Ken Gaiden EP. 3.4: Ken Liar

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Corrected English translation by steviekins96




Ken: We will pass through this tunnel quietly and when we are accessing the hostage, I will deal with the guards quietly. Then we will take the hostage out the same way. Before the guards outside realizes what’s happening, we’re already too far away for them to catch us.

Mibuna: That’s amazing, Ken-kun. You’re able to look through all the ways!


Tsukune: Oh come on! Then I won’t fight the enemy at all. If we do your plan, the missions will always end too quickly. That’s so boring! Let’s go in through the front entrance!

Naruto: Oh, I agree with Tsukune!

Mibuna: Why are you two so hyperactive?!


Ken: Well… it’s possible because we have Naruto-sensei. Fine, let’s go through the front entrance.

Naruto/Tsukune: Oh, I got that!

Mibuna: Then why did you guys waste our time planning a strategy!?





Tsukune: This mission was really fun. When those enemies saw Naruto-sensei, they all gasped in shock. We defeated them quickly, haha.

Mibuna: Yes, everyone knows our Naruto-sensei!

Sansho: Ah, I’m so envious of you guys. It looks like there will definitely be many exciting missions. Plus, you guys get Naruto-sensei!


Ken: And what about you guys? How was your latest escort mission?

Taishiro: We just escorted a rich man back to the land of Earth. We didn’t fight with anyone.

Rika: Yes, no thief came to rob him. It was so boring!

Ken: What are you talking about? Smooth work like that isn’t good?


Tomoka: I envy you guys. Why is it that only my team has done C-rank missions?

Mibuna: It’s okay. There’s a higher level mission coming soon.


Tomoka: But Ken-kun has really good skills. Mibuna always told me that Ken-kun always finds a solution for the team in every situation.

Mibuna: I’m not only talking about Ken-kun!

Ken: Eh?


Sansho: We have to go prepare for this evening’s mission. See you then!

Tomoka: My team is gathering as well. See you again.

Mibuna: Bye.


Tsukune: Hey, we’re…


Mibuna: I really didn’t say that.

Ken: Really? Then why do you look so flurried?


Mibuna: I’m not~



Tsukune: Hey Ken, Can I ask you something.

Ken: Huh?

Tsukune: I mean, you’re… a straightforward person, right? So…


Tsukune: …Do you like Mibuna?


Ken: What! Why are you suddenly asking me that?

Tsukune: Well, I’m just curious!


Tsukune: It doesn’t matter. I’m just asking out of the blue haha.


Ken: Why are you acting like this? Could it be … are you secretly crushing on me, dude?!

Tsukune: No way!! You are so annoying! You bastard!



Ken: Don’t worry. I don’t think of Mibuna more than a friend.

Tsukune: R..Really? But I’m not worried at all, haha.


Ninja: Hatake-san, the Sixth Hokage calls for you. He wants you to meet him at the Hokage’s office immediately.

Ken: Eh, my Dad? What’s going on?


Ken: Then see you tomorrow, Tsukune.

Tsukune: Okay, see you.



Guys: Hey! Hokage’s son! Do you have so much free time that you can relax here?

Ken: ?


Ken: It’s you again? I told you to call me “The Hokage’s handsome son”, remember?

Guys: Stop pissing us off! Idiot!


– You’re a show off! Just because you are the hokage’s son, you always get the cooler missions. And you have Uzumaki Naruto as your sensei.

– Yeah and your skills suck! I know that his exam scores were in the middle range. He only passed because his dad is the Hokage.


Ken: Wow! I upgrade you to my no.1 fan. You know everything! Come here. Where do you want me to sign?

Guys: Arghh! Stupid! Do you want to die?!?


Boy1: Hey, let’s go. If we stay here longer, we may not be able to control ourselves and may end up beating him up.

Boy2: You just wait!

Ken: What, you just show up in places unannounced…


Ken: What’s up dad? Did you call me?

Kakashi: Oh, you’re here, Ken?


I want you to inspect this building structure. I’ve to approve this activation. Apart from that….


…..I see.



Kakashi: You think you can run away from me?


Ken: Are you kidding me? These aren’t tasks for some Genin who got normal scores like me! That’s your job!


Kakashi: Don’t be sneaky! You didn’t realize that I knew you got a lower score on purpose just so you don’t have to take more work. Lazy boy! It’s pretty obvious that you have a high IQ.

Ken: …But this kind of work is better for other positions to do it. I’m just a Genin. People always say I’m using your power, you know?


Kakashi: I only trust you. You’re not only smart but also neat and fast. (If only you weren’t this lazy…)



Ken: Come on. I can’t help it because I’m free right now.

Kakashi: Great!



Mibuna: Ken-kun, after we finished watching the movie, let’s go find something delicious to eat together.

Ken: Oh, sure. Those guys are probably free all day too.


Mibuna: No, I want it to be just the two of us, Ken-kun.

Ken: Eh! But..they will feel slighted to us. Should we at least invite them first?

Mibuna: Oh…


Hana: Oh, Ken-san, what are you doing around here? Are you free today?

Ken: Hey Hana-chan, it’s my team’s holiday these days.


Hana: That’s great. If you’re free, then would you like to go out with me?

Ken: I’m sorry. I have plans with my friends.


Hana: Oh. Again, you always reject me.


Ken: But we can go on a date the day after tomorrow, shall we? I still have a vacation day left.

Hana: Eh!?


Hana: Really? The day after tomorrow? I’m so happy. I’ll wait!

Ken: Well, see you soon.



Mibuna: Ken-kun looks strange today. I don’t know why.

Tsukune: How?


Mibuna: Look at him, everyone who asks him out on a date, he all accepts. Even though in the past he had always avoided them. Plus he ran away from us to talk to those girls. What’s wrong with him?

Tsukune: Haha, I don’t find it strange at all. In the past, it was strange that he didn’t care about anyone even though girls actually approach him all the time. I’m so envious.

Mibuna: Shut up!


Tsukune: You’re jealous, right?

Mibuna: What the hell are you talking about? Why would I be jealous? I didn’t think anything of him at all.

Tsukune: Then why are you mad, you idiot?


Ken: Mom, I’ll be back late today. Don’t wait for me with dinner.


Mina: Don’t come back so late, Ken-chan. I will put dinner on the table.

Ken: Yes, yes.


Ken: Oh, Mirai-chan, are you going home?

Mirai: Yes, Ken-senpai. Where are you going? Isn’t this your holiday?

Ken: I have to go do a mission report with my friends.


Ken: You still tie your hair like this all the time. You’re such a little girl.

Mirai: Don’t tease me!


Mibuna: Ken-kun, I happened to pass this way, so I thought I could stop by and pick you up. Let’s walk together.

Ken: Mibuna?


Ken: Did you happen to pass by here? This zone isn’t a passageway at all, haha.

Mibuna: You’re very noisy. Just let’s go!

Ken: Yes, yes.


Ken: Mirai-chan, I’m going. See you.

Mibuna: See you, Mirai.

Mirai: See you later.






Tsukune: Oh, he fell asleep.

Mibuna: Well. He must have been bored and felt sleepy. Ken-kun doesn’t like doing paperwork. Let him take a nap.


Tsukune: Mibuna, you can go home first. It’s getting late. Ken and I will do it.

Mibuna: You’re the one who should go back first. I’ll continue doing it. Anyway Ken-kun will always take me home.

Tsukune: Come on…


Mibuna: Hehe.



Ken: (I fell asleep. Whenever I work on documents, I always feel sleepy. Where is Tsukune?)



Tsukune: (I finally found this.)





Tsukune: (That guy…)





Mibuna: Shh, I don’t care!


Naruto: Why are you standing vacant here?

Tsukune: Naruto-sensei.


Naruto: Oh. You’re secretly looking at Mibuna. Do you really secretly like her?

Tsukune: I told you it wasn’t!


Naruto: Ken is really popular. The girls are always surrounding him, just like me in the old days, haha!


Tsukune: Sensei, do you know that Mibuna secretly likes Ken?

Naruto: Eh, well…


Naruto: Is it because of this that you have such a sad face? It’s too soon to give up now.

Tsukune: I shouldn’t have said it…


Naruto: Eh.

Tsukune: I know that he is often selfless. Always see his friends as more important than himself. And just because I said it like that…


Naruto: …?




Naruto: Well, that’s him.


Naruto: A person like Ken will never change his mind if he decides to do something. But you don’t have to feel guilty. He would rather see his friends happy, so…

Tsukune: Me too!


Tsukune: That bastard thinks only he can act like a selfless hero? If he plans to back down for me I will do the same for him too!



Naruto: Come on, you idiots…


Naruto: You guys really love each other, you know?



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