Hatake Ken Special 5: Blind date.

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Corrected English translation by steviekins96



Ken: Sigh, that’s why I don’t really want to stay in the village. I’m always called for a fussy job. It’s very boring.

Mibuna: You complain every time but you always follow the orders.


Ken: Haven’t the three troublemakers not finish their work yet? I’m starving

Mibuna: They’ll probably come soon.


Mibuna: Ah!


Mibuna: I cut myself on the paper. I’m bleeding…

Ken: Be careful…


Ken: Let me see.


Ken: Well, it’s not deep. I have a band aid. I’ll bandage you.


Mibuna: Ken-kun is always kind to others…

Ken: Eh?


Mibuna: Because of this. I….

Ken: What are you talking about? You’re my best friend. I’ll always care about you.



Mibuna: ….Why are you looking at me like this?

Ken: You have no feelings for Tsukune at all?


Mibuna: I already told you that I think of him as a friend! Can you stop acting like a matchmaker!?

Ken: S..Sorry! I was just asking.


Ken: But there are a lot of men who flirt with you. Are you not interested in anyone at all? Don’t tell me you’re….

Mibuna: Eh! I..I’m….


Ken: …have plans on the shelf?

Mibuna: You’re really annoying.


Sansho: Oh, who’s on the shelf? What are you guys talking about?

Mibuna: Shut up, you three troublemakers!

Ken: Hi, you guys finished your work, right?


Taishiro: Ken-chan, I have some news to tell you. Do you remember the girls from the other villages we met several days ago?

Ken: Oh, I remember! Don’t tell me they contacted you? That’s awesome! When did you guys become close?


Tsukune: Well, they want to have a blind date with us. Can you go with us, man?

Ken: Yes, sure!

Mibuna: Are you guys crazy? Why would Ken-kun go on a blind date with you guys?


Mibuna: The blind date has to be all pairs, doesn’t it? They’re already three of you guys, so why would Ken-kun go with you?

Taishiro: You know we don’t know how to deal with girls, you idiot! Besides, the girls brought another friend with them because they wanted all four of us to go together on a group date.


Taishiro: I know you’re jealous that we’re going to have girlfriends before you, right? I’m really sorry, Mibuna chan~

Tsukune: You’re on the shelf.

Mibuna: I will kill you all!!


Ken: Hey, give me a minute. I have something to do.

Tsukune: Eh, where are you going?



[reference room]


Ken: Hey Mirai-chan, haven’t you finished these documents yet?

Mirai: Ah, Ken-senpai, are you free right now?


Ken: I just finished my work. It’s crazy boring.

Mirai: You keep complaining like this all the time.


Ken: Well..I have something to tell you…


Ken: I have to go on a blind date with some girls from another village. My friends met them a couple of days ago.

Mirai: Eh?


Mirai: Well, it’s a good thing. You might even meet a girl you like. Good luck.

Ken: I..I‘m only going because of my friends. I’m not interested in anyone, you know?

Mirai: It has nothing to do with me. You don’t have to explain it to me.


Ken: I just don’t want you to find out later and misunderstand something. At least I think I should have told you first. It’s probably better…


Mirai: T..Then why should I misunderstand?

Ken: N.. Nothing! Just let it go…



Sansho: Oh, the girls have arrived.

Tsukune: Wow, they’re all cute.


Shiori: They’re here.

Ayu: Ah, they all look good!

Nami: I told you.


Nami: Hello everyone, this is Ayu. She’s my sister.

Sansho: Nice to meet you. I’m Sansho. These are my friends; Tsukune, Taishiro and Ken.

Girls: Hello!


Ayu: Konoha’s chunins are very cool. Why doesn’t our village have cool men like you guys?

Shiori: That’s right! Hehe.

Tsukune: Haha, not like that.


Yukimae: Ken-san, do you like cakes?

Ken: Yes, I like sweets.

Yukimae: Great, me too! Let’s go to a delicious dessert shop next time and eat together?

Ken: I don’t have much free time, sorry.


Shiori: Ken-san, can you recommend some interesting places in Konoha? I really like this village.

Yukimae: Maybe I can move here hehe.

Ken: Oh, great. My friends know a lot of great places. It would be better to let them recommend some places.


Shiori: Oh..is that so?

Tsukune: Don’t worry. Today we will show you around Konoha!

Ayu: That’s good!


Nami: Then where should we go after this?

Ayu: I want to go to the arcade and play some games.

Then let’s go sing karaoke together. Does that sound good?

Sansho: Of course! We will take you wherever you want to go!!

Shiori: Oh, yes. Taishiro-san, do you like singing?

Taishiro: I, I, I can sing!!


Ken: [whispering] Calm down, you idiots. Lower your voice. And don’t act so excited…

Taishiro: [whispering] Sorry! I was shocked. She suddenly started talking to me…


Girls: So we’re going to go to the toilet first.

Sansho: Yes!


Taishiro: Ah, I’m really excited. I’m not used to girls looking at me!

Tsukune: They look very natural and very different from us.

Sansho: Can you help us talk to girls, Ken!

Ken: It doesn’t have anything to do with me. The people who want to find girlfriends are you guys and not me.

Sansho: Don’t say that, man!


Ken: Alright then, Your Master will pass on courage to you guys, take it.

Sansho: Get your hand off of me!!

Taishiro: We’re getting serious!!


Ken: You noobs, listen, this Grandmaster will teach you…

Guys: You’re so annoying!


Ken: To impress a girl, you need to keep these three things in mind.

1 Don’t get excited, stammer and stop being so unnatural. It will make you look bad.

2 Trying to pay attention to her. Ask her what she likes or dislikes and what her hobbies are. If you know what she likes, this will give us more topics to talk about with her.


3 Don’t ask too much about her personal life because it might make her feel uncomfortable. If she wants to tell you then it’s alright to ask for details. It will let her know that you care about her.

Guys: Got it, Master!


Ken: And I will add number 4 as well – just be yourself. You don’t have to try so hard. You guys are already cool. I’m sure they will like you.

Guys: Thank you. You are always a great consolation to people.

Ken: I’m telling the truth.


Ken: You guys know I’m never lying.



Ken: You told me that you’d pay for dinner for me, right?

Sansho: Hah! Well.. I know!



Ayu: Excellent! Sansho-san sings very well.

Sansho: Well, not that much. Ayu-san also sings well.

Shiori: Next, my turn to sing!


Yukimae: I’d love to hear Ken-san sing a song. Can you just sing for us?

Taishiro: Oh, Ken sings really well!

Ayu: Really? I want to hear it!

Ken: I’ll pass. I ate too many sweets and I have a sore throat.

Girls: Oh, come on~

Tsukune: If you’re going to say that, then stop eating…



Girls: I’m going to the toilet for a moment.

Guys: Okay.


Ken: Why do the girls always go to the toilet so often…

Sansho: Hey, what do you think of Ayu-san? I like her. She is cheerful and so friendly.

Tsukune: Oh yes, and how about Nami-san?


Ken: Hey, I’m going to buy some more water. Do you guys want anything?

Taishiro: I want a soft drink.

Sansho: Oh, can you also buy some snacks too?

Ken: I only have two hands!



Yukimae: But I already asked Sansho-san. Sansho-san said he was still single.

Shiori: But among us. He doesn’t seem to be interested in anyone in particular.


Nami: His friends are cute anyway. And Tsukune-san seems to be interested in me too. But I really like Ken-san. He’s exactly my type, so friendly and kind.

Shiori: Yes, Taishiro-san seems to be interested in me too. But I still don’t want to choose him.


Shiori: I will try to flirt with him anyway. If he really isn’t interested in me. I’ll pick someone else later.

Yukimae: You just choose someone else. I chose him from the start!

Nami: Who cares? It’s up to him.

Ayu: Damn, you guys are really annoying.


Sansho: Hm, Ken, You’re already here? Where are the waters and the snacks?

Tsukune: You just brought one can?


Ken: You guys, let’s go back. We better hangout together. Just us.

– Eh!?

Sansho: What’s wrong with you? Why are you suddenly so stubborn…?


Ken: I’m bored.


– Huh…


Sansho: Oh, well, it can’t be helped.

Tsukune: We should pay for the karaoke first and then bring the girl back to their hostel.


Tsukune: But I will tell you first that we won’t be going home tonight.

Ken: Alright.


Girls: Eh?! Are you guys already leaving? Why?

Girls: Have we been out for too long!? I’m sorry!

Guys: No! It’s nothing like that!


Tsukune: Well, we have other things to do!

Taishiro: I’m really sorry!

Girls: What a pity. We wanted to invite you guys to our room to continue our group date.


Girls: Thank you for walking us back to the hotel. We had so much fun today.

Girls: We should definitely hang out together again!

Guys: Of course!


Yukimae: Tsukune-san, I have something to ask you.

Tsukune: Sure! You can ask me anything.


Yukimae: Ken-san doesn’t really have a girlfriend, right?


Tsukune: Oh, he’s definitely single, but…


Tsukune: He belongs to us.


Girls: Eh!!?

Ken: PFFT!!


Ken: AH HAHAHA, what the hell are you guys talking about? It sounds so creepy when you say it out loud!!

Tsukune: Shut up! Don’t laugh at me!!

Taishiro: It’s because I got this crazy habit from you, you idiot!!

Ken: HAHAHA, did I really do this? It’s creepy!


Sansho: Oh, W-We have to go now, sorry!!


Tsukune: Can you stop laughing!?

Girls: (…they’re really cute)





74 Page

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I can’t wait for next


When will you do the special 5 in kakashi mina?
And what about ken’s childhood? Btw I rlly like your drawings its so good! Im looking forward for more!


I’m going back to working on Ken’s childhood. I love Ken’s childhood story very much.
And I still don’t know when I’ll done Kakashi Mina special 5. 😂


ohh, okayy


I loved the chapter! I love following this story.