Hatake Ken (collaboration): Hayuna and Ken

This is collaboration with my friend’s OC OwaniHayuna


Hayuna: I can finally take a break.


Ken: Stop that!

Hayuna: Eh, that Ken’s voice?


Girls: [Scream]


Ken: Ahh, that’s so hot!!




Hayuna: What are you doing here Ken?…Are you peeping at the girls?..


Ken: What!? H..Hayuna!?

Girls: Eh!? You’re Hatake Ken, son of the 6th Hokage, aren’t you? Are you spying on us!?


Ken: No, I’m on a mission! It was an accident! I’m not…

Man: Haha! I survived.


Hayuna: You Pervert… There’s nothing more to see.

Ken: I already told you guys that this is a misunderstanding!


Hayuna: I think I misunderstood something about it…



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