Hatake Ken Gaiden EP. 4 : Chūnin Exams.

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Thanks for the review and Corrected English translation by Miss Misfits.


It’s not a full episode yet.




[Exam Stadium]


[Hatake Ken, 14 year-old]

Ken: He… uses Earth Release. He’s very strong and fast… No physical weakness. Then, I…

Boy: Hey! When will you stop dodging? You have nothing to amuse me, do you? Such a loser.


Ken: Don’t underestimate your rival. I’m just waiting for you to do the hard work for me.

Boy: Work for you?!


Let me show you my poison techniques, which are my specialty.


Boy: P…poison?!! (What’s he going to do!?)


Ken: Don’t look around!

Boy: (He used that nylon thread to besiege me?!)



– Eh? What’s he doing?

– Is he using poison?


Boy: W…what the hell are you trying to do!!?


Ken: Hey! Be careful! Don’t get hurt by the nylon thread, whenever the poison gets to your heart…I’m afraid you won’t be saved in time.



Ken: C’mon! Let’s continue our game!


Boy: Don’t be overconfident!

Ken: Oh!


Ken: Dang it!


Jezz! That was a close call!!


Boy: Poor fool! You just dug your own grave. I’ll beat you with your own poison.





Ken: You did great, I didn’t expect you could escape so quickly. I almost got you.

Boy: The only skill you have is Taijutsu?


(It’s hard to move like before because I have to beware of the threads. Damn it! It distracts me!)


Boy: Whatever! I’m gonna cut this shit!

Ken: Hey! Hold on, don’t do that. Time-out.


Why? Is it your last chance to survive?



Ken: Ok. Go ahead!


Boy: (W…what… don’t tell that if the nylon is being cut, the poison will go in the air?)

Ken: Hurry up!


(Wait! Shall I cut it? It’s difficult to fight If I have to cover my nose all the time… But if I don’t cut it, it’s also hard to move.)







Ken: Caught you.


Because you were only concerned about my thread… Well, it was just a high flexible nylon thread… nothing poisonous. (Importantly, I’m not a poison expert though.)


– The winner is Hatake Ken!!

Kakashi: Haha! The cunning boy.


Mina: Excellent, Ken-chan!

Kurenai: He’s very smart.


Naruto: Way to go! Baka! Haha!!

Boruto: Ken-nii chan is very cool!


Ken: You saw it, dad? I won! I did great, right!?

Kakashi: More than great!


Kakashi: The elders are really impressed. You will pass the chunin exam for sure.


Ken: Hah?


Ken: Wait a sec, dad! I only used one taijutsu and didn’t even use ninjutsu. His skills are better than me. How come I pass the exam!?

Kakashi: Well, it’s true that win or lose the match isn’t a factor to pass the exam. However, you were cleverer and more ingenious than him. And that’s enough to let you pass the chunin exam.


Ken: No, I don’t need it. Because of things like this people judged me because of my father’s connection. And you still let me pass the chunin exam!? C’mon!

Kakashi: You usually don’t care about anyone’s words, do you? You don’t want to pass the test because you don’t want to have more responsibilities, right?


Kakashi: However, a chunin is a chunin. I’d rather tell your mother to prepare the celebration dinner tonight. Haha!

Ken: Didn’t you hear me when I said I refused?

Tsukune: Awesome! Ken.




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i wished it was cannon too its sooo amazing


It's pretty cool and I'm feeling soo happy to see Kakashi finally had a familyI wish this to ba a cannon


love this. its great to see kakashi with his family