Ken Gaiden EP. 3.2: Copy Tsukune

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Corrected English translation by steviekins96




Man: Damn, I accidentally fell down here.. What is this place? It’s full of fog. I can’t see anything around here…


Unknown: Come this way…

Man: Who’s that over there!? Help me!


Man: Eh!? That’s me! What the hell is this!!?


Unknown: Yes, I am you. I know everything about you. I know your pain. I’m the only one who understands how you feel. If you come here by my side, you won’t have to suffer anymore.

Man: What the hell are you talking about!?


Unknown: Her death was really your fault. She must have survived a lot, right? No matter what anyone says, the truth is it really is your fault.


Man: I..I… yes, it’s really my fault.

Unknown: You’re stuck with the pain of losing her and that guilt you’re carrying in your heart. It’s very painful, isn’t it?


Unknown: Give me your hand. If you stay here with me, you will have peace and feel no pain.





[The 6th Hokage’s home]


Kakashi: Ken, are you done yet? Your mom is waiting with your breakfast downstairs. You have to eat something before you go on your mission.

Ken: I’m almost done and going down.


Ken: By the way, dad. Can you look over the information of “Valley of Lonely”? I have to go to find the missing person here. I couldn’t really find much about that place.

Kakashi: Sure.


Ken: Apart from the almost hundred-year-old legend from the locals, I know almost nothing about it.

Kakashi: I see. It’s a forbidden place so no one is allowed to enter. The reason for this is because a lot of people have disappeared in there.


Kakashi: According to your notes, it says that everyone who comes across that place will get summoned by a mysterious voice. The farther they followed the voice, the more difficult it was to find their way out. It’s because inside is a valley that is covered with fog all the time. There is a theory that those who walk into that fog will never find their way out. Combined with the fear, it made a lost person lose control.

Ken: Does it sound like a siren?


Kakashi: You’ve got a lot of information. You should be careful about getting lost due to that fog and from possible Genjutsu. There may be a lot of unexpected things inside. Are you sure you want to do this mission? Should I send another team to help?

Ken: You worry too much. This mission looks very exciting. Nobody from my team is worried.


Kakashi: You’re not worried because you’re sure this mission isn’t related to ghosts, am I right?


Ken: Thinking about it makes me so frustrated! On my previous mission you just intended to tease me right? ‘Cause you know I’m scared of it. You should tell me first if there are ghosts involved!

Kakashi: Yes, yes. Let’s go eat. I’m hungry now.


Ken: Then give me a piggyback ride.

Kakashi: Hey, you’re heavy. Are you a child?

Ken: Yes, I am.


Kakashi: Sigh, when you’re in front of girls, you tend to act cool, but when you’re at home you act like a kid.. Why are you so heavy?

Ken: You’re so fussy, old man.


Naruto: We have arrived, Valley of Lonely.

Tsukune: Awesome!

Mibuna: So beautiful!

Naruto: There seems to be no way to go downstairs. We’ll have to walk down the cliff.


Ken: I’ll tie a rope here. If anyone gets lost, just follow this rope back to the starting point. Keep an eye on the symbols we made along the way and don’t walk too far from each other. Everyone understand?

– Yes!


– Oh, the deeper we go down, the more we can’t see anything. No wonder so many people got lost here.


Tsukune: Oh!


Naruto: Eh, what is this?

Tsukune: A clay statue? It looks like a human. So cool.

Mibuna: Why is there such a thing at this place? It’s creepy.


Ken: Don’t touch anything. We don’t know anything about this place, so be careful.

Tsukune: I..I know. You’re being very careful.



Tsukune: Ugh!


Naruto: Tsukune!? What happened?


Tsukune: Haha, it’s nothing, I stumbled on something.

Mibuna: You’re really clumsy!

Ken: I just told you not to walk too far away from the group.


– Eh?



– What the hell is this!!? Why are there two Tsukune!?

Tsukune: Who are you!?

Tsukune: What!? I’m the one who should ask who the hell you are!!?


Ken: I’m sorry. I have to tie you up until we find out who the real one is.

Tsukune: It’s okay, I need to find out who this guy really is. How dare you pretend to be me?

Tsukune: That’s my line you bastard! You watch out!


Naruto: So how do we prove who the real Tsukune is?

Ken: We’ll have to ask them personal questions only he can answer. Then we can let them use Tsukune’s jutsu one by one.

Mibuna: That’s a good plan. I’ll ask them some questions about our childhood. There’s no way the fake one can answer those questions.



Naruto: Unbelievable. Both of them can use Tsukune’s jutsu and they also answer all of our questions correctly.

Ken: How is it possible for the copy to have memories of the real one? What exactly is this place?


Mibuna: You’re not joking around with us by using your shadow clone to tease us, are you?

Tsukune: What?! Why would I do that?!


Naruto: A shadow clone!? I’ve figured out a good way.

Mibuna: Eh, really? Great! Naruto-sensei!


Tsukune: Eh?


Tsukune: W..Wait Naruto-sensei!!



– AHH!!


Naruto: Eh, that’s weird. Why didn’t the shadow clone disappear?

Mibuna: I forgot that Naruto-sensei uses his powers more than his brains…


Naruto: Maybe I didn’t hit hard enough..?

Tsukune: Stop! Naruto-sensei. Are you going to kill me!? The two of you, please stop him. I can’t run away from him right now!

Ken: S.. Sorry.


Mibuna: So how do we know who the real one is when their personalities and actions are all the same?

Ken: Now I know who the fake one is.


Mibuna: Eh, really? Ken-kun will…


Naruto: Hey, wait! Are you going to use Purple Electricity? Isn’t it too dangerous?








Ken: I knew it.

Naruto: A clay statue!?

Tsukune: Eh, it’s not human!?

Mibuna: Eh, it’s like the clay statues around here can disguise us all, isn’t it!?


Tsukune: Ken, how did you know I’m the real one? That guy can copy me 100%? I’m amazed.

Mibuna: Yes, I wonder too?

Ken: Because of the sound.


Ken: When Naruto-sensei hit your heads, the sound was clearly different. The hit sound from him was like when we hit the pounding of clay that was compacted. However, your voice is different because the human skull is composed of a lot of water. The sound will be more resonant and we’re surrounded by clay statues, it made me so confident that he’s definitely not human.

Naruto: R..right?


Mibuna: Wow, that’s amazing, Ken-kun! Honestly, I didn’t even notice that.

Tsukune: Awesome! It’s just in the blink of an eye!

Naruto: He’s really observant, this guy.

Ken: I’m actually more grateful for Naruto-sensei’s rashness.


Naruto: Looks like this is a big deal. Anyway, it’s getting dark here. Please stay close to each other and be careful not to touch these statues.

– Yes, sir!


Unknown: I didn’t think the day would come where the famous Uzumaki Naruto would come to this place like that. I won’t miss this chance.


Mibuna: Ew! What is this place? The deeper we go, the more human skeletons are laying around.


Ken: Naruto-sensei. There are skeletons here, but the clothes still look new. This is very strange.

Naruto: That’s right. Near almost all the corpses there is also a clay statue.

Mibuna: I think it must be related to the statue that can copy Tsukune.


Mysterious Voice: Everyone…


Naruto: That voice… isn’t it Tsukune!?

Mibuna: Yes, they copied him again?

Tsukune: Of course, let’s take care of it!





Tsukune: There he is! He’s definitely another copy of me! Just kill him!

Tsukune: Don’t listen to him. He is the fake one. He imprisoned me here and sent two copies of me to see you guys.

Naruto: What the hell is this!?


Mibuna: Don’t lie, Ken-kun said the sounds the fake one’s body made is different from the real one. And Tsukune here is a real human not a clay statue. How can they both be fake!?

Tsukune: That’s right, this fake one is lying! Let’s deal with him!


Naruto: Ken, what do you think?

Ken: ….It looks like he’s being captured. Why would the fake one be imprisoned like that?

Tsukune: Because he’s trying to fool you guys that he’s the real one. What else do you guys have to think about? I’m the real one here!



Ken: …Tsukune, can I tie you up again?

Tsukune: What, you still don’t trust me!?

Naruto: I’m sorry, Tsukune, please do as Ken says.

Tsukune: Sensei, you too!?



Tsukune: Alright.


Naruto: Hey, what are you doing!?

Mibuna: Tsukune!?

Tsukune: You saw that right, Tsukune?


That they never trusted you.


Mibuna: What?! Are you really the fake one!?

Naruto: Let Tsukune go, you idiot!!

Ken: Who the hell are you? How do you know so much about him?

Tsukune Copy: Haha, because I’m him.


Tsukune Copy: Am I right, Tsukune? They only listened to Ken’s words. It’s always like this. And are you still important to team 7?


Naruto: What the hell are you talking about? Tsukune has always been important to us. He is my student!

Ken: Stop trying to make us fight each other, you fake!

Mibuna: Yes, we believe what Ken-kun said because he’s the smartest and most thoughtful one of our team. You got caught twice because of him, so are you trying to agitate us?!


Mibuna: Well, I’m not saying Naruto-sensei is stupid.

Naruto: Yeah right! I won’t know if you’re not telling me!


Ken: Tsukune’s personality, if he saw his copy, he would have run to deal with the copy by himself. But you keep telling us to deal with it. You don’t know about this character of him, do you?


Tsukune Copy: Well, it’s true. I can only copy his appearance because I got his chakra but I couldn’t guess all his thoughts and actions. You know, these mists sent me all of his memories. I know more about Tsukune than you guys.

Tsukune: There’s no way! You don’t know me at all!


Tsukune Copy: Outwardly, you’re always cheerful but deep down you’re still lonely, right? You lost your family because of the 4th Ninja World War. How can your friends who have a warm family and a perfect life like that understand you? I’m the one who understands you the most.


Tsukune Copy: You followed my voice. That means deep down you need someone who really understands you. That’s me. Come stay by my side here, Tsukune.


Naruto: Stop talking nonsense and return Tsukune to us, you bastard!!




Tsukune Copy: Y..You.. (So fast!!)

Naruto: Oh, you can move to another clay statue?



Ken: Tsukune, stay still!

Tsukune: O..Okay!


Tsukune Copy: Damn it, give him back!!


Naruto: Tsukune belongs to us, idiot!


Ken: Are you okay!?

Tsukune: The clay squeezed my legs. My limbs are completely numb.

Mibuna: Stay still, I’ll heal you!


Tsukune Copy: Shit, Uzumaki Naruto! Alright, Let me see how strong you are?


Eh, what is this!!? Can the statues around here move!?





Ken: It’s a lot!

Naruto: How much chakra does he have that he’s able to control all of this?

Tsukune Copy: It’s the chakra of someone who got lost here. Resides within the statue are their spirits and their chakras.


Ken: What, a spirit!?

Naruto: It’s ghosts again!?

Mibuna: Come on, you two!


Tsukune Copy: They chose to stay here with me because only I understood them. Tsukune will be here with me too!!

Mibuna: Stop talking nonsense, you fake!


Mibuna: Sensei, if inside the statue are the souls of people, it means we have to destroy statues to free them!

Naruto: Well, that’s true…

Ken: If we set them free, then they won’t follow us right!?




Tsukune Copy: W..What is this? What the hell is this power!? No, my chakras, my friends!!


Ken: Stop acting like you really wish them well. You just want their spirits and their chakras. Tsukune is our best friend. We are the ones who understand him the most, not you!

Naruto: Give up and go back to your original form. I don’t want to hurt you when you have Tsukune’s appearance.


Tsukune Copy: Huh, how can you understand him? Your life is all good. Your father is a Hokage. Your family is so warm. Plus there are many people who love you. How are you going to understand him?

Ken: That’s not the point at all!


Tsukune Copy: As for you, you have a caring family. Your Academic results are good. You are loved by your friends. I don’t see how people like you can understand Tsukune at all. Am I right?


Naruto: Then what about me?



Tsukune Copy: (This guy…. his memories…)


Naruto: You know, we don’t have to go through the same things to be able to empathize with our friends. What matters the most is the love friends have for each other that can make us understand each other. That’s how we can call it a true friendship.


Naruto: Tsukune is a very important friend of ours, just so you know. You fake.



Tsukune Copy: Tsukune, don’t believe them. I’m the one who understands you the most. Come here, stay with me.


Ken: Tsukune! What are you going to do?


Ken: Sensei, what are you doing? We have to stop him!


Tsukune Copy: Yes, just like that, I’ll be by your side.


Tsukune Copy: Eh?


Tsukune: This is the Rasengan Naruto-sensei taught me. Even if I’m dumb and difficult to understand anything, Sensei never tires to stop teaching me.


Tsukune: And Ken and Mibuna have always stayed by my side, trying to help and support me.


Tsukune: You can see my memory but you can’t reach my mind, you know!!

Tsukune Copy: UGH!!




Old Man: I planned for you guys to pick one of my copies to kill from the beginning. I wanted you guys to drown in guilt for thinking that you killed the real Tsukune. When you guys got weaker, I planned to absorb your chakras and steal all your spirits. But… where did my plan go wrong?


Old Man: Now..I don’t have any chakras and spirits left in the clay statues…


[Because of this, the mist that lingered in the Valley of Lonely had completely dissipated. All remaining statues were destroyed by Team 7. From now on, there are no more missing people in this valley.]


[Because of love and care from those people around you, the mission was a success.]

Mibuna: Is Tsukune hungry? Just eat this snack!

Ken: Eat the juice that I brought with me. It’s useful.

Naruto: Let’s rest here. Tsukune must be tired.

Tsukune: Stop smothering me more than usual, it’s creepy!!





Team 7 is tasked to find the missing people in the “Valley of Lonely”. The place inside is shrouded in thick fog. It is a forbidden area where hearsay has it that anyone who gets lost in it, will be summoned by a mysterious voice. The farther they followed the voice, the more they couldn’t find their way back.
When Team 7 entered that valley, the first thing they encountered were numerous clay statues that looked like humans. Tsukune accidentally touched the clay statues. Suddenly, they found two Tsukune with them but Ken uses his wits to figure out who the real Tsukune is.
When they went deeper, they found many human skeletons in that valley. They must continue to solve the mystery of this valley.

They encountered an enemy with Kekkei Genkai that could absorb chakra and steal people’s spirits for his own existence, through the clay statues he created from his chakras. If anyone touches the clay statue, some chakra will be absorbed and their body copied. He also used mist that could access the memories of those who had inhaled it. Then weakened people from those painful memories. When people’s hearts are weak and plummeting, he can absorb people’s chakras and spirits.

Although Tsukune has a traumatic past from the loss of his loved ones, his mentality was strong enough so he wasn’t easily influenced by enemies. The important thing is because of the love and understanding of his teammates who are always by his side, he wasn’t affected by the bad guy.
Love and understanding are therefore always important to creatures, not just humans.




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