Hatake Ken Special 4: Bad habit.

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Thanks for the translation help from my friend steviekins96


Ken: Hey, Mirai-chan!

Mirai: Ah! Ken-senpai.


Ken: Isn’t your break time? Wanna eat?

Mirai: Not yet. I have a Military Rations Pill, by the way.


Ken: Come on! Military Rations Pill? You are too serious about the mission. Let’s go find something to eat in the village!

Mirai: You’re the one who isn’t serious about his missions, senpai! What a lazy person!

Ken: Hey, I’ve just finished the mission, Baka!


– Oh? Mirai?

– Ah.


Mirai: Senpai, just a sec.

Ken: Mm?





Ken: (…What was that? They seem very close.)


Ken: Mirai-chan. Carry on with your work, don’t let me bother you.

Mirai: Eh?


Mirai: Senpai…


Ken: So… that’s the reason why she rejected me… ….I’m upset!


Ken: Whatever! I don’t even care. A person like me never dangled around some girl!



Ken: Well, let me ask her about it!!



Ken: Mirai-chan!?

Mirai: I caught you!


Ken: Hm? Caught me? What happened?

Mirai: Ah… Why did you suddenly leave?


Ken: C… ‘coz… It seems that you have something important to talk about with him…

Mirai: I asked him to patrol for me, so we can go out.


Ken: Eh!

Mirai: Just to go with you, senpai!


Mirai: And…what shall we eat?



Ken: Oh, you just talked to him about that….? Haha… (She was on her duty for the mission. What was wrong with me? Was I too hot-tempered? I wasn’t reasonable… Shame on me!)

Mirai: Well, I heard that you were going to ask somebody something, what was it about?

Ken: N…nothing! Just forget it!



Taishiro: He is there!

Tsukune: Like I said, he will be around here.


Sansho: Hey, Ken! It’s strange to see you around the village. Normally you don’t want to stay because you are afraid to get more work.

Tsukune: That’s right. And you always wear a Chunin uniform.

Ken: Hm?


Ken: Whoa, if anybody hears this they will think I’m a lazy person.

Tsukune: Because that’s your name, dude “The Lazy Ninja, Ken”

Ken: Who made an awful name of mine again!!?

(Ken normally gets the missions that work outside the village in order to avoid working any picky job in the village.)


Tsukune: Ever since you finished the S mission with Mirai, you are always around her. Do you like her?

Ken: Nonsense!


Sansho: “Yes” or “No”, just speak up. I am curious about the answer of the person who doesn’t like to lie like you.

Tsukune: Agree! Haha!


Ken: I, I don’t know either…




Tsukune: Hahaha! Look at his expression! This is my first time seeing this. He always acts so confident as hell.

Ken: Bullshit! What! Why! How did I express myself, huh!?


Sansho: Can I take a shot!? I’m sure we can get a lot of money if we sell it.

Tsukune: Good idea. Girls are gonna make it boom. “Ken-chan’s feeling in-love” Hey, make the face again!

Ken: You diee!!


Ken: You want to die, aren’t you!? Teasing a man like me. Try this, my top jutsu from Naruto-sensei!


Tsukune: You’re serious!? We were just kidding!!

Ken: Too late, man! Get it!!


[Sexy jutsu Ken-chan version]


Taishiro: Damn it! Ken! You’re cruel… Use this kind of jutsu to your lovely friends…

Ken: Oh… three bodies.

Mibuna: Are they children?


Taishiro: Hey, Ken! Look! Those girls from another village are look at you now.


Ken: Hmm? They might look at Tsukune. He is standing out.



Tsukune: I don’t care about them. I already like someone.

Sansho: Wow! Really? Who?


Ken: (This guy hasn’t told her till now?)


Ken: I’m sorry, man. I can’t accept your feelings for me. I like girls, dude. But it’s okay because I know that I’m handsome so it’s hard for you to move on from me.

Tsukune: Get away! Don’t touch my waist!!


Ken: Don’t be shy. C’mon. You said that you like some you’re close friends with…. Did you mean Taishiro?

Taishiro: Don’t mess with me…

Tsukune: Shh! I mean Mibuna!!



Mibuna: E-Eh!!?

Taishiro: He just said it!!

Tsukune: N, no..!! T-that.. is…


Ken: I’m shocked… Then, I have been wrong all the time. I thought that you liked me.

Tsukune: Quit freaking bugging me!!


Ken: Shh… I sulk you. I’m gonna go talk with those girls. C’mon Taishiro, Sansho.

Taishiro / Sansho: Oh, great!

Tsukune: Whatever!!


Ken: Hi. Are you girls from another village? Do you want us to guide you around Konoha?

Girls: Eh! Can you!? Thank you!

Tsukune: H, hey…wait…guyss..



Mirai: Ah! Ken-senpai.


Ken: Mirai-chan!


Ken: Wussp! Why are you here? For a mission? Want me to help?

Mirai: It’s okay. You’re on a date with those girls.


Ken: Eh!! N, not that! They are…

Mirai: I won’t waste your time. Excuse me.


Ken: Hey!! Wait! Mira… Guys, take care of them, sorry!

Taishiro: What! Hey!! (Damn it! I don’t know how to deal with girls!!)


Girl1: Eh! She is his girlfriend?

Girl2: Um, then please excuse us.

Sansho: E, eh! Why so?


Ken: Mirai-chan, please listen to me. I didn’t….

Mirai: Ah, Senpai, you don’t have to explain it to me. It has nothing to do with me.

Ken: Maybe… but…



Taishiro: He looks so pathetic. Seeing a man who’s always confident and playful acting like this makes me feel pity.

Sansho: He always does what he wants and doesn’t really care about others.


Mirai: S, so… you’re having a blind date, right?

Ken: (Oh! She finally listens to me!) N, no… It was…


Ken: (I don’t into them. I teased Tsukune to unintentionally confess his love for Mibuna. So, I pushed Taishiro, Sansho away from Tsukune by using the girls as an excuse)



(Why do I look so freaking bad!! If I tell her what happened she will definitely hate me. Damn it! I can’t lie or tell the truth either!!)

[It is his bad habit without realizing]


Taishiro: Hey, Ken-chan. Are you having a difficult time? Want our help? Just like how you helped Tsukune.

Ken: Please, man. Don’t ever think. Avenge me next time.


Sansho: Mirai, don’t think too much. He did that because he wanted to help Tsukune. Besides, he has no time to flirt with someone like he used to.

Taishiro: Exactly. Confirmed!

Mirai: I, I didn’t think anything, it’s not my problem since…


Sansho: Tsukune, you would have seen his sad face. Such a pity! Hahaha!

Tsukune: That’s too bad!

Ken: Shut up!!

[came back to Tsukune]


Ken: I am in serious trouble! I’ve never been like this before. Thinking too much whenever I speak.

Tsukune: It is a simple thing that you have to do, idiot!


Ken: I did like this “Hey, baby. You’re jealous?” as I used to be.

Sansho: Aww, senpai…

Taishiro: Stop, please!!


Sansho: Well, well! That’s love.

Ken: ….!


Ken: Let’s talk about something else. This isn’t fun.

Sansho: C’mon! Tell us about your mission! You don’t really like to have a mission with people. You agreed to the mission because of her, I know right?

Ken: Because of my dad, baka!

Taishiro: Daddy’s boy…


Ken: (It’s getting worse..)


Ken: Hey, Tsukune. How was your talk with Mibuna?


Tsukune: Oh. She rejected me…

Ken: Damn! S, sorry! I wouldn’t mind you guys!

Tsukune: No worries. I was going to confess to her no matter what. But I was a little angry, baka!

Ken: S, sorry!


Tsukune: She told me that she likes you. Even you rejected her.

Ken: ….!!


Tsukune: Don’t make that face! I won’t give up! Man!


Ken: I am sorry…

Tsukune: You always say sorry although it’s not your fault.




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2 years ago

this is like the best story ever! Keep up the great work and you can post this to Barnes and nobles, I'd buy it!!!! I suck at art but… I would help you with fixing the words in there 😀😀

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