Hatake Ken Special 13: Unknown world. [Part 3]

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Corrected English translation by steviekins96


Ken: Yawn~ Good morning dad. What are you making for breakfast? It smells pretty good.

Kakashi: Hi, did you sleep well? Let’s have breakfast.


Ken: It’s delicious as usual. I rarely eat your food. My mom is usually the one who cooks.

Kakashi: Really? Your mom must be a really good cook. What kind of woman is she?


Ken: Hahaha, you and I are way better cooks than her. She’s actually not very good at cooking. Sometimes she frys the eggs with the eggshells in it. Plus, she’s very clumsy and goofy.

Kakashi: What? So..is she still living in Konoha right now?


Ken: She isn’t from Konoha. Before I surrendered, I searched for any kind of information about her. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any data about her.

Kakashi: You searched for her data? How did you do that?

Ken: I secretly used the computer at the library. I hacked into the database of various regions to search for a list of villagers’ data.


Kakashi: Huh!? That’s illegal. You might get caught!

Ken: I know. Don’t worry, I know how to hide my traces. I do this every time I need to find information before starting a mission.

Kakashi: Are you serious right now…



Kakashi: Eh, what’s wrong?

Ken: I got a signal from my Ninken. He must have found the thief Hiroto! I have to go now, dad!

Kakashi: Huh!!?


Kakashi: Hey, hold on a second! I’ll go with you!

Ken: Are you kidding me? This has nothing to do with you. I will handle this by myself. If I don’t come back, it means I’m back in my world, Okay!


Kakashi: What are you talking about, idiot! You said you were my son, didn’t you? I’ll help you! Besides, you don’t know your enemy’s true abilities. It’s dangerous to go alone, you know!?

Ken: This is my problem. I’m just some guy from another world. You don’t need to care about me! I don’t want anyone to help me!

Kakashi: What are you talking about!?


You are absolutely forbidden to follow me. Please tell Naruto-sensei that I’m going back to my world.




Dane: Ken-chan! You’re here.


Ken: Dane, have you found Hiroto? And where is Genki?

Dane: I found him, Ken-chan. Genki is investigating that guy to get more information.

Ken: Good. Led me to him!


Dane: It doesn’t seem that easy to reach out to that guy, Ken-chan. He’s probably working for someone who made him steal the treasures from our world so they can sell them here on the black market. Genki is tracking him down right now. If I find out anything new, I’ll let you know immediately.

Ken: Eh?


Ken: Well, I understand but please don’t forget to contact me. If the mission is at a dangerous level, immediately retreat and come back to me!

Dane: I understand, Ken-chan.


Dane: Ken-chan…

Ken: Hm, I already know…


Ken: They’re truly the same.

Kakashi: ……

[Ken means both Kakashi in this world and Kakashi in his original world are the same.]


Kakashi: Did my skill drop a lot?

Ken: It’s not like that but you’re forgetting that I’m your son. There’s nothing you didn’t teach me

Kakashi: It’s unbelievable… What is your skill level?


Kakashi: Dane.. right? So, what happened to Hiroto?



Yes, every treasure you let me examine is still well preserved in different locations. No espionage was reported. There were also no reported burglaries and we didn’t find a criminal with the name Hiroto.


Naruto: We’ve received reports that these treasures are being sold on the black market but we thought it was just a counterfeit. That’s why we decided not to pay attention to it.

Shikamaru: Yes, but after seeing this case, we’re sure that the items are real and that they have been stolen from your world to sell it here.

Ken: That’s exactly what I thought.


Shikamaru: As reported by your Ninken, it seems that this Hiroto guy isn’t working alone but that doesn’t surprise us. Those kind of people tend to work in teams.


Shikamaru: And since he didn’t steal the treasure from this world, he was never reported as a criminal here. Because of this, it’s even more difficult for you to work alone. You will become a criminal if you try to arrest him.

Kakashi: He’s right.


Naruto: I know that you don’t want us to help you but this also happened in my world. So, I can’t let you do this alone. It’s too dangerous. If your Niken gives you any new information, report it to me just as you would do in your world, all right? By the way, you are now our Shinobi.


…I understand.



Ken: Uh… Naruto-sensei…

Naruto: Huh?


Ken: When we find out Hiroto’s hiding place … is it possible that I arrest him alone? I don’t want any teammates.

Naruto: Eh? But we don’t know what he’s capable of. It’s too dangerous to catch him alone.

Ken: Well, I’m not good at working in a team…


Naruto: Eh, a smart guy like you should already be a team leader, right? Even Shikamaru is praising you.

Ken: ……


Naruto: Well, if you really want to work alone then I won’t stop you. But if you want anything else, just let me know.

Boruto: Eh, dad?


Naruto: Oh, Boruto? Where are you going?

Boruto: I’m just taking a walk with my friends.

Sarada: Hello, Nanadaime.

Naruto: Hi, kids.


Naruto: Oh, you did so well on your last mission.

Boruto: Don’t pat my head. I’m not a child anymore!


ChoCho: Oh, isn’t that the guy Mirai-san and her team chased for days because they thought he was a spy? He’s so handsome! I want him to stay here forever.

Sarada: Hm, I heard he’s very skilled too.


Boruto: I have to go now …. but you will come home today, right?

Naruto: Eh…maybe… Haha…

Boruto: Shh! Whatever!


Ken: Hey, Boruto!

Boruto: Ah, you’re that ninja, Hatake Ken, right? They’re saying you will be staying here temporarily.

Ken: Um, nice to meet you.


Ken: By the way, why are you sulking over Nanadaime? What did he do to annoy you? You do know that you can just punch him, right?

Boruto: I’m not sulking over him. I don’t care about that old man.


Ken: Eh, you don’t care about him?

Boruto: He’s the one who works all day and night and doesn’t care about his family. I don’t care about him!


Ken: Eh, that’s weird. The Boruto I know isn’t like this. I wonder what’s the cause of this little difference?

Boruto: What are you talking about?


Ken: You’re really lucky, do you know that? If you miss your dad, you can just go and see him in the Hokage’s office whenever you want. It doesn’t matter how busy he is, he will always welcome you. Why are you acting like a child?

Boruto: I’m not a child! And I already told you that I don’t care about him.


Ken: You know, you’re much luckier than many other people. There are many children who want to see their father but are unable to do so because their father is no longer alive. Everything your dad did, he did it for those people and for the people of the village.

Boruto: !!


Ken: You’re such a good-hearted kid that it wouldn’t be hard for you to understand other people’s feelings if you just tried. But because you’re still young, you don’t even think about it. It’s not your fault.

Boruto: I said I’m not a kid!


Ken: I hope so.




Employee: Here you go.

Ken: Thank you.


Ken: Oii!! Mirai-chan!?

Mirai: Why are you so shocked to see me?


Ken: W..What’s the matter?

Mirai: I have something to discuss with you.


Ken: But I don’t have anything to talk to you about. I’ve been trying to stay as far away from you as possible. What do you want from me again?

Mirai: Stop it!


Mirai: You think I would let you off the hook so easily?!


You have to tell me who you are and where you came from. Why would Nanadaime and Shikamaru-sensei trust you so easily? And more importantly, how do you know me? Why did you come to me!?


Ken: I already told you. I’m Hatake Ken, I’m a ninja from Konoha…

Mirai: You weren’t listed in our database in the first place! If you’re really our ninja, why did Nanadaime order us to catch you in the first place? And why did he accept you so easily afterwards?


Ken: You know, the last time we talked you said I was dangerous and not trustworthy. However, it doesn’t seem like you’re scared of me at all, right? Don’t you think you’re getting too close to me?

Mirai: E-Eh!


Ken: It’s not like you’ve fallen in love with me, right?

Mirai: I hate men like you.



Ken: Well, but if you’re not afraid of me, it’s because you know I’m not dangerous to the village, right? Plus Nanadaime has certified me. That’s more than enough proof that I’m a citizen of this village. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you more. It’s a secret that only shinobi with a high position can know, understand?


Mirai: ……

Ken: So, from now on, just leave me alone, okay?


Mirai: …I got it.


Guy: Hey Mirai, what are you doing here? I was looking for you.

Mirai: Eh, what’s wrong?


Guy: ..So I asked you the other day… Are you free today? Do you want to go out with me?

Mirai: Eh, um…



Ken: Sorry about that but Mirai-chan and I have something to talk about. You go and ask out someone else.

Guy: What!?


Mirai: What are you talking about? You just told me to leave you alone! Let go of my hand!

Ken: W-well..now I have something more important to talk to you about.

Guy: Eh… what? (Did she approach him?)


Guy: You’re the newbie who’s staying in Konoha temporarily. Mirai, why are you talking to this guy? Are you close to him?

Mirai: Eh..it’s nothing like that…

Ken: Hey, I’m your senior. How dare you address me with “This guy”?

Guy: What are you talking about? You are new here, aren’t you?


Mirai: I’m sorry… I have to talk to him. Maybe next time…

Ken: There’s not gonna be a next time. Go find someone else!

Guy: What!


Mirai: What are you talking about? Why are you so rude to my friend?


(Now that I think about it … I don’t exist in this world, so Mirai-chan might be dating someone else. Maybe it’s for the best if I don’t find out her relationship status. But …. damn it! I really want to know!)


Mirai: So what’s the important thing you want to talk to me about?


Ken: Do you have someone you like?

Mirai: Are you trying to get on my nerves?! If you’re asking me something nonsense like this, I’ll leave now!

Ken: ..Can’t you just answer my question?


Mirai: I don’t care about these kinds of things. Why do you ask?

Ken: Right? Well..it’s nothing…


Mirai: If you don’t have anything else, I will go now!

Ken: Hey!


Ken: Hey! While I’m here, you’re absolutely forbidden to date anyone. Understand?

Mirai: You can’t tell me what to do!


What’s wrong with him! He’s really annoying!



Ken: I’m back.

Kakashi: Hi, you’re back?


(I’m back…? I’m not used to these kinds of words…)


Kakashi: Hmm, what did you buy?

Ken: Groceries! I’ll make dinner for you today. You know, it doesn’t happen often that I volunteer to cook for anyone.


Kakashi: Hm, sounds good. Why are you volunteering to cook for me?

Ken: Well, you’re living alone and it might be tiring to do everything all by yourself. While I’m here I can take over some of your chores even if it’s just temporary.


Kakashi: ……..

Ken: What?


I’m just happy. You look like you’ve been taught well.




Boss: Hi, Hiroto-san, your body seems to have returned to normal.

Hiroto: Y.. Yes sir!


Hiroto: B.. But I still can’t use the black hole jutsu. I’m trying sir.

Boss: Is that so? But you don’t have to put pressure on yourself. It’ll be back to normal someday, haha.

Hiroto: Thank you very much sir…


Henchman: What should we do with him? That guy looks like he’s useless now. He failed his last mission and even brought someone with him. His chakra was so used up that he almost died. When his body returned to normal, he still couldn’t use his own ninjutsu no matter how many times he tried.


Boss: It’s a pity, but we’ll have to let him go. If he can’t use that jutsu, he can’t make money for us anymore. There’s no point in keeping him.

Henchman: Understood, sir.


Boss: But at least there’s still another Golden stamp that the other ninja is carrying around with. That stamp should be sold for a very good price. You’ve prepared someone to take care of that, right?

Henchman: I did, sir but it will take some time because I got information that this guy is still in Konoha. We didn’t want Konohagakure’s people to mess with us.


Boss: So what’s your plan?

Henchman: Hiroto said that this guy is smart and skillful but I have prepared several skilled mercenary ninjas to deal with him. All that’s left is to lure him out of Konoha.


Henchman: Since he is a person from another world it shouldn’t be a problem. There’s no way Konoha would care to look for him.



87 Page

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