Hatake Ken (collaboration): Hayuna and Keita (3)

This is collaboration with my friend’s OCs. Story by OwaniHayuna
Corrected English translation by steviekins96


Hayuna: Here you go!

Ken: Eh?


Hayuna: I always keep my promises.


Ken: A bento for me? Awesome! Thank you, Hayuna!


Ken: But..are you still angry with me? I really didn’t mean to. You do know what happened during my mission was an accident. What should I do to make you stop being angry with me?

Hayuna: Yes, it’s yours! Please, I’m still uncomfortable. I’ll wait till you eat and then I’ll just to go home.


Hayuna: Enjoy your meal!


Ken: Wow, how can you make a bento look so delicious? So cute!


Ken: Awesome, even though you’re angry with me, you still made me a very delicious bento. I bet you could be a good wife. Haha!

Hayuna: What? Me as a wife? No way, I just like to cook…You’re still going with that theme? Just eat nicely, please.

Keita: …


Keita: (…Hayuna as a wife?…)


Hayuna: Wait, you have a rice eye on your face.

Ken: Hmm?


Kieta: Hi guys! Hope you don’t mind if I join you? No, I’m glad to hear that! Then I’ll just sit down here with you!


Hayuna: KEITA…I’m going to kill you ONE DAY!


Hayuna: (Now I really don’t know what to do…)


Keita: She hit me much harder than usual. Hayuna has been very confused lately… I do not understand the logic of women but I can never adjust to her.


Ken: (I’m sorry… But..thanks Keita.)


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