Kakashi x Mina Story (Anime Ver.) EP. 6 : An adult.

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Corrected English translation by steviekins96



Mina: Here is the bill…

– Wow, she’s such a cutie. Hey, do you want to have tea with us when your shift is over?


Mina: I’m sorry. I have to hurry back home.

– Come on, don’t be so mean. You can hang out with us for a moment.

– Yes, and then we can go out for karaoke.


Hey, if you come with us I’ll give you a special tip too.




Mina: Oh, I’m really sorry. I have a weird disease. If someone touches me without my knowledge, they will get an electric shock.


– Oh..that’s it? Alright…let me place the money here! Hey, let’s go!


– Sh, those idiots. Those people who always like to molest the staff should meet Mina-chan first.

Mina: Haha.


Shopkeeper: Mina-chan, is today your last day of work? Are you sure you don’t want to reconsider?

Mina: Oba-san… Yes, I intend to become a Shinobi!


Shopkeeper: Oh, I will miss you so much. Anyway, please come here once in a while.

Mina: I have to thank you, Oba-san. You always took such good care of me. I’ll never forget your kindness.




Mina: Kakashi, did you wait for me!?

Kakashi: Well, I’m free today. It’s your last day of work today, right?

Mina: Yes! So let’s go for a walk together.




Mina: Oh, thank you for picking me up. Let’s go for a walk in the village together, Kakashi-san.

Kakashi: San..? What’s wrong with you?


Kakashi: Why have you been speaking politely like this lately? It doesn’t suit you at all. It’s also really strange for you to act so polite.

Mina: Well, I’m usually like this, aren’t I? Maybe it’s because I’ve grown up a lot.


(Since Gai dressed up as a woman last time, she’s been acting strangely polite. It’s because she intends to act like an adult…)


Kakashi: Just be yourself as usual, idiot.

Mina: Ah, what are you doing!?


Mina: Kakashi! BAKA! You’re mean!!

Kakashi: Yeah, like this, that’s Mina.



17 Page

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Such a great chapter! It’s so cute how Mina tries to act all grown up 😂💕


She’s trying to be a beautiful girl as Gai. 😂😂

Meh self

yayyyyy new manga im veryy happy , Thankyou so muchhh


Nice i just love it 😍😍


Funny how Mina is trying to act grown up and lashing has a poin it could be how gai dressed up as a women


The guys are really scared of Mina now


Heh so funny


Hehe she is so funy


she is so adorable