Hatake Ken Special 12: Unknown world. [Part 2]

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Corrected English translation by steviekins96


It’s awesome! This world is similar to my world in everything. That thief must be somewhere in this world, right? His ability gives him the opportunity to travel freely between parallel worlds. That’s why he’s known as the thief that never leaves any trace and never could get caught.


[grooowwwll] But now I’m freaking hungry. I don’t know where my bag is. I must have lost it somewhere. Now I’m in a world where no one knows me, with no home to sleep in. I also don’t have any money with me. Awesome…


Oh, even though I live in another world, but…


Summoning Jutsu!


Genki: Yo Ken-chan!

Ken: Oh, I can actually summon you guys! Guys, I’m so incredibly happy to see you two!


Dane: Eh, what’s the matter, Ken-chan?

Ken: Do you guys remember that thief we talked about? Hiroto without a trace? He can use a strange ninjutsu. He brought me to this parallel world with him. No one here knows who I am. Plus my house has disappeared. I’m hiding here because the people in the village think I’m a spy who wants to harm Konoha. Luckily, I managed to escape just in time.

Genki: Huh, this is a parallel world!?


Ken: And what’s even worse is that I lost my bag with the gold stamp and my money… I have to find it or the Naruto-sensei from my world will kill me. But right now I’m freaking hungry. I don’t even have the energy to speak. Hey, do you guys have any money on you

Genki: We’re dogs, we don’t carry money with us…


Genki: Oh, but I have food, Ken-chan.

Dane: I also have something to eat, Ken-chan.

Ken: Oh, that’s great. I knew I could depend on you guys!


Genki: Here it is!


Ken: Snacks…dogs..?

Genki: That’s right, Ken-chan, dog snacks! It’s my favourite!


Ken: Thank you very much, Genki, Dane, I really love you guys. You two should keep it. I need you guys to be in good shape so we can find that guy …

Genki: I’m fine! But you have to eat Ken-chan or you might end up starving to death.


Genki: So you’re here alone? Should we stay and help you?

Ken: Don’t worry about me. You know I like things like this. There are a lot of interesting things here. Let me hang out for a while. You guys are only focusing on Hiroto.

Genki: Come on…




Everything in this world is the same as in my world. However, there are some events that happened after the Fourth Shinobi World War that I never heard of. They never happened in my world and there are also some events from my world that never happened here either …Why?


[grooowwwll] Oh, I’m so hungry… I don’t have the strength to do anything right now… My stomach is growling like thunder… This is so embarrassing…


I will probably starve to death in my own village. Where is my bag?


Mirai: Here, you can take this if you want to.


I was patrolling around the village and noticed how hungry you looked, so I…


Ken: Mi..Mirai-chan!

Mirai: Eh, it’s you!



Ken: Haha, if you’re offering it to me so kindly then I will take it. Thank you.

Mirai: Stop!


I found him! Everyone, gather here quickly! This time, I won’t let you escape!


We are here, Mirai!


If you think you can catch me then give it a try.


– Smoke bombs!?

– This guy thought of fleeing!


– Pay attention to any kind of movement!

– Where did he go?



– What is that, Mirai!?

– Why are there 2 Mirai!?


– How dare you impersonate me!?

– That’s my line!


(This guy! Just me alone couldn’t catch him for sure. Now no one is doing anything because they don’t know who the fake one is!)


– W-What should we do?

– How am I supposed to know? Let’s wait and observe.


– You think you’re so smart, but this method is a bit desperate. I really want to know how you will survive from now on?

– Do you think saying things like that will make others think you’re the real one?


Mirai: Everyone, arrest the two of us. Since you guys can’t figure out who the real one is, I’ll let you catch me as well. When we go into the interrogation room we will find a way for this guy to return to his former self.

– Oh, got it.


Mirai: Hatake Ken, I thought you’d be smarter. What will you do from now on?


– Well, that’s it… but I guess I’ll have to escape to the border now.

– Eh, are you a spy!?


Shadow clone?!!


– This guy used the same method last time. This is sly! He has fled to the border! Hurry and inform everyone! We have to find him in the border area…

Mirai: No! Wait!

– Mirai!?


If he had thought of escaping the village, he would have already done that. This guy is still hiding in the village. Everyone, just search for him in every nook and cranny of the village. Ignore the borders like he said, he’s just a sly.


Mirai: You can leave!

– Understood!

Ken: She’s so smart, Mirai-chan.


I’ll catch you, Hatake Ken!


Eh, have you caught him?


Well done, you finally caught him. Which team captured our ninja troublemaker?


Mirai: Technically, it was us, but it wouldn’t be right to say that we actually were able to catch him.

Naruto: Eh?


Ken: Ah, Sensei.. ah, 7th Hokage-sama. Shikamaru-san, you’re here too? I was waiting for you guys.


Naruto: What’s that…

Mirai: He was very hungry, so he let us arrest him…

– He said that he was so hungry and had no energy to speak. He had to eat a full meal first. He’s even willing to tell everything to the 7th hokage.


Naruto: This guy is unbelievable…

Shikamaru: How could he hide in our village for 4 days without getting caught?

Ken: I know every hiding spot in Konoha. Oh, I’m so full.



Ken: Oii!! What? I’m not a prisoner. Why are you handcuffing me!!?

– Shut up! Do you think I’ll trust a criminal like you? Why did you let us catch you that easily!?


Ken: Come on, I’m not going to do anything. Trust me, I already turned myself in…

– Are you giving up because you’re hungry?

Naruto: It’s okay. Take off the handcuffs…

– 7th hokage, you don’t know how slick this guy is. We almost caught him 3 times, but he always managed to escape with a cheap trick.


When we found him, he just created a clone and ran away, making our ninjas pursue him around the village. Then he used a transformation technique and made himself look like a beautiful girl so he could act like she was caught in the crossfire. Plus, he tricked our ninja into buying him food!

Ken: Uhh..that’s…


Come on… then it can’t be helped.



Don’t pick the handcuffs in front of us like this!!


Ken: Okay. Alright, I’m ready for the investigation.

Naruto: It’s okay. Let him go..


Naruto: Well then, first of all…



Naruto: That’s for making me deal with the paperwork again.

Ken: I’m sorryyy …


Now answer my questions…


Naruto: We found this in your bag…


Hey, the gold stamp!! I’m relieved! I searched for it all over the village. You had it the whole time, Naruto-sensei!?


– Eh, sensei?

Naruto: You’re not going to deny that the gold stamp isn’t yours? So you went through all this trouble with impersonating our ninjas just so you could steal the antique treasures that are kept in Konohagakure?


What are you talking about? I know you already let people check all my belongings, right?


Ken: The gold stamp is still well preserved at his original place. There’s no sign of it being replaced or stolen, right? How can you say I’m a thief? This one right here belongs to me.


Shikamaru: Yes, we’ve checked all of them as you said. Our gold stamps are still well preserved in the original place. This one right here is not a copy, it’s actually real. Also, this mission document has Konoha’s imprint and Naruto’s signature too. That’s why I want you to explain to us what is going on?


Shikamaru: There’s also something that you said a couple of days ago. You said you were Kakashi-sensei‘s son as well?

– Eh, the child of the 6th Hokage!?


Ken: Can I ask all the unrelated people to leave first?

– What!!

Naruto: It’s okay, do as he says. You guys just leave first.



Naruto: Alright, now tell me the whole truth.


Ken: As I said from the beginning, my name is Hatake Ken. I’m really the son of Hatake Kakashi and I’m a former member of team 7 with Uzumaki Naruto as the team leader. That’s why I call you Sensei.

Naruto: What are you talking about?


Ken: I’m from a parallel world.

– !!


Well, I know it sounds absurd. I don’t know what to do to make you believe me… Like the report said, I was given the mission to catch
the treasure thief “Hiroto, without a Trace”. During the mission, I found out that he has a strange ninjutsu that gave him the ability to move around parallel worlds. He accidentally brought me here.


Naruto: Um, so that’s the case? It’s a strange ninjutsu.

Shikamaru: I guess it’s something like this.

Ken: Eh, You believe what I said!!?


Naruto: Well, you’ve already proven that you were telling the truth. Besides, I also accidentally landed in a different world when I was younger, so I don’t think what you’re saying is nonsense.

Ken: Oh really!!? You never told me about this. How did you go back to your world? Tell me!

Naruto: It’s kind of a long story…


Ken: Oh, let’s just keep it short. You always like to tell long stories and brag about it.

Naruto: Who’s bragging!? The Naruto in your world is bragging? That’s not me!!

Ken: I think there’s no difference between our two worlds…

Shikamaru: What do you think?


Shikamaru: Kakashi-sensei?

Ken: Eh?


Kakashi: It’s amazing…




Kakashi: Eh, D..Dad?!

Shikamaru: Haha, you must feel weird right?


Ken: What? You’re still alive? I thought that you’re dead in this world. I was too scared to find out what happened to you.

Kakashi: I’m not dead yet!


Ken: Then why don’t you have children? Because of that, I wasn’t born! Don’t you know how cool your son is?

Kakashi: H..Huh! Well, what should I say? Well, I’m not married yet…

Ken: Eh, why is that?

Naruto: This is a really weird conversation…


Naruto: He’s adapting to our place very well. Plus, he’s easy to get along with.

Shikamaru: You are very calm, even though you’re stuck in another world. Are you sure there’s a way for you to go back?

Ken: I already sent my Ninken to find that thief. Besides, panicking won’t help me to find my way back home, right?

Shikamaru: Yeah, you’re right.


Naruto: I’m just saying, if you can’t find a way to go back home, you’re more than welcome to stay here with us.

Ken: Stop messing around with me!


Ken: Then..I’m off the hook, right? You have nothing to blame me for.

Naruto: Well, we still have a lot to talk about but for today I will let you rest.

Ken: Yay! I had to hide from the other ninjas for 4 whole days. I’m really tired but I can finally relax a little bit.

Shikamaru: Haha, well..if you turn yourself in initially, it’s over. So, do you have a place to live yet?


Ken: Oh, I’ll stay at my dad’s house.

Naruto: You haven’t even asked him if you can stay at his place. You really are a stubborn boy…

Kakashi: It’s okay, I’ll take care of him.


Ken: I have to ask you for a favor, Naruto-sensei. Here’s a list of treasures that have been stolen in my world. Can you check if they’re still at the places they’re suppose to be?

Naruto: Alright.



Mirai: Is this a list of all the treasures that this guy stole?

Ken: Hey, what are you talking about?

Naruto: It’s not like that. Well, this is all just a misunderstanding.


Mirai: Misunderstanding?

Naruto: He’s not a spy and from now on he will be our ninja temporarily.

Mirai: Eh!?

Ken: Yo, looking forward to working with you.


Naruto: Oh, from now on I want you to take care of him and help him in every way.

Ken: Huh!!?

Mirai: Eh, why me?

Naruto: It seems that you know him the most. Also, your team is pretty good at finding him.


Ken: Oh, great! I’m very happy that it’s Mirai-chan.

Mirai: Eh!!?


Mirai: B..But 7th hokage, this guy is dangerous!

Naruto: Eh, what do you mean?


Mirai: He’s a psychopath!

Naruto: Huh!!?

Ken: Eh, psycho? Why are you saying things like that, Mirai-chan?

Mirai: Are you still going to ask? At that time, you….


Mirai: …that day.. you asked me out on a date… And.. you forced yourself on me!

Ken: I really don’t know why you’re mad at me that much. If you’re mad at me because of what happened that day then I’m really sorry. I’ll just stay away from you, Mirai-chan…


Mirai: (This guy! Even though he knows what he’s done, he still is pretending to be a nice guy in front of the Hokage. It makes me furious! How can I say that my first kiss was stolen by him!!)

Naruto: Well, it can’t be helped. Then I’ll find another ninja to take care of you instead.



Mirai: Then I’ll go!!

Ken: Oh, she looked really pissed.


Kakashi: Eh, what’s wrong with her?

Naruto: This is the first time I’ve seen her like that. What did you do to make her this mad? Why did you do that?

Ken: Ah yes… I don’t want her near me.. the Mirai-chan from my world is actually… my girlfriend.


– What!!! Y.. your girlfriend!!? Mirai and you!!?

Ken: I’m having a Deja Vu. I didn’t expect for them to react like this again…



Kakashi: This is where I live.

Ken: Oh, you moved into an apartment?


Ken: Hey old man, don’t you feel a little lonely for living all by yourself?

Kakashi: Not really. It isn’t that bad


Kakashi: Can you tell me about your world? And also about your mother as well.

Ken: Sure!


Ken: But first let me sleep. I had to sleep on the street for 4 days. It was very difficult, you know? Good night, dad.

Kakashi: Hey, you’re going to sleep like this?!


He really adapted quickly as Naruto said… He’s just like a child…



I never would have thought that one day I would meet my own child… What should I do…?



To be continue…



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I’m not really sure, Because I intend to continue doing Kakashi Mina first.
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It was deleted because of copyright infringement. 😰


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I update everything on my Instagram the most. you can follow me ^^ https://www.instagram.com/punglonewolf/
or twitter https://twitter.com/kakashi_mina


When is the next release for kakashi and Mina’s story?


I really don’t know yet. But I will do it as soon as possible.


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My old blog was deleted, I don’t know why.
Maybe it’s Naruto’s copyright infringement.

Lisa-Maria Metzner

Das ist so toll😍 ich hoffe du schreibst bei kakashi und Mina auch weiter👍


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Hi, what happen to your fb page? Everytime I will try to search it there’s nothing came out.


It was deleted because of copyright infringement


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