Hatake Ken Special 10: Mission protecting a beautiful girl. Part 3

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Ken: Huh?


Ken: Hey Mibuna, what are you doing here?

Mibuna: Heyyy Ken-kun, what a coincidence! I’m going to Cha no kuni now.


Ken: Are you kidding me? We are going on a dangerous mission. Why are you following me?

Mibuna: I didn’t follow you. I’ll go there by myself.


Mibuna: Cha no kuni has a stunning sea too. I would love to visit there and there are also many attractions ~

Ken: You’re such a troublemaker!

Sansho: Oh, that sounds interesting. When we’re done with our mission we all should hang out together.

Taishiro | Tsukune: Agreed!


Ken: Sigh, one more troublemaker has been added…


Nana: Oh, if you want to travel to our country that much, I can give you guys a tour.

Sansho: Are you really saying that, Nana-san!?

Ken: No, thank you! Hey, are you going to follow me again!?


Mirai: The sea …? I really want to see it…

Ken: Hey, you are not as free as these guys.


Ken: Let’s go in the summer. Now I have a lot of messes to take care of. I’ll hurry back to you as soon as possible. It’s getting dark, you should go home now.


Taishiro: Will our Chunin Lovers be standing there for a long time? The train will leave now.

Ken: I know! So why are you waiting for us!!?



Caregiver: It seems that a lot of people are trying to approach him all the time.

Nana: He’s very attractive to those around him, isn’t he?


Nana: That’s the characteristic of “King” that I am looking for.



Ken: Wow … I know she is from a wealthy family, but this is a lot more than I expected …

Tsukune: It’s the first time I’m in a mansion like this …

Sansho: Wow, it’s amazing.


Nana: Why are you guys stunned? Let’s go in already. I ordered my servant to prepare a room for you.

Ken: Preparing the room? Why? We just brought you back to the mansion, so that means that we’re out of duty.


Nana: Eh! You guys want to go back right away?! You have to stay in my mansion for a while!

Ken: No need, we will take a small break and then go back to Konoha…

Nana: No! I said that I will go with you too!

Ken: What’s wrong with you!! (She is terribly self-willed!)


Nana: As for your friends, this place has both a private pool and a luxurious spa that you can use all the time. I have servants who will look after you guys and serve you as you need. More importantly, I have prepared a luxurious dinner for tonight to welcome you.

Tsukune: Oh, a luxurious dinner?!!

Mibuna: What!! Spa?! Nana-san is the kindest one!!


Nana: In that case, I’ll show you the room first and take a walk through the mansion.

Mibuna: It’s so good! I wanted to see a mansion like this for a really long time!

Sansho: Nana-sama is amazing!

Taishiro: This looks like a movie!


Ken: (These guys are obvious messes.)




Ken: Sigh. I’m full. Thank you for the dinner. Your mansion is the best. It really is the home of the wealthy family of this region, I’m so jealous of you.

Nana: If you like it, you can always stay here!

Ken: No, I’ll go back to Konoha. If I’ve been here for a long time. My girlfriend probably misses me so bad haha.



Nana: I have an important request for you. Would you please listen to my proposal?

Ken: Eh? a proposal?


Ken: What is it?

Nana: I …


Nana: I want you to pretend to be my lover.


Ken: Why?

Nana: I am the youngest child of this family and I am going to be married to someone my father compels if I can’t find a boyfriend before I turn 20.

Sansho: What !!


There’s this guy my father really likes. Our families have had a good relationship with each other for a long time. He is also handsome and has good fighting skills. My father made an agreement with me that if I can find a man who’s more handsome and skilled than him, he will cancel the marriage arrangement and give me my freedom. Also, I want your friends to escort me because that guy is quite a thug and has a lot of followers.


Ken: I‘m sorry but I refuse.

Nana: Eh !!?


Nana: Why!? You don’t want to help me at all?!

Ken: It would take too much time and I’m not sure your dad will like me. It might be a waste of time. If you just want a good-looking and skillful person, can’t you find this person anywhere else? And more importantly, you didn’t even tell me from the beginning.

Nana: I need to cover this matter as a secret! I’ll even pay you 5 times more than usual if you help me out.


Nana: If it’s not enough, I can pay you as much as you want …

Ken: Well, I said I didn’t accept it. We have other things to do.

Taishiro: 5… times .. !!


Sansho: Ken, I think Nana-san really needs our help. She must be really desperate if she travelled to so many countries to find someone to help her escape from an arranged marriage. Besides, aren’t you against those marriages?

Tsukune: Yes, we can just extend our time out first.

Taishiro: More importantly, the huge wages are enough for us to travel to many places.


Ken: Right… Oh, it’s true. We will have enough money to travel to many places …

Taishiro: Is that right?!


Ken: Well, okay. We accept this job.

Nana: (He’s the one who loves his friends the most.)


Mibuna: Pretending to be her lover!?


Mibuna: This is why she has been looking for a ninja who lives so far away from her hometown!? She wanted to find a fake lover to chase away her fiancé !?

Taishiro: Yes, she’s been traveling to so many countries to find her “King” and now she ended up liking this guy haha.

Ken: What the hell does she mean with King? I got goosebumps.


Ken: And… I have to compete with Nana’s fiancée. It’s a little boring, but the price money is really high.

Mibuna: Usually Ken-kun doesn’t care about the mission wages. Let her go find someone else. You said we’ll go on a trip together and then go back to Konoha?

Ken: But if this work is successful, we will have more money to travel than the sea here. You don’t care?


Mibuna: Eh! We? You mean me too?! Are you serious right now?!

Ken: Of course, how can I leave you alone?

Taishiro: Mood changes are really easy.

Tsukune: (She just asks to be with Ken, anything that can’t be deterred)


Mibuna: Anyway, I forbid you to touch Nana-san too much! Just play a drama, you know? I-If Mirai knew the truth, it would be a big deal. Do you understand !?

Ken: Yes, yes.


Maid: Excuse me, Hatake-san. Nana-sama is looking for you.


Maid: She wants you to go to her bedroom.

Mibuna: He can’t! It’s too late. Why did she ask him to go to her room !? Let her servant go instead!


Taishiro: [whispering] Hey! He has to pretend to be her lover. They have to convince the people here first. Calm down alright !?

Ken: Y-Yes… Nana is waiting for me. Then please lead me.

Maid: …? …please come this way.


Nana: Hey, Ken-san, you came!


Nana: I want you to stay with me tonight. I have a lot of things to talk about with you. Tomorrow we should take a walk in the village. I heard you want to visit the village.

Ken: [Whispering] Do I have to do this every day?!


Nana: [Whispering] Of course! I told you that we have to convince everyone that we are real lovers until someone reports to my father. He will believe that we really love each other!

Ken: I understand but please you don’t have to stand so close to me. You should dress tidier next time!


Maid: Hataka-san, Nana-sama is looking for you.


Maid: Hataka-san, Nana-sama is looking for you.


Maid: Hataka-san, Nana-sama is looking for you.


Ken: Guys … Can someone replace me? I’m going crazy now. Last night, that girl let me watch over her until she fell asleep. I just got to sleep and she still followed me early in the morning like this. She hardly gave me any free time. When will this mission be over?

Sansho: What are you talking about? She will never allow me to take care of her instead of you…


Mibuna: This is too much. It’s pretty obvious that she just wants Ken-kun to be nearby. That’s it. She took good care of us to keep Ken-kun with her all the time. crafty!

Ken: What!! What are you doing in the men’s room this morning?!

Mibuna: Well, you guys still sleep together even though each one of you has their own private room.


Nana: Ken-san, I’m waiting for you.


Ken: Hey, why do I have to do this? I just slept for like 2 hours!!

Nana: I have good news.


Nana: My father has returned! When he got the news about you, he hurried back. He really wants to see you right now.

Ken: Eh, he’s back? So what do I have to do now?

Nana: Don’t worry about that.


Nana: Father, I brought him here.

– Come in.


Ken: H-Hello, Yufuku-sama! Hatake Ken!

Yufuku: Well, it’s you, I’ve heard a lot about you from Nana. You have a handsome face.

I didn’t think Nana would bring her real boyfriend. You are Konoha Shinobi, right? I hope you have good skills.

Nana: Of course! His skills are very good anyway!


Yufuku: As I agreed with my daughter, if you can defeat Nana’s fiancé, I will accept you and give Nana her freedom. I will hold a battle between you and him in two days. Do you think you can do it?

Ken: Yes, I’ll do my best.

Yufuku: You have good eyesight.


Yufuku: Okay, Just feel free and be full. Our legion and Konohagakure have had a good relationship for a long time. I have to take care of them in the most honorable manner. If you need anything, you can tell me, don’t be afraid.

– Thank you very much sir.


Yufuku: Where did the two of you meet?

Nana: We met during my trip to Konoha and he flirted with me then.

Ken: Y-Yes, haha.

Yufuku: Hoho, because my daughter is so beautiful.


Ken: Again… Why do you waste grain? You don’t know the value of food at all.

Nana: I-It’s just a little… I will eat all of them!

Tsukune: Haha, Ken is always like this. We get lectured by him.


Yufuku: Haha, look at this. My youngest daughter is obedient to what others say. This is incredible. She is normally stubborn and self-willed. No one dared to teach her but this young man has overwhelmed her. I’m starting to like you.

Nana: Father!

Ken: Eh…?

Yufuku: I hope you win against Nana’s fiancée. I really feel guilty haha.


[Battle day]


– The fight will begin shortly. Please come to the stadium.

– Ken, fighting!

Ken: (I really hate the fact that I have to do something like this)


– Ahhh! We miss you, Akihiro-sama!

Akihiro: Hello, ladies.

Mibuna: Is that person your fiancé? He seems to be popular. But even so, Ken-kun is a lot more handsome than him.

Nana: Yes, I agree!


Akihiro: (Oh! The little girl with Nana-sama is so cute. She is with the Konoha? I want her to be one of the harem girls)


Mibuna: Ken-kun, Fighting!

Nana: Just beat him, Ken-san.

Ken: Oh, thanks.


Akihiro: Tsk!

– be prepared

– Akihiro-sama can beat him!!


– Let’s start !!

Akihiro: I will humiliate you in front of the girls who cheer you on !!


Ken: (He’s awful and has a lot of open gaps)


Ken: (This guy… is so damn crazy… both speed and attack skills. … In this region, there are no ninjas. Ninja fighting and assassination skills are not practiced.)


Ken: (Like this, I have the advantage.)

Akihiro: Ugh !!


– We know the results! The winner is Hatake Ken! The next battle is with weapons.

Mibuna: Ken-kun is amazing!


– End of the battle! Hatake Ken won!

– It’s great, Ken!

Yufuku: Haha, we know the results very quickly. Both hand-to-hand combat and the use of weapons. He really is a shinobi from Konohagakure.


Yufuku: Okay, I willingly accept you as my son-in-law. From now on, I will give Nana to you and not force her. From now on, it’s all about you.

Nana: Thank you very much, Father!

Ken: (Yes! Finally, the mission has been completed …)


Akihiro: I won’t accept it, Yufuku-sama! I will never give Nana-sama to anyone else. Nana must be mine only!

Yufuku: Akihiro-kun did this, I was embarrassed. The result of the match was decided. I have to keep my word.


Akihiro: I don’t care about this crazy battle. I want to know how good the Konoha Shinobis really are ! All of you, go kill all the Konoha Shinobis and bring Nana-sama to me !!

– Copy that !!


Yufuku: Wait, Akihiro-kun, don’t do this.

Ken: Mibuna! Protect Yufuku-sama and Nana. We will fight them. Attendant, would you please get all the irrelevant people out of here !!

Attendant: Y-Yes!

Mibuna: I got it!


Ken: (As I thought, these guys are much better than that guy, they are definitely mercenary ninjas, and there are too many.)


Ken: Those…!!


Man: What are you looking for!?


Ken: I have to get rid of them all.


Akihiro: I took Nana-sama and this girl!

Ken: Mibuna, be careful!!


Mibuna: Do you think it’s easy to catch me!!

Akihiro: Ughh!!


Taishiro: Ken! Can you stop looking the other way?! Don’t be distracted !!


Ken: …Sorry.


Yufuku: It’s really great. They are worthy of being the ninjas from Konohagakure. Everyone’s good and it’s really impressive.

Ken: Yufuku-sama you should hurry back into the mansion first. We will clear this way.


Yufuku: Haha, I want you to escort her forever. Well, the two of you should get married quickly, so I can relieve myself a lot. When do you guys want to get married?

Nana: Father, isn’t that too early?…

Ken: Uh… that… haha…



Ken: Sansho!! Back!!

Akihiro: Who’s going to just give up on you guys? Nana-sama must be mine !!






Sansho: Damn, I’m totally shocked.

Tsukune: Haha, you’re still a hundred years too early to attack us.


Ken: You’re a lot faster than I expected, Tsukune.

Tsukune: I definitely am.

Akihiro: Let me go!!


Tsukune: What are you going to do, Ken?


Ken: That’s a strange question… I’m going to kill this guy… Get out of the way, Tsukune.


Akihiro: Ah! Please! I’m sorry, I was wrong !! Please spare my life !!

Tsukune: What the hell are you talking about! We have captured him. You can control the situation now!

Taishiro: We don’t even have to kill him!

Ken: How can we be sure that this guy is not going to hurt anyone again?


Sansho: This goes too far!

Tsukune: Back off, I’ll take care of him!

Akihiro: Help !!


Ken: What are you doing? He almost killed you.

Sansho: Let it be. Just hold him tight enough!!


Taishiro: When you’re on a mission alone, do you always kill your enemies!?

Ken: No, most missions are not necessary to kill.

Sansho: This time, it’s not necessary to kill either, isn’t it?!

Ken: This guy is dangerous, I’m not taking a risk. Even though he was defeated he still turned his sword at you again, didn’t you see?


Tsukune: … You’re going to kill him … because of us, right?


Ken: …….

Tsukune: Damn it, Ken! Stop protecting me. I’m not that weak.


Ken: I know you guys are not weak! But if I were the indecisive leader, you guys would be in danger just like the last time! Do you not understand !?

Tsukune: That’s because you only think about taking care of everything by yourself! This time too, do you think I don’t know !!


Tsukune: You should learn to trust us! Damn it!


Taishiro: You just stand to guard Nana-san and Yufuku-sama. This way, I manage by myself.


Ken: Great, no one is on my side.

Taishiro: Stay quiet!


Ken: Okay, but just tell me when that guy comes off, I’ll have to kill him.



Tsukune: Did you hear what the bastard said? If you don’t want to die, don’t do anything stupid. Even the four of us couldn’t stop him.

Akihiro: … I understand …



Akihiro: (What is that killer eye… Who exactly is this guy…?)


Akihiro: Why did you guys help me…?

Tsukune: Who helped you?


I just won’t let my friend become a cold-blooded killer … That’s it.


Ken: Because of this reason, I am not getting the kind of leadership that you want. I know myself well.


Ken: I’m sorry I have to do this, but I will return Nana to you and we will go back to Konohagakure.

Tsukune: (He goes super smooth)

Sansho: (It is a perfect opportunity)


Yufuku: I understand.

Ken: (Well, I went to Nana to get my paycheck and now I can go back home.)

Taishiro: (slick!)


Yufuku: I know you feel guilty about having to say that. You have a lot of responsibility. I really like you. I will get the two of you to get married as soon as possible. Maybe next month?

Nana: Well, it’s fast, but there’s no problem.

Ken: What !!?


Ken: What did you say!? Yesterday you saw it all! I tried to kill the only son of a clan who had a good relationship with you because of my personal temper and I still had the most imperfections in my leadership role!! And why …

Yufuku: Because you have love and care for your friends.


Yufuku: And because of that, you receive sincere love from your friends. You would do anything for them. At the same time, they are ready to do whatever it takes for you too. You’re the “King” I want. I want someone like you to continue to take care of my family.


Ken: Thank you for your kind words but I have to make a confession. Nana and I are not lovers. I was just pretending to be in love with her to get rid of her fiancée.

Yufuku: I know that. Nana told me yesterday.


Ken: Oh, you already know!? And why…!?

Yufuku: Because my daughter really likes you, and I want you to be my son-in-law as well. Besides being a king, you can dominate and teach my daughter. So I want to keep my daughter with you. If you marry my daughter, you will get whatever you want.


Ken: I refuse!! I already have a girlfriend!!

Yufuku: Oh, then you can have two wives. I have no problem with that.

Ken: What are you talking about !!? Nana, say something!

Nana: I… Well…

Tsukune: Two wives !!?

Mibuna:… You can’t do that !!


Ken: Sigh. In the end, I survived…

Taishiro: Haha, you almost got married.

Tsukune: He’s really annoyed. He seems to like Ken. He almost shut the door to lock us up, haha.


Ken: Sorry, Mibuna, you came to Cha no kuni to relax but wasted your time by helping us with the extra mission. If I go back to clearing the wages of the Konoha mission, I will take you to many places.

Mibuna: It’s okay, I had fun doing missions with Ken-kun.

Tsukune: Did you really think that she went to Cha no kuni for holiday?

Mibuna: Quiet! Baka!


Mibuna: But that old man took possessions to lure Ken to become his son-in-law. It’s really frustrating.

Tsukune: He even allowed Ken to have more wives haha. Yufuku has 7 daughters and 3 wives, so he is fine with this.

Sansho: That’s it, haha.

Ken: I don’t take that.


Ken: And the important thing is … I have all the important things I need in Konoha, including you guys. I don’t need anything else.


Damn it, you really wanted to say what you said, you never really changed.

Ken: Oh, and why can’t I speak?


Ken: Hey, Mirai chan.


Mirai: Ken-senpai, You have returned !?

Ken: Yes, did you miss me? This is a souvenir from Cha no kuni.

Mirai: Thank you.


Mirai: When you called the first day you left for your mission, I thought Nana-san would never let you come back.

Ken: Haha. What are you talking about? No one can hold me back, but Nana gave me a lot of extra money. So I was planning to go on a trip with the four of them.

Mirai: Eh !?

Ken: And … I also want to go with you. You said you want to go to the sea, right?

Mirai: Eh, you also want me to go with you?

Ken: Sure! Why are you asking me like that?


Mirai: Usually, you never let me go anywhere with you. I thought you only want to be with your friends.


Mirai: (Plus, there is also a girl whom he used to love as well)



Ken: Are you feeling hurt about this, kid… Most of my missions are too dangerous to take my girlfriend, you know. I’m just worried about you and you have nothing to worry about …

Mirai: I am not … Can you quit acting like I was a kid?

Ken: Yes, yes…


Mirai: (… Why does he only kiss my forehead ?…)

[Staring ~]



Ken: Then you can go to sleep, kid.

Mirai: Ah, you!! I said …


Ken: And more importantly…


I really don’t want you to see me like that …




140 Page

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I'd really enjoy being apart of your progam, this instant a busness but I have an I dea for a charcxter but i cant draw at all. my idea is orichimaru has some of Sasukes dna and he uses it to create a uchiha with the sharingan after failing to take sasukes body. He uses the body of a girl from the land of lighting for the genestion period. Creating the First Black uchiha with the sharigan. naruto finds out and has him moved to the village where he meets Ken Hatake and His friends, Ken doesn't like markiece Uchiha at first and Doesn't trust him constantly giving Markiece the cold shoulder which his father and friends find surprising. Eventually Ken almost kills Markiece using chodori naruto stops him in a split second. Markiece can use 1 tomeo sharignan. After talking to eachother Ken finally execpt markiece Uchiha and allows him to hangout with him and his friends and go on mission. Markiece uchiha awakens his 1 tomeo sharingan the same way Sarada Uchiha did by meeting up with Sasuke, Sauke and Sakura allow Markiece Uchiha tro join the family and ive int the house. Sasuke doesn't aprove of Markiece's existance in the beginning but soon comes to the conclusion that even though this wasn't planned he is still and Uchiha of blood and he needs a family to love and cherish him. Okay please tell me what you think


i'm sorry to do this i love this to much and I already sent this threw your email you out on yt


Why ken kissed on mirai forehead


That was because he was afraid that he would not be able to stop himself, because that’s her bedroom 😂😂


Why are you not publishing more I want more parts


Your art is as amazing as always! I love your art! I have one question: How old is Ken?


Awww, thank you very much! ❤️❤️
Ken is now 18 years old. 🥰

Ameya Diaz

Woah came across this in YouTube accidentally, and I am so glad to have had watched it, this so so cool and Ken Mirai pair is the best❤️❤️❤️ so cute, can't wait for more pls update soon dear, and yeah a fantastic job, can we have more intimate moments of them


OMG! Am I the only one who ship Ken and Mibuna? Sorry 🤧 I don’t know but I like the two of them more. I wish they have more screen timeee.


You’ll see them during Ken’s childhood. I will update as soon as possible. 😂


i really love it! Thank you for so much! Shikamaru and temari next please! Can you make a story about them? I really love this two couple. A princess and a head clan.


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Why does mirai still calls ken senpai even though they are dating


It means senior in Japanese. She could always call him that. It would be weird if she called him Ken-chan or something, because she is younger than him 😂
She would call him that until they got married.


It would be nice when Mirai found out that Ken had to pretend to be a lover for the woman. She would probably be upset that Ken hadn’t told her.


I dont know if u have already answer but i will ask again why does mirai call ken senpai even though they are dating


It means senior in Japanese. She could always call him that.
She would call him that until they got married.


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