Ken Gaiden EP. 3.3: Life that worthless than insects.

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Corrected English translation by steviekins96




Help! Help me, please!!


Leave me alone!!





Naruto: HA!


Tsukune: Ah, it’s so overgrown. Why is the village we’re going to in the middle of a forest?

Mibuna: That’s right, there isn’t even a road to the village.

Naruto: Come on, we almost reached the village.



Ken: Oh, Mibuna, a giant caterpillar is clinging on your bag.


Mibuna: K..Ken-kun.. Don’t joke around like that.

Ken: It’s true, it’s there.

Tsukune: Oh, that’s right, it’s a really big one.


Ken: Oh, it’s already climbing up there.


Mibuna: Ahhh!! Take it out!!

Ken: Hey!



Mibuna: Take it out, Ken-kun, take it out!!

Ken: Okay, okay.. Just stay still…


Ken: Here it is, I took it out. You don’t have to be afraid anymore.

Mibuna: Take it away!!

Ken: I..I’ll put them over there in the bushes…


Tsukune: Normally you are so tough so I can’t really understand how you can be afraid of worms?

Mibuna: Shut up!!


Mibuna: I’m not like Ken-kun. He gets along with all kinds of animals.

Ken: What are you talking about?


Ken: I don’t think they look scary at all. Look, they’re fat and cute.

Mibuna: Take them away from me. BAKA!




Village Leader: I’m very grateful to the ninjas from Konoha who traveled all the way to our village so they can help us here.

Naruto: You’re welcome. Please tell us all the details.


Village Leader: A few months ago, a group of ninjas from nowhere came to our village. They came to offer us jobs. Anyone who agrees to work with them will immediately receive a large amount of money in advance. But everyone who went with them never came back.

Mibuna: Why!?

Village Leader: They claim that everyone is still working, so they can’t come back to the village but I don’t believe what they tell us. I think something bad happened to the villagers who went with them.


Village Leader: But even so, there are many families who want to go with them in exchange for that money. As you can see, our village is very poor. Even I can’t stop them from going with those ninjas. As the village leader, I can’t bear to see so many people leave their families to earn money for their families like this.


Village Leader: So please find out about my villagers and please deal with these ninjas for us too.

Naruto: Understood. You can trust us!



Villager: Hey, they’re back!


Female Villager: You came back. How about my husband? He hasn’t come back yet? I want him to come home now.

Ninja: Don’t worry too much. He still wants to continue working for a lot of money to make you guys happy.

Female villager: B..but this is too long. Can I contact him?


Ninja: Sigh. Here’s the money your husband gave you. Stop asking about him.


Woman Villager: I don’t need any money. I said I wanted to contact my husband. Can you take me to him?

Ninja: Damn. I said your husband doesn’t want to come back yet. Take the money and step back!


Ninja: Well, we need one more to go to work. Anyone else interested? This time you guys will get a lot of extra money!


Village girl: Regardless of gender, right?

Ninja: Oh!


I will go with you guys. I want to earn money to take care of my parents. They are very old. Please take me with you.


Ninja: Wow! Who is this beautiful girl? I didn’t know that there would be a beautiful girl in this village. Sure, girl. We’d be happy to take you with us, haha.

Ninja: Oh, but it’s a pity too, haha.

Naruto: What are you pity about?


Mibuna: You idiots. If you fall for our Sensei’s trick you guys will get in trouble.

Ken: This Jutsu is useful.


Villager: No, take me instead. I want to work with my husband. He’s been out with you guys for months. I want to meet my husband, please!

Ninja: You again?


Male Villager 1: No! I told you that this time I will go.

Male Villager 2: Pick me instead. I will work hard. Please give money to my family!

Ninja: Sigh, I told you we can only take one person at a time.


– Take me, please, I’m begging you!

– No, you have to let me go first!



Villager: Thank you very much for choosing me to work with you guys. If my family doesn’t get this money from you guys we will be in trouble forever.

Ninja: It’s okay, I like helping people anyway.


Naruto: Don’t get too close. The other party was ninjas, they might be aware of it.


Tsukune: Unbelievable. Why do they still want to go with these ninjas if they know that the people who went with them never came back

Naruto: Because they want to do this for their family.


Female Villager: I won’t let you go. You don’t even know when you’ll be back. Our child has just been born.

Male Villager: We need money to support our child. I’m going to make a lot of money and come back to you and the baby as soon as possible, I promise.

Ninja: If you don’t change your mind, just come.




Mibuna: Where are they going?



Villager: Wait, it is… Do we really have to go in?

Ninja1: Haha, you know this place too?

Ninja2: That’s right, it’s a sacred cave where one enters and never leaves again. But we can always go in and out.


Villager: Please, take me out. Aren’t you taking me to work with you?

Ninja: Here it is, your new workplace.


Ninja 1: Listen, if you stay here your family will get more money. You want to earn money until your child grows up, right?

Ninja 2: Don’t worry. I’m going back to your village. and will give your wife money according to the promised amount. I assure you that your child will not have any money trouble when he grows up.


Villager: You guys promised me…

Ninja: Oh, don’t worry. You just stay here.


Ninja: God, come and take this sacrifice. and opened the way for us.


Ninja: Alright, let’s hurry and get out of here.


Naruto: What the hell are they talking about?

Mibuna: Let’s go out and save him.

Ken: Wait and see for a while.



Ah, you’ve come out to get me.



Please help my wife and children to be happy forever.





Villager: W.. Who are you guys? What are you doing here?

Naruto: Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Villager: But you will be punished by the gods!!

Naruto: Eh!? God?


Ken: That’s….



Ninja 1: Now the gods must have come to receive the sacrifice.

Ninja 2: From now on, we need to hurry and get all the treasures out as quickly as possible. The villagers are starting to ask more and more people to work with us.


They’re so annoying. Even though their lives weren’t worth anything. In exchange for the money earned, it should have been enough.




– What is this!! We’ve already sacrificed a human, why!!?

– RUN!!



Ninja: What? Who are you guys!!?

Naruto: Give up, you guys have no escape. If you go inside, you guys will surely be eaten.

Ninja: Damn! You guys took our sacrifice.


Naruto: They are people, not your sacrifice!

Mibuna: You use other people’s lives as bait so that you can go and get the treasure inside?

Tsukune: You guys are the worst!


Shut up! Their lives aren’t worth that much. Mind your business!


[Earth Release Stone Meteorites Fall]

Ninja: Ah, what are you doing!!?


Ninja: H.. Help!!


Naruto: Ken, are you okay!?

Ken: I’m fine but that guy escaped inside? Wasn’t he afraid of being eaten?


Ninja: Hmm, that bastard escaped by himself. Plus he hurt his people.

Naruto: What? That means there is a way out!?


Ken: I’ll find him myself!

Mibuna: No Ken-kun, it’s dangerous!

Ken: I’ll be careful.


I won’t get caught. At least I know a way out. I have to leave before I get eaten by the gods.



Ken: Do you really think I’ll let a wicked person like you escape?




Ken: He uses Earth Release to insert into the rift to expand the exit? Does he still have strength left?




H-Help me!! Pull me up, I give up! I’m going to let you guys catch me, Please!!?


Ken: People like you who use another life for your own greed, do not deserve my help. Should I let you fall down on your own or should I cut off your arm?

Ninja: What the hell are you talking about?! Don’t do that!! I didn’t do anything wrong! Those people volunteered to come with us, didn’t they?

Ken: But you didn’t tell them that you would let them die for you?


Ninja: Please! You should give us a chance. If you do this, you’re no different from me!!

Ken: Who cares?


‘Cause your life right now is more worthless than an insects.



Ninja: H..Help me! I don’t have any chakra left. I.. I’m going to fall! Please!

Ken: ……


Naruto: Hold on!!

Ninja: H..Help!!


Naruto: Give me your other hand, hurry up! Ken, come on!!



Tsukune: Ken!

Mibuna: Ken-kun, are you aright!?

Ken: I..I’m okay…




Tsukune: I’m never going to hug you!!


Ken: But why? I saw the sad look on your face. I thought you were jealous of Mibuna. You can hug me, you know? I don’t mind.

Tsukune: I’m not jealous and I didn’t make a sad face either! You are so annoying!!





Village Leader: Since the Third Ninja World War it is said that a group of ninjas hid their plundered treasures in a cave to avoid being hijacked during the war. But after the war ended, no one was able to get the treasure because no one could come out. It turned out that people believed that there was a god guarding the treasure inside. But it’s actually crocodiles?


Ken: I really want to thank you for listening to my request by building a pit for crocodiles and pledged to continue to take care of these crocodiles.

Village Leader: No need to thank me. Because now these crocodiles have become the lucky animals of our village. We really can’t deny it. It’s because these crocodiles have been taking care of those treasures for decades. Until today, we have all possessions instead of going to those bad guys.


Naruto: It turns out that the village became prosperous immediately because of those crocodiles. The village leader wants to take care of the crocodile and compensate the families of those who lost their lives because they were victims. He’s a very kind leader.

Mibuna: I’m very happy that all ended well.



Naruto: Ken, you know… We don’t have to kill all our enemies. No matter how bad they are.


Ken: I don’t understand. Why do we have to spare bad people’s lives like that? His life wasn’t that valuable.


Naruto: What are you talking about? Every life is precious, you know? You begged the villagers not to kill those crocodiles.

Ken: It’s a bit different. Those bad people don’t value other people’s lives. It’s basic logic, isn’t it? If we don’t want anyone to do that to us, we shouldn’t do that to other people first.


Ken: And because he doesn’t value other people I wouldn’t value him either. I haven’t done anything wrong.

Naruto: I’m not going to say what you did was wrong but some people grow up not realizing the impact. Until they get their lesson, you know?


Naruto: People can change, you know? If you just give them a chance they might change and become good people one day. Killing isn’t always a good solution.


Naruto: That is why we have a prison.


Ken: I got it…

Tsukune: What are you guys talking about?

Naruto: Nothing, Just ignore it, Tsukune.

Mibuna: What? Are you guys keeping secrets now?




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Amazing as always!!!! You have an amazing talent, and I can’t wait for the next one!! 😍