Ken Gaiden EP. 3.1: The Exorcising Mission?

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Corrected English translation by steviekins96



Mibuna: Ken-kun, there’s this new movie coming. Do you want to go see it together?

Ken: Hmm, Sure! What movie is it?

Mibuna: It’s this one!


Ken: A romantic drama? Can I pass? I don’t like this kind of movies at all.

Mibuna: Is that so? What kind of movie would you like to watch? I can watch everything if you like it.

Ken: Let’s watch this ghost movie instead. What do you say?


Taishiro: Hey, a ghost movie? I really want to watch it!

Sansho: It’s interesting! I will go with you guys too.

Ken: Oh, Great! Let’s all go and see the movie together.

Mibuna: Why are you guys here!?



Mibuna: I really liked it! Ghost movies are interesting to watch as well.

Taishiro: Why is the person‘s face, who said they want to watch ghost movies, so pale? Haha.

Sansho: You two were scared, right?

Tsukune: What the hell are you talking about! Who would be afraid of something like that!


Tsukune: We have to go now. Naruto-sensei made an appointment for us to receive a mission this afternoon.

– Okay, see you.


[Background from Naruto Shippuden – 499]


Tsukune: Rokudaime Sama, we want to have higher than a C or D Rank missions. Please let us have some exciting missions.

Naruto: I agree with Tsukune, Kakashi-sensei.

Kakashi: Well, this is just like the old times.


Kakashi: Actually… There is this B level mission but on second thoughts… I don’t think you guys want this one.

Tsukune: That’s not a problem at all, Rokudaime Sama. We can even handle A-Rank missions!

Naruto: That’s right, Kakashi sensei. Don’t underestimate them. They are really good at teamwork.


Kakashi: Ken, what do you think?

Ken: Eh? We have Naruto-sensei all along.

Kakashi: Mm..alright, then.



Village Leader: You are the ninjas from Konoha that came to help us with the exorcism, aren’t you?

Naruto: Y…yeah…

Guy1: Hey! Everyone! We’re safe now! They are the ninjas from Konoha!

Guy2: Fantastic! If you can drive them out, we don’t have to be afraid anymore!


Village Leader: A lot of exorcists have already been here but all of them were attacked. In addition, villagers who leave their homes at night tend to disappear often.

Naruto: That’s why you wanted Shinobis to expel them? Haha…

Guy: We’ve known that Shinobis from Konoha are the best! Nothing can beat you, isn’t that true!?



Ken: Naruto-sensei, shouldn’t we check around the village once more?

Naruto: No… that’s alright. We already checked out the area when we arrived. There was nothing wrong. Let’s take a rest. Haha…

Tsukune: Y…yeah! Better go to bed quickly so we can check it carefully in the morning, right?




Mibuna: What are you guys doing?! Aren’t you going to look around the village!?

Tsukune: Hey, what are you talking about? We just arrived here. We have to take a rest. Besides, didn’t the villagers say that if we go out at night, we might be kidnapped by ghosts?

Naruto: Y..yes. Let’s check it out in the morning…

Mibuna: C’mon, sensei. You actually agree with him?


Ken: Hey! Are you okay with sleeping alone? Do you want to sleep here?

Mibuna: Eh! Ken-kun… Nonsense! Asking me to sleep next to you, out of blue?! Baka!

Ken: Oh… I didn’t mean it like that…

Tsukune: Don’t worry about her. She’s unbeatable.


[2 hours later]


Naruto: (Damn it… I wanna pee. I forgot to pee before the sun got down… What should I do?)


Naruto: Hey…Ken..Tsukune…

Ken: (murmur)..what…Naruto-nii chan…?

Naruto: I… You don’t want to go to the bathroom? Go together.

Tsukune: Noo…I’m sleepy…Zzz

Naruto: Hey! I don’t know the way to the bathroom… Come with me!


Ken: You go straight then turn left at the corner… Zzzz

Naruto: Hey! BAKA! Wake up!



Naruto: H…here is it! There!


Naruto: Damn it… Such a bad atmosphere. The buildings are very old too. Maybe that’s because the villagers couldn’t work properly. However, asking for Shinobis to expel evil was too much…




Naruto: Arhhhh! It appeared!!

Ken: Ah! Naruto-sensei’s voice?!


Mibuna: What happened?!! I heard Naruto-sensei scream?!


Ahhhhh!! It appeared again!!!


Mibuna: What are you guys doing!? Jezz!

Naruto: T..they really appeared!!

Tsukune: Yes! Mibuna! Sensei saw it in the bathroom! The village leader told us that we’re the only ones in this building!!


Mibuna: In the bathroom? Good! Let’s catch it!! It must be a person disguised to scare you. I don’t believe there is a ghost!

Naruto: No no way! Who would disguised as a ghost at night just to haunt some villagers!?


Mibuna: I can’t depend on any men! I’ll do it by myself!

Ken: Hey! Don’t go! We can check it out in the morning.

Mibuna: Are you joking? Idiot! Who would it be to catch!


Mibuna: [Screamed]


What’s happening!? Mibuna!!




Mibuna: Hahaha! Excellent! Although you guys are extremely scared of ghosts, you are still worried about me… Right?

Ken: What are you playing!? BAKA!

Mibuna: C’mon! There was nothing. Naruto-sensei might have been too scared, so he imagined it by himself.

Naruto: Hey! I am not scared!!


Mibuna: Men.. men.. I’ll go to bed now. Don’t make a noise again. I’m afraid that the villagers will know that the men from Team 7 are scared of ghosts.



Naruto: (Am I too scared so I’m paranoid…?)


Ken: Sensei, I wanna pee…

Tsukune: Me too… Let the three of us go together, yeah?

Naruto: I’ll kill both of you!



Naruto: Ah, this is really relaxing. It’s not that bad at night here.

Tsukune: Yes, it’s very quiet here.


Tsukune: Even though I often encounter strange things, this place is very nice to live in.

Ken: That’s right.

Naruto: Eh?


You all… have to get out of here…..


Naruto: Ahhh, it appeared again!!

Ken/Tsukune: This time they can talk?!!!

Mibuna: Again!?


– Ah, go away!!

Mibuna: It’s embarrassing. They’re so loud that all the villagers can hear them.


Naruto: Where did it go!?

Ken: I saw a shadow over there!

Mibuna: Haha, they’re just like kids. It’s so funny. I doubt they’re so scared that they would imagine things again. Maybe they mistook a bush as a ghost?



Mibuna: You pervert!!


How dare you come over and spy on me!!?


Mibuna: If I catch you I’ll kill you for sure!!






Mibuna: [Scream]

– AHHHH!!!


Mibuna: I already told you guys that I intended to catch the pervert. I didn’t sneak a peek at you guys! And I haven’t even seen anything!!


Tsukune: Do you think I will believe you? No villager would dare to leave the house after sunset. If you want to come up with an excuse to spy on us then use something believable. You pretending to be a ghost would be more believable.

Mibuna: I have no interest in spying on you guys, you bastard!!

Ken: But maybe she actually saw a ghost. It could have been the same one as we saw…


Mibuna: That guy isn’t a ghost because when I threw a kunai at him they fell down a tree. A ghost can’t be attacked! This person is definitely a pervert!

Naruto: You brought weapons into the onsen too? Dangerous girl…

Mibuna: Well, it can’t be helped, Naruto-sensei. I have to be careful of these psychopaths!


Tsukune: But now you’re a psychopath. Sneak a peek at men in the onsen.

Mibuna: I said I didn’t mean to!!

Village Leader: Excuse me.

Naruto: Hi, Hideo-san.


Village Leader: I have ordered dinner for you guys.

Naruto: Oh, thank you very much!


Tsukune: Wow, that’s great! These are expensive foods!

Mibuna: It looks so delicious!


Naruto: All those dishes look really expensive… You really didn’t have to do this for us. We are not picky with our food…

Hideo: Don’t worry about it. I’m really thankful that the ninjas from Konoha came here to help us. I want to take good care of you guys.

Tsukune: [whisper] But we aren’t much of a help…

Ken: Shh!


Hideo: The villagers have a lot of respect for the ninjas from Konoha. You are their hope but if you insist that this is not the right place for them to live in, they will move out as you suggest.

Naruto: Seriously…?


Hideo: So even if you don’t succeed in exorcising those ghosts, that’s fine. Just be honest with our people. I understand that it’s not a ninja’s work. So please, just enjoy eating our food and don’t worry about it.

Naruto: T..Thank you for understanding us. Anyway, we will do our best!


Ken: I’d like to gather more information on this part of the village. We did a survey during the day but it felt like it was not the same as in this map.

Hideo: Alright.


Hideo: In this zone, some of the villagers and their families have all moved away and most of the houses have been demolished. That’s why this is a deserted area. There isn’t anything interesting in that part of the village.

Ken: Oh, is that so?


Ken: You hold the chopsticks and the pen with your right hand. Are you right handed? At first, when I saw you carrying heavy things with your left hand, I thought you were left-handed. Or are you good at both?

Hideo: You’re really observant. Actually, I’m right-handed.


Hideo: But I worked too hard today and my right arm is very tired, so I tried to use my left side instead.

Naruto: Oh, you’re working so hard and still brought food to us. Thank you very much!


Mibuna: He’s a really good leader. He cares about the villagers and has to take care of the village at night alone. He also welcomed us well.

Naruto: That’s why we must not disappoint everyone in the village, you know? We must bring the villagers back to their normal life’s by any means.

– Of course!



Kids: Nii-san, I brought you an Omamori against ghosts.

Naruto: Eh, an Omamori (Japanese amulets)? Thank you very much!


Mibuna: The kids here are so cute. During the day they can play and have fun.

A villager: The children here are very fond of the ninjas from Konoha.

Kids: Yes, when I grow up I will be a ninja just like you guys!

Naruto: Go for it!


Kids: And you guys can exorcise ghosts for us, right?

Naruto: Oh, of course!

Kids: Yay, Ninjas from Konoha are the best!


Ken: Last night we found one. Mibuna threw a poisoned Kunai at them. Maybe they are already gone.

Kids: Poisoned Kunai? Awesome!


Ken: Yeah, it’s poison that Konoha has mixed. If this poison hits the soul, it will dissolve. But if it hits a person, the wound will get infected and the person is going to be in so much pain that in a couple of days, their organs will need to be cut off.

Kids: Ew! That sounds scary!

Naruto: What did you just say to the children, you bastard!


Ken: But you brought the antidote, right? Where is it?

Mibuna: Eh, I kept it in the bag in my room…

Ken: Well, we’re not going to use it.


Naruto: Come on! Wake up, you lethargica!


Naruto: I wanna pee! You guys have to go to the bathroom with me. Otherwise, you guys will wake me up again!

Tsukune: You’re just too scared to go alone! Why are you making up excuses?!


Naruto: Don’t huddle me! It’s difficult to walk!


Naruto: Why do we keep peeing in the middle of the night lately?

Ken: Maybe it’s because we eat a full dinner every day…



– Shit!!


Tsukune: W-What!!? What voice!!?

Naruto: Oi, don’t touch me!!




Mibuna: Oh my, you guys were talking confidently to the villagers that you can handle this issue easily, but at night you guys act like scared little boys. The villagers are starting to panic, you know?

Naruto: S-sorry, haha…


Mibuna: If we don’t patrol at night, we won’t know anything about those ghosts. I can’t patrol all over the village alone. We’ve been here for five nights and got nothing. If you guys keep screaming every night, the villagers will begin to lose hope.

Naruto: I’m sorry… S-So, tonight we’re patrolling in a group together.


I understand you guys. You don’t have to resist that much. Just you tell the villagers that this place is not suitable for living. They are ready to listen to you and will leave. I think it would be the best way for everyone right now.

Naruto: Hideo-san, we definitely won’t give up so easily!


Mibuna: Hey, don’t huddle around like that. We’re not here to challenge ghosts! How can you call it patrolling if you’re holding each other like that?


Boys: Nii-san, we’ll help you!

Naruto: Huh!!?


Naruto: Why are you guys out at night like this? It’s dangerous!?

Boy1: We want to become ninjas like you guys. I won’t be afraid of those ghosts anymore.

Boy2: Let us go with you guys too!

Naruto: Stop messing around and go home!


The ghost: Oh, Child spirits? I like it. Haha.

– Ugh, it appeared!!!


Boys: Ahh!! Nii-san, please help us!!

Naruto: Hey, wait!!


Naruto: Don’t hurt the kids! I beg you!!

The Ghost: You all have to move out of this village. Otherwise I will take the spirits of the children all one by one!


Boy1: Why do you really want the villagers to move out like that? I don’t understand.

Boy2: Yes,why?

Ghost: Huh!!?


Ken:Lightning Mesh!

Tsukune: Rasengan!

– Ughh!!


Naruto: We know that you guys are not ghosts. It’s a ninja disguised as a ghost to drive the villagers away, right?

Villagers: Eh, what!!? Is that true!!?


Naruto: And the person who hired you was the Village Leader, Hideo-san, wasn’t it!?

Hideo: Eh, what are you talking about, Naruto-san? It’s not me.

Naruto: We all know that the one who got hit by a kunai was you! You can’t use your right arm because of the wound!?

Hideo: No, you misunderstood me. I just worked so hard that my arm got really tired!!


Naruto: Don’t make up excuses! You took the antidote that you stole from Mibun’s room. Your tongue is black! You didn’t even notice that!

Hideo: W..what!!?


Hideo: Shit! You guys planned all this? Then kill all the villagers. Don’t show any mercy!


Naruto: You think I’ll let you do that!!



– Damn it, who can fight them? It’s Uzumaki Naruto, who stopped the 4th Shinobi War!!

– I told you, if they’re not afraid of ghosts we’ll be in trouble.

– I’m not going to get arrested. I’d better run!!


Mibuna: I’ll go catch him myself.

Ken: Mibuna!!


Mibuna: Suiton!!

– AHH!!!


Guy: You bastard!!


Mibuna: How many of you guys are there?

Guy: It’s all because of you, Kunoichi. The villagers would have lost hope and moved out but you were the only one who wasn’t afraid of us.


I will kill you!!



Ken: Hm? I didn’t even know that ghosts use weapons. Are you alright, Mibuna?

Mibuna: Ken-kun!


Tsukune: There’s a secret underground passage. That’s why you guys were able to flash around like a ghost.

Naruto: Don’t think you can trick ninjas like us, you idiots!


Hideo: H..How did you guys know about my plan? Aren’t you guys afraid of ghosts?

Naruto: Since when are Shinobi afraid of ghosts?


Ken: I’ve had my suspicions since the day Minuna threw a kunai at you. That’s why I lied about the poisoned kunai in front of the villagers. When you guys stole the antidote, I knew that what we saw was not a ghost.

Tsukune: Well, but I have to admit that you guys impersonating ghosts are pretty scary. We were really scared. You guys should go to pick up a job in a haunted house.


Mibuna: Oh and besides, I didn’t poison my kunai. That antidote was just a black pill. Because Ken-kun can come up with a plan very quickly, we had to follow him. However, Ken-kun’s idea wasn’t bad at all. Next time, I’ll try concocting some poison for a weapon.

Tsukune: Please don’t . We’ll be in danger…


Shikamaru: That village underground has rare crystals that can be sold for a high price. The village leader learned of this many years ago but he didn’t want anyone to find out because he intended to gobble up all the minerals all by himself.


Shikamaru: They planned to have the villagers move out by themselves by hiring wandering ninjas to disguise themselves as ghosts. They wanted to keep those people who weren’t afraid of ghosts as hostages and wanted to claim that they had been abducted by ghosts.

Kakashi: Well, it was a clever plan.


 Kakashi: Well done everyone. I didn’t think that people who are very afraid of ghosts like you guys, would be able to complete this mission successfully. It was an exciting mission, wasn’t it?

Naruto: Come on. You already know, but you didn’t tell us about the ghosts from the beginning, Kakashi-sensei.


114 Page

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Lol 🤣🤣🤣 please next update! 😆


Update ! 😀


Beaux travaille, j’aime beaucoup ce que vous faites!

Et merci pour les sous-textes, sa me permet de les traduires via internet et de mieux profiter de votre histoire.

J’ai hâte de voire la suite de vos travaux.


Fine work, I really like what you do!
 And thank you for the subtexts, it allows me to translate them via the internet and better enjoy your story.
 I look forward to seeing more of your work.


kakashi hokage and naruto sensei i love this


pfffft i remember in the anime Naruto is terrified of ghost