Hatake Ken Special 9: Mission protecting a beautiful girl. Part 2

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Tsukune: Hey Taishiro, is there something wrong?

Taishiro: What are you guys slacking off over here? Nana-san ordered you to escort around while she is in the hot water, isn’t it? Tsukune, are you slacking off like him too?!


Ken: There is nothing to worry about. There are 4 chunin escorts over here. Who will dare to spy on her?

Taishiro: You really never care about the employer. Just look at Sansho. He hasn’t stopped escorting around.

Tsukune: Haha. That’s because he may like Nana-san deeply.


Sansho: Hey you!!


Taishiro: What’s going on?!!

Sansho: That pervert! I’ll kill him!!


Damn it. I’ve got caught!!


Ken: How dare you! You are not even scared of us that sitting around here?!

Taishiro: The lazy one like you has no right to say that!


Sansho: How dare you take a peek at Nana-san’s bathing! you’re dead!!

Ken: Hey, wait!! Calm down. Just catch him alive!


Ken: Tsukune! Let’s tie him up. I will handle this. Otherwise, this guy could die!

Tsukune: got it!

Sansho: Let me go!!

Nana: What are they noisy out there? such a childlike they are.





Ken: What? Cloth rags…?



Ken: Bastard! Not only being a voyeur but he also is an underwear thief!! This is Nana’s stuff.!

Taishiro: Oi!!


Ken: Do you think you can run away from me, pervert!


Taishiro: Shit! He had jumped into a hot spring on the woman’s side!!

Ken: Taishiro, you wait here to catch him!




Ken: Got you!!

Guy: Ahh!!




Ken: I’ve got him!

Taishiro: Awesome!





Taishiro: Ken, are you ok?!!

Ken: I’m fine. It’s not too high.


Nana: Hey, you… did you slippery? Are you ok?

Ken: (Shit!! That’s Nana’s voice!)


Nana: Are you hurt?


Ken: I’m..I’m totally fine, just a little slippery.

Nana: Are you sure?

Ken: (Don’t come closer!!)


Ken: I’m..I’m apparently going out. Excuse me…

Nana: Hmm?




Ken: Ouch! I’m sorry!!


Eh!! Mirai Chan?!!


Mirai: Eh, Do you know me? (such a pretty girl)

Ken: Hm! No! err.. yes! I mean no!


Ken: Excuse me…

Mirai: Ah, wait!



Mirai: Is that Ken-senpai, right?


Ken: (she is truly my girlfriend)

Mirai: It is.


Mirai: What did you do on the woman’s side with this look?! Don’t tell me that you are a voyeur.

Ken: Are you crazy? absolutely no way! I’ve caught a voyeur…


Mirai: Eh! a voyeur?!!

Nana: Where is he?!!



Mirai: The voyeur that you mentioned…


Mirai: It’s over here, isn’t it?

Ken: Ouch!!



Ken: It hurts…

Nana: [screaming]


Ken: Oii! That hurts, Mirai-chan! You just punched your boyfriend! This is the first time you have punched me! This is the first time!

Mirai: Are you still saying this?! I’ve never thought that you would be like this!


Ken: What! Are you thinking that I’m…

Taishiro: Hey, Ken! Are you ok, what’s the fuss inside?!


Ken: Shit!!

Mirai: Eh?


Taishiro: What are you doing?

Ken: Hey! How do you plunge in like this?!!

Girls: [Screaming]


Taishiro: Well, because you haven’t come out yet. What was that fuss? Who is that? Mirai?

Ken: Yeah, just leave!


Taishiro: Oh! Nana-san! I’m so sorry. I will leave now!!


Ken: Taishiro, did you catch him?

Taishiro: Of course! Kiba-san has taken him. That guy had sneaked Nana-san and had been following her since early evening, both peeping and stealing her underwear. It’s good to catch him in time.

Nana: What!!




Mirai: Are you still hurt? I’m really sorry…

Ken: I didn’t mean my face, but my heart is so painful…


Ken: Although we have known each other for a very long time, and you should know me really well. But I don’t have any credibility in your eyes. I will cry…


Mirai: …Well… you said that you had been escorting Nana-san here and I can’t find you. But I found you like this. Who would think that you were catching a voyeur…

Ken: Never mind. I am an incredible guy for you anyway.

Mirai: Nooo, not like that…


Mirai: What can I do to make you not mad at me?? (that his sulking face)


Ken: You-will-do-everything, won’t you?

Mirai: I will…


Ken: Really! You’ve promised me that!

Mirai: Wh.. what do you want me to do?


Ken: Well…

Nana: I’ve dressed up already!


Nana: I’m sleepy! Let’s take me to my room.

Ken: Hey! Wait. Don’t pull my arm!


Ken: Mirai-chan, I will drop you off. Just a moment.

Nana: You’re my bodyguard right now!! Why do you like to do what you want like this as always?!

Mirai: It’s ok. Let’s finish your mission first.


Mirai: See you tomorrow, Ken-sen-pai.


Ken: A…Alright.


Nana: Can you walk a little faster? I told you how sleepy I am!

Ken: Hey, I know it. I told you not to pull my arm. Where did those three be?

Nana: It’s your responsibility, don’t complain too much!


Ken: You are so annoying!

Nana: You’ve blamed me again! There is nobody who dares to say that to me before, did you know?!

Ken: Yeah, I know. That’s why you’ve got spoiled like this.

Mirai: (They have only been together for a week. But they are so close)


Nana: Even doing the mission, you still sneaked up to see your girlfriend. For this time, you even appointed her to meet here? Don’t you know how to care about the employer, do you?!

Ken: What are you talking about? Mirai-chan just bathed after finishing her mission. It’s a coincidence…
(Well, it is not really a coincidence)


Caregiver: Nana-sama, how does he look?

Nana: He’s perfect. But the only disadvantage is that he likes to overindulge.

Caregiver: Is that so? What do you think? Should we find someone else?

Nana: No, I’ve chosen him


I’m sure that my father will like him.


Ken: Mirai-chan.

Mirai: Senpai? Why did you come so early? How about Nana-san?

Ken: 3 troublemakers are taking care of her. I have secretly escaped her for a while.

Mirai: Seriously, again…?


Ken: I’ve come and told you that Nana is going back this evening. I haven’t known yet why she has changed her mind. At first, she intended to stay in Konoha for another week.

Mirai: Eh? Is it so sudden like this?

Ken: Anyway, it’s good though. This mission is going to end sooner.


Ken: I will be back as soon as I can. It takes probably 2-3 days. Hmm, what’s wrong with you?


Mirai: Would she allow you to come back easily?

Ken: What are you talking about?

Mirai: Well, it seems like she might like you…


Ken: Oh, I know because I’m handsome, why doesn’t she like me? Haha.

Mirai: You even dare to be joking like this!


Ken: Eh, are you overthinking? So cute!

Mirai: No, I’m not..!

Ken: Don’t worry at all. Nana is a beautiful girl. But I don’t into her at all.


Mirai: Not at all? But she is so beautiful…

Ken: Haha…you are totally overthinking. I don’t into her indeed. She is not my type.

Mirai: Thus, what is your type?

Ken: Of course, it must be like you!


Mirai: Eh, do you like girls with short hair?

Ken: No, I like girls with long hair.



Mirai: …And do you like a big boobs woman like her?

Ken: Of course, I do!



Mirai: Well, sorry that your girlfriend has nothing you like at all!

Ken: Hey, wait, Mirai-chan!


Ken: You know I’m a straight talker. Why did you ask to annoying yourself? Women are really weird, haha.

Mirai: Don’t laugh! You are so undelicate guy!


Ken: Listen Mirai-chan, I love only you, do you know that? I will hurry back. Just trust me.

Mirai: I do trust you, senpai…


Ken: So… Can I kiss you right now?

Mirai: You can’t! I’m in the middle of my duty.


Mirai: You would better hurry back to do your mission now!

Ken: You are so mean, Mirai-chan…



85 Page

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please make the part as quick as you can


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Samantha Dill

I love this ship so much! I can't wait for the next chapter and whenever you get around to part 3 please update us knowing you published it.


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I'm so amazed by how accurate and clean your art is! You've done an amazing job bringing this story to life. They are pictures, but the way you draw them makes me feel like I'm watching the anime! I really thought these were screenshots from a real episode, haha. I can't imagine how much time you've put into making these pictures. Thank you for your hard work!


Aww, thank you very much! I’m really happy that you like it!
I don’t know how I draw it XD, but I finished it in about a month per episode. ><”
Because I love the character Ken so much. And it’s because I am too free. 😂


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