I’m here with you, Mirai-chan.



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