Hatake Ken Special 11: Unknown world. [Part 1]

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Corrected English translation by steviekins96




Ken: You think you can run away from me, “Hiroto without a trace”? Wow, you really love to steal valuable treasures. I’ve heard that you are very difficult to catch.

Hiroto: Let me go!


Ken: Haha. I caught you and got the item back. I finished this mission.


Hiroto: Hey, you really think you’ve caught me?

Ken: Huh? I’ve caught you now, haven’t I?



Ken: W-what’s that? A black hole??

Hiroto: HAHAHA


Ken: What kind of ninjutsu is this!? What’s up with my leg!?


Hiroto: Eh? W..why are you..?

Ken: Why, why!? what!!?


Ken: Ahhhh



W-why am I lying here? I’m not dead yet right?


The treasure thief actually managed to escape from me. That’s the first time an enemy escaped, even though I caught him first.
I’m pretty sure he couldn’t get caught because of that weird jutsu. What kind of ninjutsu was that? At least I got the item back. I will go back to Konoha and report to Naruto-sensei first.





Why are they looking at me that way? Do I have something on my face? They look at me like they’ve never seen me before….?


Ken: Hey Mirai-chan, I’m back. We haven’t seen each other for three days. Did you miss me?


Ken: I just finished my mission. Did you wait for me at the same spot? Let me report the mission to Naruto-sensei first, then we can go have dinner together.

Mirai: E..Eh?!


Ken: Eh?


Ken: You cut your hair? When did that happen? Why did you cut it? Didn’t you say that you would keep your hair long?

Mirai: Eh!?


Mirai: Hey!!



Mirai: What do you think you’re doing!?

Ken: Ahh, hey! What are you doing, Mirai-chan!?


Mirai: Are you still asking? How dare you molest me!?

Ken: Molest!? Wait, what’s wrong with you? Are you mad at me? Before I left, everything was good between us.

Mirai: What are you talking about? I don’t know you at all!


Ken: You don’t know me? Come on, Mirai-chan. If I did something wrong, you have to tell me…I’ve only been on a mission for three days. Why are you acting like this? Ever since we became lovers, you never got mad at me for no reason.


A lover!? Are you crazy? Who’s your girlfriend? I already told you that I don’t know you!


Ken: What? Do you have amnesia? So if I do this your memory should come back?



Mirai: (T..This guy..is so strong. He escaped that easily?)



Ken: Hey, now do you remember your boyfriend?


Ken: Ughhh…


Mirai: I will kill you…

Ken: A..Are you serious…?


Ken: Mi.. Mirai-chan… Just calm down, are you on your period? Why did you get so angry?
But if you’re really just on your period then you shouldn’t have amnesia, right..?


Mirai: I‘ll kill you!!

Ken: Ahhh!!

– Mirai, wait, why are you fighting each other like this? What happened?


Ken: Oh, I survived. Help me! I don’t know what’s wrong with her! She wants to kill me!

– Eh, who’s that?


– Huh? Are you a shinobi from Konoha? Why have I never seen you before?

– Ah, he’s very good-looking, Mirai, is that your boyfriend?

Ken: Again? Why are you messing around with me? Why are you acting like you don’t know me?


Mirai: This guy is a psycho! He pretended to know me and invited me on a date.. And also… He.. molested me.

Ken: What the hell are you talking about!?

– What, how dare you?

– What! He molested you?


– And most importantly, I’m sure I’ve never seen your face before. There’s no way I wouldn’t remember a guy with such a remarkable face like yours. Tell us your name and your Ninja Registration right now.

Ken: Damn, what’s wrong with you guys?


Ken: It’s already getting dark. I don’t have time to play with you guys. I’ll report the mission to Naruto-sensei first.

– Don’t run away!!


Do you think you can run away from me!?




– Body Replacement Technique!?

– Shh

– He’s gone, He’s really quick!



Ken: They’re acting like kids all of a sudden. I’m so hungry…


– Wait, are you a shinobi from Konoha? I’ve never seen you before.

– Tell me your name.


Ken: What are you talking about? I always come here and we have met a couple of times. Please, it’s too late. I have to hurry and report the mission to the 7th Hokage.

– Huh? I’ve never really seen your face before. Just tell me your name.


Sigh.. Ken… Hatake Ken (I wonder if the rules have changed? It’s weird)


– Hatake? This last name is…

– um…


Ken: (Why does it look like they’re cumbersome?)


– I’ve caught him. Is this the guy that got suspected to be a spy?

– Well, I was informed by Mirai too. I’m pretty sure it’s the same person. He’s not a shinobi from our village. His name is all fake and he’s probably trying to enter the Hokage’s room. Take him to the investigation room immediately!

Ken: Hey wait! what’s this!?


Ken: What the hell are you guys talking about? Check carefully. Did you guys accidentally skip my name? I told you that we already met. What’s going on?

– I would have recognized your face if we had met before. Do you think I’m stupid? You are such a foolish spy.


– Well, let’s go.



– Explosive Tag! Step back!!

– This guy will sacrifice his life!?


Who is going to do that? This is just a flash tag used to trick the enemies. It’s like an explosive tag, right?


– He’s gone. Go catch him!

– And you guys guard the entrance!


What’s going on with everyone? Is Naruto-sensei testing me? Why Now?




Ken: Then let’s see.

– There he is! Catch him!




The backup is coming!


– Unfortunately, the spy could escape. His skills are very good. I have to go in and report on his abilities to the 7th Hokage now.

– I got it!








I’m sorry guy, I didn’t think that one day I would have to act like a spy in my own village.


Naruto-sensei! What’s going on here? Are you testing me?





Ken: Shikamaru-san!?





Ken: Seriously? Shikamaru-san too?


Shikamaru: This boy…



That spy has escaped. His skills are very good! He used a shadow clone to fight with us and he destroyed all of our communication devices. I have to report this to the 7th Hokage. We have to find him fast.


– ………..

– Hey, why are you guys looking at us like that? What happened?


Damn it! Hurry up to the Hokage’s room!!



Ken: Oh, they’re coming!!

– Hey! Why are you lying on the ground?

– 7th Hokage-sama!!



Ken: Earth Release: Multiple Earth-Style Wall!!

– Hey, I can’t open the door! It’s stuck!

– Stuck with what!?


– Damn it! We have to break the door!!

– We can’t, it’s stuck to something from the inside. We have to yank out the door first!


Ken: Alright, now that should be enough.. Can you tell me what your intentions are?


Naruto: What are you talking about? I’m the one who should ask you that. Who are you? Why did you go through all this trouble to reach the Hokage?


(What’s wrong with him?) Yeah…? I’m Hatake Ken, son of Hatake Kakashi. I’m the most handsome chunin in Konoha. I just finished my mission…


Naruto: If you’re a spy, you should probably do better research. There is no one here by that name and most importantly, Kakashi-sensei doesn’t have any children.

Ken: Eh?


Naruto: I don’t know what you want but if you can get here without any trouble then you must be very skilled. I have to fight you seriously.

Ken: Wait! Naruto-sensei, stop playing around. What are you guys doing? It’s not funny at all!


Naruto: I don’t know you!!

Ken: Wha!!


Ken: (Damn it! I can’t fight Naruto-sensei in a small room. Plus, Shikamaru-san will join in as well. I don’t know what’s going on but I’ll have to run away from here first. If I stay here I will be captured by them!)





I can’t help it. I’m sorry, Naruto-sensei…



You have to deal with these documents again!!


Naruto: Oii!! Nooo!! The paperworks I’ve been working so hard to clear off!


Naruto: You idiot! don’t run away!!


Shikamaru: This boy… I almost believed that he is Kakashi-sensei’s son. Not only does this boy look like him but he’s also just as smart as him. What exactly does he want? He came here and suddenly ran away? And why does he call you Sensei?

Naruto: I agree. Maybe Kakashi-sensei does have a secret child somewhere?

Shikamaru: That’s nonsense…


– 7th Hokage, Shikamaru-san, are you alright!?

Shikamaru: You guys are so bad. He was all by himself and could easily trick you.


Damn it, what’s wrong with everyone? Maybe it’s better if I just go home. I’m really hungry. I used up a lot of energy.




What the hell is this? This is…not my home…?


“Kakashi-sensei never had children.” Maybe the reason why no one remembers me is because …. I don’t exist here in the first place …. This is..not the world I’ve been in…



To be continue…

It’s awesome! This world is similar to my world in everything. That thief must be somewhere in this world, right? His ability gives him the opportunity to travel freely between parallel worlds. That’s why he’s known as the thief that never leaves any trace and never could get caught.



110 Page
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Amazing art! Can’t wait for the next update! Is it me or did the format of the blog change?


Thank you very much!
The old blog has been deleted. I don’t know why 😂
So I moved it here.


Okay. Thanks for telling me!


When will come the next part out i can´t wait for Kakashi and Mina seeing their son


I expect it to be done on August 25th. XD


i love it i hope u keep continuing this story would love to to buy hard copy if u publish it someday


Omg, this chapter really make me have to hold back my excited squeal. Thank you