Hatake Ken Special 7: White Day. (Only you)

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Ken: Hey Mibuna!

Mibuna: Ken-kun?


Ken: Here, this is for the chocolate that you gave me.


Mibuna: Eh!! Candy! Does that mean you…!?

Ken: Hm? Why are you surprised? You said it yourself that you want some candy.


Mibuna: Eh! Didn’t you give me some candy because it means something?

Ken: What are you talking about? Explain to me the meaning of this?

Mibuna: Damn! Seriously…


Mibuna: Today is White Day… it’s the day when men who receive chocolates on Valentine’s Day give a gift back to the girl that gave them to him…

Ken: Hm! I have heard of it, that’s why I’m giving you this today.


Mibuna: But, by giving candy it mean you accept a girl’s love

Marshmello = rejected love.

Cookies = only think as a friend.

Candy = accept love, confessing love.


Ken: Hey wait!! How the hell would I know about all those different meanings? I only wanted to give you candy as a way of saying thanks for giving me chocolate. You’re the one who said that you wanted candy!!

Mibuna: Idiot! I thought you know everything.


Ken: Because you want some candy so I bought it and for other girls too.


Mibuna: Then give it all to me!

Ken: That’s enough, it’s bad for your teeth!


Mibuna: Ken-kun, I’m…

Ken: Mibuna!


Ken: I’m sorry…



Ken: I only bought candy for all 13 girls, my pocket is too small for other kinds of sweets. Whatever, I’ll just explain it to all of them.


Mirai: Ah! That’s Ken-senpai.



Mirai: Eh? He gave candy to that girl!?





Ken: Yo! Mirai-chan, Are you going home?


Mirai: H..hi… Senpai…

Ken: Hm, are you in a bad mood?


Ken: Here! Eat this candy, it might make you feel better.


Ken: For the chocolate you gave me.


Mirai: Eh you just gave candy to that girl already, didn’t you…?

Ken: (Do all women know about this candy meaning thing …?)

I only gave them back because they gave me chocolates, it doesn’t mean anything. I already explained it to all of them…


Mirai: Is… is that so? Thank you.


Mirai: Getting candy from you makes me think of back when we were kids.

Ken: Are you kidding? You were too young to remember, Kurenai-san told you about this right? Pls, forget about it.



Ken: And here it is…


Ken: I give this one…. only to you…


Mirai: Eh!! Only me!!?


Mirai: Th.. thank you…just… just me…?

Ken: I don’t know if you’ll like it or not, but…


Ken: (Shit, I feel so embarrassed… not feeling like myself, I better run…)


Ken: So… I better get going, there are still 2 girls I have left to give to…

Mirai: Ken-senpai!


Mirai: I… I like you, Ken-senpai!


Mirai: I said it… I already said it!!


Ken: Mirai… chan…



Ken: Mirai-chan… I…


Ken: Sorry…

Mirai: !!


Mirai: Ken-senpai…




Ken: I like you too.



Mirai: Eh!!? But you just said sorry!!?

Ken: I’m sorry because I’m going to kiss you, I had to react fast, afraid you would punch me.


Mirai: I have never punched you… Are you joking with me?

Ken: Alright… next time I’ll kiss without saying sorry first.

Mirai: Wh…what are you saying Ken-senpai!


Mirai: hehe…



Ken: Your face is all red, you’re so damn cute… I’ve been waiting for you to say that.

Mirai: (He already knew it!?)


Mirai: S… Senpai… People start looking…

Ken: Hm, S…Sorry!


Mirai: I’ll go do the mission first and I’ll see you this evening, senpai.

Ken: Yes.


Ken: Hey, wait! Mirai-chan.


Mirai: Ah! Ken-senpai, this is a public place!



Ken: What are you talking about? I’m just gonna take this off for you, what do you think I’m gonna do?


Mirai: B…Because you always kiss me anytime you want…

Ken: Why does it sound like I’m perverted?



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Alfia ♥
Alfia ♥
1 year ago

Aahhhhhh my ship has sailed yesssss 🚢

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soooo cuteee!

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