Hatake Ken Special 6: Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


Ken: T…thanks!!


Ken: Umi-chan and Chiaki-chan?

Umi: Eh? You remember us!? We are so glad!

Ken: Of course, I do! I’ve gotten many gifts from you…

Chiaki: Hehe! I made you chocolate every year, but barely met you.

Ken: Sorry.


I’ve never given a gift to them… But they always give many gifts to me. I need to find something for them this year…


Mibuna: Ken-kun! You get a lot of presents all the time! Even though you hardly appear in the village.

Ken: Can’t help to be this good looking…

Mibuna: Jezz…


Mibuna: Are…you planning to give them to the orphans? You like kids, do you?

Ken: Nah. Not really! I can’t eat all of them, unless I need to see the dentist and gain too much weight. I don’t feel like wasting food.



Ken: This year, you take me chocolate right, Mibuna?



Mibuna: You’re annoying… Idiot!

Ken: Woah… thank you!


Ken: You gave me a lot of chocolate, feel free to tell me if you want something back.


Mibuna: …a candy!

Ken: Are you a kid? What if you have tooth decay…?


Ken: Umm… did you give Tsukune chocolate also?

Mibuna: !


Mibuna: Yeah. It was a Giri choco…

Ken: Ah, He must be so happy.


Ken: I may excuse now. Thanks for chocolate! See you around, Mibuna!

Mibuna: Ah… See ya…



Mirai: Mmmm… What should I do? Is it too late…? I’ve never done this in my whole life… Will he laugh at me…? S…shall I go back…?


Ken: Hey! Mirai-chan! Why are you hiding here?

Mirai: Oh my!!


Mirai: Ken-senpai!!

Ken: Hm? Chocolate? To whom? Do I have it too!?



Mirai: Y..yeah! Here! It’s just a Giri choco…

Ken: Oh! Thanks!


…Why do you want more chocolate..?


Mirai: Although, you obviously had many…

Ken: Haha…


Ken: Just… because I want yours the most…



Mirai: From me…!!? Why!?




Ken: You made chocolate by yourself, didn’t you? Normally, people don’t put any salt in chocolate, you know this?

Mirai: Ah! Really?


Ken: Oh…Mirai-chan? Were you really put salt in? Do you plan to get rid of me…?

Mirai: Hehe! It was a joke! (because you like to change a topic)

Ken: You…



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