Hatake Ken (collaboration): Hayuna and Keita

This is collaboration with my friend’s OCs. Story by OwaniHayuna
Corrected English translation by steviekins96


Hayuna: You’re so annoying. Why do you have to follow me everywhere?

Keita: Someone has to look after you!


Keita: I’m sure the paperwork is just an excuse to see Ken.

Hayuna: Sure, of course.


Ken: Hmm, Hayuna? Keita? What’s going on?

Hayuna: I brought the mission… papers… cubes…

Keita: Ehh…


Hayuna: …Papers…cubes…cubes…


Keita: Put a shirt on! It’s inappropriate for a lady’s eyes to see you like that.

Hayuna: What..?


Ken: Yawn~ Wear a shirt? Why? Where are we going?

Keita: OUUUUCH!!!


Hayuna: I told you not to touch me Keita!!!

Ken: Whoa, Hayuna? Clam down… Okay, I’m going to put on my shirt now!


Hayuna: Don’t listen to Keita! The mission papers are not important right now. Will you go on a date with me, Ken?

Ken: Eh? Yes, sure!


Keita: WHAT? This is not fair.



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I love it 😂😂