Hatake Ken Special 8: Mission protecting a beautiful girl. Part 1

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Ken: Alright, I will stop teasing you. Don’t make a face like that, because you look so cute.


Mirai: Senpai.. I told you this is a public place….

Ken: What? I’m not going to do anything bad.


Boruto: Ken-nii chan! Stop it right now!

Ken: Huh?


Boruto: What are you doing with Mirai-san? Perv!

Ken: Ouch!!


Ken: BAKA Boruto! What are you doing!?

Mirai: Boruto.


Boruto: How dare you molest a woman in public? Besides, it’s also Mirai-san!!?

Ken: Molest!!? That is a super misunderstanding! Wait, Sarada-chan!!


Mirai: Eh..It’s not like that. You are misunderstanding.

Sarada: Don’t be afraid, Mirai-san. We will protect you from this guy!

Ken: Are you even listening to me?!


Ken: What are you talking about? Mirai is my girlfriend. Why do I molest my girlfriend?

Boruto: Huh?


Boruto: Your.. your girlfriend!!?

Sarada: You are kidding, right? There’s no way that’s happening!!

Ken: Why do you overreact like this huh?


Boruto: Is that true, Mirai-san!?

Mirai: Ah..yes.

Sarada: You are being forced, am I right!? Just tell me the truth, I will help you!

Ken: Hey!! How do I look like in your eyes huh?


Sarada: A lazy shinobi that is only good looking, do nothing and flirt girls around.

Ken: Foul mouth! You were a lot cuter when you were younger. Did you know that? the more you grow up, the more you look like Sakura-nee san.


Mirai: Ah, I will be late. See you around senpai and don’t forget to meet the Seventh Hokage.

Ken: Got it.


Boruto: Eh? Going to see my dad? Is there something wrong? Ken-nii chan.

Ken: An urgent mission… I tried not to go near Hokage’s room, he still asked Mirai-chan to follow me eventually. Naruto-sensei is really strict.

Sarada: You act like you were not the former member of team 7.


Mitsuki: Boruto, is he your acquaintance?

Boruto: Oh, you haven’t met him before, Mitsuki?


Boruto: This is Ken-nii chan. He was the former member of team 7, my dad’s student and the sixth hokage’s son.

Ken: Yo! My lovely junior.

Mitsuki: The former of team 7?


Ken: Speaking of, I have to go now. I would be blamed if I meet him late. Huh, So lazy.

Boruto: I’m coming with you!


Ken: Protect Yūfuku’s daughter from Cha no Kuni’s region?

Naruto: That’s right. She will stay here for a while and you have to escort her until arriving her region safely. It may have taken for several days.


Naruto: Anyway, This mission is your desired mission, right? To be a bodyguard for a beautiful girl.

Ken: Well, Naruto-sensei, I wanted to but you gave me nothing. I had dealt with the brutal thief. Why now?

Naruto: It couldn’t be expected! This mission rarely appears. That’s why I choose you.


Ken: Anyone could do this mission. You have no need to specify me.

Naruto: I know. But I think that it must be you.

Ken: Must be me?


A bodyguard must be “a skillful and handsome shinobi only”


Naruto: That’s why I choose you.

Boruto: Well, dad! You can ask me to do this mission, though!


Ken: I see…well, how could I do. I accepted the mission. Haha.

Naruto: (He has been the same…)


Naruto: She is from a great family. So, she may be a headstrong girl. Don’t forget to be polite, do you? Don’t embarrass us.

Ken: Don’t worry. I know how to cope with women.

Boruto: Hmmm. You are annoying!


Naruto: Another thing, the escort mission may be harder if you do it solely. Anyway, you can find your teammates.

Ken: teammates?!


Boruto: Ah! Dad. Let me….

Naruto: You have another mission, you know? The mission for team 7…

Boruto: What.…



Naruto: Don’t worry. Now you have grown a lot. It won’t be like that time again.

Ken: Eh! No! Then I excuse myself, Naruto-sensei.


Naruto: When I talked about this, he suddenly runs away. He also forgot the documents.

Shikamaru: He still doesn’t want a team, I guess. He may be that would happen again.

Boruto: What do you mean? Ken-nii chan cannot join a team, can’t he?

Naruto: Well… Not really.


Naruto: He is a genius shinobi as familiar as Kakashi-sensei. But he doesn’t know how to control his emotions because of his straightforward personality.

Boruto: His emotion?


Naruto: He couldn’t get rid of the excessive concerns and worries about his teammates. His latest mission, he didn’t dare to give orders because that mission was dangerous, so he tried to take care of everything himself while protecting his teammates, but that was beyond him. He still blamed himself for being unable to protect his teammates. Since that day, he has decided to revoke from team 7 and has never teamed up with anyone again.

Boruto: A playful person like that?


Ken: (Sigh.. recruiting teammates… That’s so hard for me)


– Yo! Ken, my man!

– Huh!!


Ken: Why do these troublemakers be together like this!?

Sansho: I’ve heard from Naruto-sensei that you are looking for teammates to escort a girl from Cha no Kuni, right?

Ken: (Too fast to know it!!)


Anyway, we are so free. Then, we would volunteer ourselves to be your teammates.


Ken: Guys… It is just a B-Rank mission. If I recruit 4 chunin, it may be overreacted.

Tsukune: Yeah! I’ll go with you!

Taishiro: It has to be me!

Sansho: No, it must be me. I’m super free!


Ken: Ahh, do you guys miss me this much?? I excuse that I rarely stayed in the village in the past.

Sansho: no freaking way!

Taishiro: Who’s going to miss you?!

Tsukune: We are just free!


Ken: (It’s good to do mission with these bastards once in a while)


Ken: There she is, the employer and her followers, how does she look?

– Wow, she’s gorgeous!


Sansho: Wow, she is awesome.!

Ken: I know, right?

Tsukune: Her appearance is very suitable for being a great family’s daughter!


Ken: Hello, Nana-san, I am your bodyguard, Ken Hatake. They are my teammates, Taishiro, Sansho and Tsukune. We will protect you until you arrive at Cha no Kuni.

Nana: Hello. Eh, 4 Jōnin?

Ken: We are just Chūnin… Well, I’ve heard that you are an important person in a famous family, so I thought that many well-trained ninjas would be appropriate…


Nana: That would be good, though. But…



Nana: Um.. Are you Ken? You look handsome and have good shape.

Ken: (What…)


Nana: you are passed. But for your team, let them go.

Ken: What!?


Nana: I asked for a skillful and handsome shinobi, don’t you remember?

Taishiro: That’s hurt…

Ken: Huh! But they also look good and skillful shinobis!!


Nana: They are just ordinary guys for me. I want a skillful and handsome shinobi only. They are useless.

Ken: Huh!? (Is she choosing a shinobi or an idol??!)


Taishiro: Haha, my apology. So, excuse us.

Ken: Hey, wait…

Sansho: Ken, sorry man…


Nana: Actually, you guys should be aware of your appearance. It’s such a waste of my time. I’m so bored. Everywhere is the same or how can you just find good-looking shinobis like this?!

Taishiro: We are really sorry… Ken, we’ve got to go. See you later, man.


Ken: It’s ridiculous.


Nana: How dare you!!

Tsukune: Hey Ken! What are you saying?

Ken: I don’t care about your ridiculous escort condition. But don’t be rude to my friends like this. If you want an angel-like bodyguard, just find somewhere else!


Ken: Let’s go. It wastes my time. I wouldn’t have brought you here.

Sansho: You bastard! Calm down! We are truly fine.

Nana: Stop! Don’t walk away from me like this. You are my bodyguard!!!



Ken: This mission is failed! I do not protect the rich and spoiled person.



Caregiver: You have no manners! Let’s leave her hand now. Do you even know who she is??!

Sansho: Ken! Enough!


Ken: I haven’t finished yet!


Ken: Are you her caregiver? you should teach her some manners. She has been interested in the look of people that is up to her. But let her keep some bad words in her mind sometimes. Otherwise, someday, no one wants to get close to her.


Ken: Yo, I guess we are free today, So lucky. Where should we go?

Taishiro: What did you do, Ken!?

Sansho: She is from a great family from Cha no kuni. If you upset her like that…


Nana: Stop! who allows you to leave easily like this!


Nana: I’ve got it! I will allow your friends to escort me too.

Sansho: Eh.. really!?

Caregiver: Na… Nana-sama?!


– Oh…

Ken: Huh! At least you have to apologize first, isn’t it?


Tsukune: Hey, let it be!

Ken: how to let it be… Oops!

Taishiro: You are too straightforward! Can you let it slide sometimes?!


– Please don’t mind him. He’s a crazy one. Please forgive him.

– We are ready for the mission!


Nana: …I see …I’m sorry to say that…

Caregiver: Nana-sama!?


– Eh…?

Nana: I..I won’t do it again…


Nana: So .. Then let’s go! I want to go around Konoha before I go back.!

Tsukune: Yes, ma’am!

Taishiro/Sansho: Copy that!


Ken: (What’s up with her? She also can say sorry. She is probably not as bad as I thought. But looking at the Caregiver’s face, it would be a wonderful matter.)


Ken: Sigh, Such a boring mission. How long have I been waiting for her shopping?

Taishiro: Don’t complain about it. How lucky you are that she allows you to continue the mission. We must maintain a good relationship with her family and region.

Sansho: However, I’d love to escort a beautiful girl like this so much. I could escort her for my entire life.


Nana: How do I look?

– Oh!


Sansho: You are gorgeous!

Taishiro: Like a superstar!

Ken: (Yawning)…


Nana: Hatake-san! I asked that how do I look!!?

Ken: Huh!


Ken: Well… you look good.

Nana: If I ask you, you have to answer first. Do you understand?!

Ken: (What!)


Nana: I’m thirsty. You buy a drink over there for me now!


Nana: I do not like sparkling water, you must buy fruit juice. You are silly!!

Ken: Why didn’t you tell me at first?!

Nana: I want to eat ice cream, that dessert too and…

Ken: …


Nana: Blow me! I’m so hot

Ken: (That’s why she allowed me to continue the mission. Besides, she doesn’t let me carry things. It’s like she wants revenge on me…)


Mibuna: Ah! Ken-kun. Oh, you guys are here too. What are you guys doing?

Ken: Hey Mibuna.

Tsukune: We teamed up with this guy to do an escorting mission.


Mibuna: Teamed up with Ken-kun?! Do you want me to help too?

Ken: No. Just these 3 guys have given me a headache. If you are in, I couldn’t handle it.

Mibuna: You so mean!


Nana: Who is she? Why are they so close? Is his girlfriend?

Taishiro: Eh? No. She is just his former teammate.

Nana: Is…Is that so?


Nana: Hatake-san, let’s go! I want to go around there.

Ken: Hey, wait…


Sansho: Even though she is a little headstrong, she’s actually very cute.

Ken: How?!

Nana: This place is beautiful!




Nana: Hatake-san! My earring fell down in the water, come pick it up for me now!

Ken: Are you serious? Now? (She definitely intends to tease me!)


Nana: Hurry up! It’s drowning!

Ken: Yes… Yes… (Damn it. I won’t do the mission like this anymore. Order me to arrest some badasses would be easier than this. I’ve never seen a girl like this before…)



Ken: Here you go.

Nana: Wow, you found it! You are such a shinobi!


Ken: So cold!


Tsukune: Why don’t you take it off before going down. You would become feverish.

Ken: I forgot to think about it because that girl was complaining right next to my ear…



Sansho: I’ve got wet cloth for you, just bow your head a little.



Ken: What now?

Nana: No.. Nothing!


Mirai: Ken-senpai. You’re here. I have been looking for you.

Ken: Hey, Mirai-Chan!


Ken: Have you been looking for me? Oh, do you miss me, right?

Mirai: The seventh hokage ordered me to hand over this new mission’s document to you… W…Why are you topless?


Mirai: …In front of another girl like this!? Are you a pervert!

Ken: What! No…It’s just.


Ken: I was in the water. Look at my wet shirt.

Mirai: Eh? Why don’t you wipe it first? You would have a fever.


Nana: Who is she then? His junior in his team? (there are always girls around him)


Taishiro: No, she is his girlfriend.

Nana: Huh!?


His… girlfriend!?


Mirai: Ah, doing like this also makes you handsome.

Ken: What are you talking about? I am always handsome.



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