Hatake Ken Gaiden EP. 5: The team leader.

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Corrected English translation by steviekins96



Tsukune: Ken, you look worried. We normally do B-rank missions. What are you excited about?

Mibuna: Yeah, I haven’t seen you pay so much attention in a while.


Ken: Well, normally Naruto-sensei is with us, so I don’t have to worry. This time we’re all by ourselves. It’s too dangerous.

Tsukune: Don’t worry about me. I can take care of myself. I will deliver the goods safely to the client.

Mibuna: Yes!


Ken: I don’t care about the goods. You guys are more important to me.


Tsukune: Oh, I really hate your straightforward talk. Do you not know how embarrassing it is?!

Ken: Hmm, why?


Ken: What’s this? Something doesn’t feel right.



Ken: Tsukune, uses your Cyclone Jutsu! Mibuna, get down!



Tsukune: What are these weapons ?!

Man: Wow, look at that. You guys blocked my attack pretty fast. I have to say that you kids do have really good reflexes.


– Don’t tell me that you can hear the sound when I use the Weapon Summon Scroll? You’re not an ordinary kid.

– Whoa, maybe they just got lucky.




Ken: What do you want?

Man: You should already know. We want the secret scroll that you’re delivering.


Tsukune: How do they know about our mission?

Ken: I’m not surprised.

Man: Don’t even think about running away because you can’t escape from us. Just give it to us and we will let you guys go.


Ken: (I could smell the blood that was coming from them. I can’t put Tsukune and Mibuna in danger, so I need to take them to a safe place first and then come up with a plan to get the scroll back from those bandits.)


Ken: You guys will stay still. I’m going to handle this. Don’t provoke them.

Tsukune: Do you have a plan?


Man1: Good boy. Just hand it over to me and no one will get hurt. We’re not as mean as you guys think.

Man2: Haha, what a pity. You guys seem to be scared.


Man: Oh, that Kunoichi is very cute.


Tsukune: Leave her alone!!

Man: Come on, I just want to take a closer look at her face. That’s it.


Ken: Hey! Don’t touch her. You said that you will leave us alone. Did you already forget?

Man: Well, why do you say it like I’m bullying you guys? I don’t do any bad things.


Man: So pathetic. Who is the team leader?

Ken: It’s me.


Haha. That’s hilarious. A coward like you is the leader? Doesn’t Konoha have any better shinobis than you?


Tsukune: YOU…

Mibuna: Tsukune… just calm down.

Man: Anyway, he is handsome which is pretty annoying. Did you guys see him protect this girl?


Man: I will let you go but this handsome leader has to kneel at my feet first.

Ken: !!


Man1: Haha, he actually did it!

Man2: He will kneel in front of a girl.


Tsukune: Ken! What the hell are you doing? Are you crazy ?! You were never like this. I won’t let you do it. Let’s fight them!

Ken: Tsukune, I said to stay still!!

Man: Haha, look! That guy is more suitable to be a leader than you. You are brave.


By the way…


Man: A guy like this should be eliminated first.



Tsukune: Arkk!!

Mibuna: Tsukune!!


Mibuna: Hold on, don’t move!!

Man1: Haha, you are really cruel.

Man2: It is helpless. He is offensive.

Man3: Hey! That girl is a medical ninja. Let’s take her with us.


Man: Hey, don’t be scared. I won’t kill you because you are priceless.



Man: I will just take the girl … eh?



– Hey, he is fighting!

– Wow, haha!


– I thought to let him go alone…

– Eh?



Man1: He came from above?!!

Man2: When?!!




– !!

– You brat!!


Ken: I will kill you all…


Man: You brat!!





Guys: What! A Shadow Clone?!!

Ken: You are in the range.


Ken: Lightning mesh!!

– Ark!!


Ken: Raiton Shiden


Man: Who is this kid?! He just killed these 3 guys within the blink of an eye!! And also…


It was a ruthless kill…


Mibuna: Ken-kun!!



Genki: Hey, Ken-chan!

Ken: Genki, Dane, I’m sorry but I have no time to explain. Just protect and escort Mibuna and Tsukune back to Konoha. Don’t care about me. If there are any people who come closer to them, you can kill them. Got it?

Dane: Eh? Got it, Ken-chan!


– Ken-chan!!

– Ken-kun!!


Ken: Mibuna… You have to save Tsukune no matter what happens to me … don’t stop … This is my order … As the team leader…


Genki: Ken-Chan. Let me…

Ken: No! You have to escort them. You can’t disobey my order this time, Genki!


Ken: (I used too much chakras. It is hard to stand… But I have to kill them all. Otherwise, Genki and Dane will be at risk too. Just another… one…)



Man: (Damn it, he is weakened too. Let’s take him down.)


Mibuna: Ken-kun!


Mibuna: [Scream]



Mibuna: Naruto-sensei!!


Naruto: Are you guys alright?!!


Ken: Sensei…


Naruto: Hey, Ken!!

Mibuna: Ken-kun!!


Naruto: Hang on!!



Kakashi: Ken!!

Mina: Ken-chan!!


Ken: Dad! mom! … How are Tsukune and Mibuna? Genki and Dane too?!!

Kakashi: You don’t have to worry. Everyone is safe. Naruto helped them just in time.

Mina: Ken-chan, just take a rest…


Ken: Huhh… What a relieve…

Kakashi: Just take a rest. Stop overthinking.


Ken: Dad, I… want to withdraw from Team 7. I am not worthy of it…

Kakashi: Ken! It’s not your fault. You know that, right?!

Mina: Ken-chan, calm down!!


I know it was my fault! Because I didn’t think properly and didn’t give any orders, my teammates almost died. I can’t be a leader… I can’t stand the pressure! No matter how good your teammates are, they may all die if they have a bad leader like me…


Kakashi: Ken, just listen to me…

Ken: Please… Let me go on a mission far away from the village… I need to be alone for a while…



Kakashi: Fine, but you must promise me that you will come back home at least once a month, ok?

Mina: Kakashi! Why are you allowing him to leave the village all by himself?

Kakashi: You know your son. If he makes a decision for himself no one can change his mind. You can’t stop him.


Kakashi: So? If I lose contact while you’re away, I will send someone out to look for you immediately. Do you understand?


Ken: I understand. I promise… Thank you… Dad.

Kakashi: Alright, now take a rest. Don’t think about anything.



Tsukune: Oh, it hurts… How is that bastard now?

Mibuna: Just worry about yourself. Ken-kun used too many chakras. He has not woken up yet, but Rokudaime-sama and Mina-san are always watching him.



Naruto: Hey, are you awake? They are safe, so don’t worry. Let’s go eat ramen. I’ll treat you myself!!


Ken: Naruto-sensei…



Ken: 1-2-3 information told me that there were 4 people…


Man: Yes, 4 people! If you move, you will die. Who sent you?

Ken: Eh!!


Ken: Aw, I’m so scared!!

Man: Hey, I said don’t move!!


Eh? Lightning clone?!!



Man: Ark, let me go!!



What!? Body Replacement Technique?!!


– Where is he?!!

– Let’s cut this rope.


Got it!



Ken: You guys are so careless. You cut indiscriminately and didn’t even notice the explosive circuit copper wire under the rope.

[*Ken applied it to the Explosive Tag to create a mechanism to function conditionally.]


I already had 3-4 backup plans but I couldn’t use them. That’s a bummer.


Police: The authorities have followed them for a long time. Finally, they have been caught. We have to thank you, Hatake-san.

Ken: You’re welcome. Well, excuse me then.


-This is a wonderkid. He’s the Hokage‘s son but I heard bad rumors about him. Do you think he’s using his dad’s connections?

– He caught four thieves alone. Are the rumors true?


Ken: On that day I should have been able to come up with a plan but for some unknown reason my brain couldn’t think of anything. The only thing I could think about was to do everything in my power to keep those two safe. But that’s not the real reason why Tsukune got hurt. It’s because I’m a bad team leader.




101 Page
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