Hatake Ken (Facts): Interview.

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Ken’s interview in Konoha Magazine

[Hatake Ken, the only son of the 6th Hokage. 17 years old. Birthday, January 28th. 180 cm tall. Single.]

Do you like sports?
🌀I like it. I like to play casually with my friends.

What is your favorite sport?
🌀Hmm, maybe basketball. I can play many things. But I really like martial arts more than anything else. But my friend doesn’t want to do it with me.

Can you dance?

Not at all? How about singing?
🌀I don’t like dancing but I like to sing. My mom said that I can sing well too.

Can you sing a song for me?
🌀No, I’m shy.

(After urging, Ken agrees to sing for a bit.)

Oh, you should go be a singer. You sing well and you’re handsome too.
🌀(laughing) No, I’m shy.

Have you ever played any other music?
🌀I’ve tried playing bass and drums. But I’m not very good at it.

Then you can be the singer.
🌀(laughing) If I have to make music. I will be a drummer. I don’t want to stand in front of the stage.

Do you know that many girls like you?
🌀I know, because I’m handsome.

So are you a shy person or a confident person?
🌀I am a shy person.

What kind of woman do you like?
🌀cute, clean, love only me.

Then can it be me (interviewer)?
🌀Yes, of cause.

Do you like girls to flirt with you first?
🌀Hmm… Yes.

If your girlfriend is sulking, what will you do to make up with her?
🌀I’ll tell her to look at my face. If she saw my cute face, she would stop being mad at me.

Okay, you’re really too confident.
🌀I am a shy person.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
🌀If my friends don’t drag me anywhere. I will lie at home and play games or read manga

What are you most afraid of?
🌀…I won’t tell you.



Ken facts 1; Ken is overprotective when it comes to his loved ones.
[Interview with Ninken; Genki and Dane]

Genki: Ken-chan, he never lets us fight our enemies even though we’re hunting ninja dogs. He only keeps using us to track the enemies or to search for information. He is so annoying!

Dane: The 6 Hokage said that Ken-chan had watched a sad movie once where the dog, who was the best friend of the protagonist, died while going on an adventure together. Then he cried and was dismal all day.
Genki: Haha, that guy can cry. Because of this, he avoided watching sad movies again.

Genki: But even so, we are hunters. I’ve never been afraid of danger! He’s always worried and overprotective of us. He’s always been like this!


Ken facts 2; Ken is the type of guy who doesn’t cry or shows his weakness to others.
[When Ken was 10 years old, he cried after watching a sad movie. Kakashi tried to comfort him, but he remained depressed all day.]

Ken: I don’t remember it at all!!



Ken facts 3; Because of his high protector instinct, he always loves to take care of his loved ones.
[Even though he has a lazy habit.]

Ken: Today I will be cooking for us.
Mina: Why is my son so damn cute!!
Ken: Oi, momm!



Fact 4; Ken is the type of guy that likes to sit next to girls who he feels close to. 

[Ken always sleeps on his mothers lap.]

Ken: Well, it’s because women are softer than men.  They are just like cats and I don’t like getting close to men.



Ken facts 5; Ken is the type of guy who doesn’t like to argue with people. (He likes to compromise and doesn’t like competitive people.) He always loses when he’s in an argument with someone, especially women. Ken dislikes fighting with women but he’s always protective over his friend and doesn’t care if they’re women.
[His catchphrase is; yes yes (はいはい。Haihai). He also can say sorry pretty easily.]

Tsukune: Ken is actually a calm person but sometimes it’s easy to get him mad since he doesn’t have much patience.



Ken facts 6; Ken is not picky about food and he doesn’t like wasting food. He doesn’t have a particular favorite food. As long as it’s delicious, he will eat it.
[He also likes sweets, cakes, ice cream, but he doesn’t eat them that often.]

Mina: Ken likes sweets but his father doesn’t. The food he really couldn’t eat was spicy food. I really like to eat spicy food.

(On Valentine’s Day he gets a lot of chocolates, so he always gives it to the children.)



Ken facts 7; When Ken was 12-13, he asked Gai to teach him Taijutsu because Ken is a melee fighter.

[That’s why Ken and Gai are close.]

Gai: Ken seemed playful and isn’t serious about anything but when it comes to fighting, he trains very diligently and he never fights carelessly. Most importantly, he has good skills. He is truly Kakashi’s son.



Ken facts 8; Ken is smart and thoughtful but he is too confident in himself. He doesn’t trust others. Therefore, he tends to deals with many problems by himself. That’s why not everything he does is entirely correct.
[Naruto reports this to his father, Kakashi]

Ken: I’ll do whatever I think is right because I don’t want to regret my decisions later if I don’t do them. If the results aren’t good then I’ll take responsibility for my actions.



Talking about friends


Ken talks about his friends.

[Tsukune] He’s a hot-tempered idiot with a blunt personality, but he loves his friends very much.

[Sansho] Definitely a troublemaker who’s the best at taking my joke. He’s a very cute friend.

[Taishiro] He’s our group’s mediator. Sometimes he acts like an adult and sometimes he’s goofier than me.

[Mibuna] She’s a stubborn girl. I don’t think she needs anyone to protect her.

[Rika] She has a straightforward personality. I’m pretty sure she isn’t really a woman. I don’t even know when we started being close.

[Tomoka] She’s the innocent girl of the group. Perhaps she is the most worrisome.


Tsukune talks about his friends.

[Ken] He’s an annoying idiot who likes to do whatever he wants but being with him is really fun. Although I know why he refuses to go on missions with us. But even then, I still wouldn’t give up.

[Sansho] He can get along with anybody. He’s easy-going.

[Taishiro] I really didn’t like him when we were children but we became close friends. This guy is actually quite naive.

[Mibuna] A tough, naughty girl. She doesn’t show her soft side really often but she is a person who cares very much for her friends.

[Rika] Bakari, she has a blunt personality and likes to use strength. She behaves like a man.

[Tomoka] She’s the most normal one among our girl friends. Plus there are a lot of people who flirt with her.


Sansho talks about his friends.

[Ken] He’s a crazy man who likes to annoy people. He’s not a person who talks much but spending time with him is really fun.

[Tsukune] He’s a loud, outspoken, self-confident type. He loves and cares for his friends a lot.

[Taishiro] A shy idiot who tends to talk awkwardly in front of girls. He is a good supporter of friends.

[Mibuna] She’s the type of person who cares about other people’s feelings. She is always honest with her friends.

[Rika] When we were doing missions together, she likes to go straight ahead. So we gave her the nickname Bakari.

[Tomoka] She’s the gentlest and neatest of the group. You can call her the flower of our group.


Taishiro talks about his friends.

[Ken] A crazy man with an irritating personality but he is often the one who smoothly connects others together.

[Tsukune] He’s an impulsive person but he is considerate and loves his friends very much.

[Sansho] The silly guy who is always chill in every situation but I like his easy-going nature.

[Mibuna] She is a kind person but she often does anything she wants.

[Rika] Bakari, a crazy girl who likes to use her strength. I think she’s similar to Tsukune.

[Tomoka] She is a harmless woman. But her ninja skills were at a good level.


Mibuna talks about her friends.

[Ken] He’s very handsome and cool. He is playful and likes to tease others. But that’s cute. When I’m with him it’s fun, I really like being around him.

[Tsukune] A crazy brawler, he’s the type of person who uses his strength more than his brains. But he loves his friends and is very honest with them.

[Sansho] He is a crazy man who is easy to get along with. He takes the Ken-kun joke really well.

[Taishiro] Even though he looks more mature than his friends, he is actually an naive person and he loves his friends very much.

[Rika] The guys say she’s a tough woman but actually, she has many cute sides. She’s also sincere and straightforward too.

[Tomoka] She is a very innocent person. Because she never thought ill to anyone, so she never saw other people negatively. She is a reliable person.


Rika talks about her friends.

[Ken] There are girls who ask me to play matchmaker because we are close. Also, some people think I like him. Well, he’s handsome, but he’s not my type, and he has a foul-mouthed‬.

[Tsukune] He’s a loud and blunt person but he’s honest with everyone.

[Sansho] A crazy man who likes to annoy me but he is a person who always cares about his friends.

[Taishiro] He is a dependable person but he is clumsy and doesn’t have much self-confidence.

[Mibuna] The pretty girl of our group. She is cute and always kind to her friends.

[Tomoka] She’s cute and adorable. She’s always kind and sincere to everyone. There are a lot of people flirting with her but I don’t see her being interested in anyone.


Tomoka talks about her friends.

[Ken] He’s very kind to everyone. Even though he doesn’t seem to care much about anything, he actually pays attention to other people’s little details.

[Tsukune] He’s a good friend. He’s also very straightforward and sincere.

[Sansho] He’s a funny guy and he is not a demanding person.

[Taishiro] He is the least talkative among us but he is a very considerate person.

[Mibuna] She is a kind person who always cares for everyone and always supports friends.

[Rika] She’s a straightforward person. I’m always envious of her being able to express everything so sincerely like that.




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Love the interview!!! Ken is so funny lol 😂

Isn’t Ken dating Mirai? Or is that later.


Yes, they dating after Ken turned 18. 🥰